Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Khush exercising while playing music. Suhani brings juice for him. A song plays jaane anjaane yeh kya hogaya hain…… Khush falls while looking at Suhani. Khush and Suhani hear about the V Day on the radio. Khush smiles while Suhani looks tensed. Pihu wakes up in the morning, Sammy is seen sleeping on the bed. Her phone rings and her friend invites her for the V Day party. Pihu says, it is first V Day for them and Sammy has big plans for the day. Pihu says, I will talk to Sammy. Sammy wakes up and asks what is the matter? Pihu tells him about the party at her friend tanvi’s house. Sammy says, ofcourse we will go. I will come directly to the party.

At the office everyone are celebrating Valentine Day. Rishi brings flowers for Ram. Priya

comes to the office. Some kids ask her to buy the balloons. Priya says, I will give you money without buying. They ask her to buy it. She recalls Ram…….BALH plays……………….

She recalls the moments spent with Ram. She agrees to buy the balloons. Everyone wish her Happy Valentine’s Day. They pull her leg. Priya says, kids requested so she agreed to buy it. Her colleague ask her to request half day leave from boss. Priya says sorry. Rishi thanks Priya and says you have proved that you are kind hearted. Priya tells Rishi not to take any shortcut to earn money. She says, hardwork is the key to success. Rishi says, I won’t do the mistake again. I kept sorry card and bouquet in boss cabin. Priya says, he is having allergy with flowers. He will start sneezing now. Rishi asks, how did you know? Priya says, I read in the newspaper. Why you kept the flowers, what will happen if he starts sneezing. Priya thinks to help him. She goes to his cabin. Priya goes to get the bouquet. She hides as Ram comes. Ram starts sneezing. Priya tells him God bless you. Ram thinks, from where flower smell is coming? Priya asks God to help her. She throws the bouquet from the window.

Ram comes out and hears about the V day. Priya comes out from his cabin silently. Ram looks at Priya’s purse with I love you balloons. He wonders to find out about it. Khush plays song on the radio. Suhani asks him to keep the sound low. Patient says, I am feeling better. DJ reads the poem, Suhani and Khush hear it. Suhani looks at Khush.

Saurabh tells Riddhima that he didn’t like chinese food anymore. He says, my choices were different then. Cady asks them not to fight. She suggest them to be together like they did. She says, mom was crazy looking after us and we were on terrace celebrating the V day. Riddhima says, what might be Sammy and Pihu’s plan. Cady asks them to enjoy. Riddhima says, we will have party at home. Cady asks them to go ahead. Riddhima asks her to call Pihu and invite her.

Cady calls Pihu and invites her for party. Pihu says, we are already have a plan to go to party. Cady says, they have fun life. Saurabh says, I am not a party animal. I will enjoy at home. Cady thinks everything is fine between Pihu and Sammy.

Ram thinks Priya has kept the balloons silently as she won’t wish me directly. He decides to do something for Priya. BALH plays……………………

Priya comes back to her seat and looks for the balloons. She wonders where might be the balloons. Ram comes and is happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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