Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya hurrying for the meeting. She thinks if she misses it, Mr. Kapoor will be angry. She checks the final figures once more. Pihu sees her and asks her why is she here and thinks what is she doing here. She comes near Priya. Priya asks how is she. She says she is fine and asks why is she here in a big hotel. Priya says she came with official work. Pihu thinks papa also came with official work and even she has come, is she back with papa now. Priya asks to tell about herself and if Sammy came with her. Pihu says she is very happy with Sammy and they are very much together. Priya says it looks she is not happy with Sammy. When she was a child, she used to know if she gets into problem. She says Pihu she knows she is feeling alone. Pihu asks her to

think of Suhani and her child and says she must be tired of her job and must be missing Kapoor mansion. Priya says she misses that life and her. She misses her every small words and she has not changed though. She prays always that Pihu changes. There will be a day when she will realize her mistake and will come to near, but she won’t be there for her. Pihu says her Neha mom is there for her and even Sammy is there and not to thik about her. Pihu says she should change instead of her and she deserves that. She goes from there. Priya remembes her words and cries.

Pihu sees Ram going towards Priya and thinks she should stop him. She asks him to take her from there. Ram says he has a meeting. He gets Priya’s call. Priya says she will meet her in the meeting room. He asks Pihu to go and he will meet her after the meeting. He thinks he should not tell Priya that Pihu is here.

Vikram comes to Rajath’s home and greets Daijaa. He asks about Rajath. Daijaa says Rajath always runs around. Vikram says it is good that is running around and is fit even in this age. Daijaa says her son is 10 years younger than him. Vikram says he will leave now and goes from there.

Rajath is exercising in a park. He thinks if he should call Priya or not. He should meet her personally and surprise her.
Rajath comes to breakfast table and greets everybody. Daijaa asks if he is going somewhere. Rajath says he is going to meet Pihu and Ram. Vikram he will also join him. Nisha says Priya is also in Delhi. She then changes her words. Vikram asks Rajath if there are not here, lets have breakfast together. Nisha says she will call Priya and come back.

Khush is talking to Suhani. Nisha calls Khush and asks him to tell about Priya’s hotel address. He says he does not know, but she has gone with his khadus boss. Suhani picks the call and says Priya is coming back tomorrow. She asks who is going there and when will they reach. Nisha says it does not matter if Priya is coming tomorrow, she will handle it. Suhani thinks of calling Priya. Khush taunts her that she always snatches his phone. She gives him his phone. Suhani thinks she should tell Priya without calling her.

Suhani calls Priya and asks if she should sent Khush if she is coming tomorrow. Priya asks not to disturb Khush as she will take office car. Priya gets Ram’s call who asks her to come into his room. Nisha informs Rajath that she spoke to Khush and he told Priya is coming tomorrow. Vikram says what if Priya is in the same hotel. He is informing Priya about Ram and if she has already met him, Ram will be angry. Rajath says he will meet them tomorrow itself. Daijaa asks them to talk and she will go and check the food. Vikram also goes. Nisha says someone should be there to make Ram and Priya back together. They love so much, but cannot imagine they are not together due to their ego. Rajath says people who love each other, ego does not matter. Nisha says will this happen. Rajath says it will.

Ram and Priya argue that the work is done because of them. Priya says ok it is done by you. Ram says he is feeling hungry and to order food. Priya orders salad and boiled vegetable without potato, vegetable clear soup, green tea with honey. Ram says he won’t eat grass and to order potato paratha. Priya says he is always predictible and asks him to try something different. They go into flashback. Priya says she won’t be with him always, she has got some time so she wants to take care of his health and diet, till she is with him. She asks him to allow her to take care of him. Ram smiles.

Precap: Ram asks Priya to hide. She asks who has come. Ram says Pihu is outside and he does not want them to come in front of each other. She hides in bathroom.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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