Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram lost in thoughts, Priya thinks about Ram words while the sad version of BALH plays. Priya remembers the flashback scene when Ram holds her hand while sleep. Next morning, Priya brings the morning tea for Ram, Pihu comes and asks her about the meaning of “divorce”. Priya asks who told you about the divorce. Pihu says Khush told her that mama and bua are getting divorced and they will never meet again. Ram says it is not like that. Pihu insists to know about divorce. Priya looks at Ram and tries to explain to Pihu that when the married couples stay apart then divorce happens. Ram says when they fight, it happens.

Pihu asks Priya if we had a fight, then we will also get divorce. Priya says no, we are friends naa. Pihu asks then bua and Mama

aren’t friends. she asks will you and papa will divorce. Ram and Priya says no at the same time and Ram assures Pihu that no one will get divorce. Priya tells Pihu to get ready for school. Ram asks Priya to talk to Natasha as he wants Natasha’s marriage not to end. He says we have to resolve this issue. Priya says she will talk to Natasha.

Priya calls Natasha and asks her about her well being. She says she wants to meet her, Natasha says she too wants to talk to her and then she will talk to Karthik. Priya says she will come and meet her.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Priya tells Natasha that Ram doesn’t want her to take divorce as they love each other. Ram wants Natasha to be with Karthik. Natasha asks about her opinion. Priya says she wants her to take the decision with which she can live happily all her life. Ram asks what she wants to do, Natasha replies that she will talk to Karthik. Natasha goes with Ram to meet Karthik. She tells him that she wants to talk to him. Natasha asks him to make a promise that he will never lie to her, never cheat her. Karthik happily promise her. Natasha says promise me that you will never run from your responsibilities amidst the problems and fights. Karthik promise her. Ram smiles. Natasha says if you have promised me then you will keep Jhanvi happy all your life. Karthik, Priya and Ram are shocked. Ram asks her what is she saying, she can’t do this. You can’t regret later. Ram asks her to think about it. Natasha says she decided after a lot of thinking. She says this is what I want. Ram asks Priya, did she told her anything. Natasha says Priya helped her taking this decision. Natasha says she will be happy when she will not see his face after waking up in the morning. She says she loves him a lot. It is a difficult decision for her. It was impossible for her to live without him, may he later she feel guilty to leave him. She says she is selfish that’s why she is taking such a decision.

She says she is thinking about her happiness. She don’t want to live with him as he cheated her. She says she deserves much better. Karthik stands helpless. Ram says everybody do mistakes, can’t you give him one more chance. Ram says you will regret your decision. Natasha says she loved only him and he cheated on her. She says her heart is broken and she will never regret this. Natasha gives the baby to Karthik and asks him to take care of her chotu. Karthik asks her to rethink. She asks Karthik to take care. Karthik leaves the room with the baby. Ram asks Priya to do something to stop Karthik. Priya tells him to let go Karthik as she feels Karthik doesn’t deserves Natasha. She says she is with Natasha’s decision and she is right. Ram says I can’t believe you have done this. Ram asks Priya what’s wrong with her and why she always oppose him. Ram says Natasha loves Karthik madly. Priya says in the morning when she wakes up, she will remember Jhanvi and Chotu, she will feel that Karthik spent time with jhanvi. Ram says this is what you does with Rishabh-Soumya and now them. Do you want to break every relation of my home. Priya says what do you mean? They are my family also. She says she is just supporting Natasha in her decision. Ram says he forgot that she can never be wrong and ends the argument.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Dadi cries knowing about Natasha’s decision to stay apart from Karthik. Soumya consoles her. Dadi thinks her anger is ruining everything and feels Karthik will not cheat her again. Soumya says they shall pray for Natasha’s peace. Dadi wants to go to Natasha and hugs her. Soumya assures her that everyone is there to look after Natasha. Dadi says what will happen to her if Chotu goes. Pihu listens this, Soumya asks do you want anything. Pihu says no.

Ram and Priya are in car while the sad version of BALH plays in the BG. The episode ends on Priya’s sad face.

Vikram tells Ram that Karthik is Priya brother, why would she want to break his home. He says Priya wants to supports Natasha. Neha says this is all for her. He says Priya isn’t provoking Soumya against Rishabh. He says why are you blaming Priya for everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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