Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th February 2013 Written Update

Sudhir House:
Episode starts with Natasha commenting on Ayesha’s throwing party after her accident on the Valenntine day eve. Neha says I agree with you, it is a stupid idea. but it is also a good opportunity for us to expose Ayesha. Nats says really. Priya says 1 min, and asks what are you talking about? Ayesha exposed Why? Soumya says we three believes that Ayesha is acting. how can it be possible that Ayesha remembers everything and not remember anything happened between you and Bappa. she continues how convenient, it is not a hindi film. Priya says please yaar. Doctor said about her memory loss. I know that you people dont like Ayesha, but why she would lied about her memory loss. Neha says you know your sister, she have done this before. Nats says Ayesha

is the one who is benefitting from this and not anyone else. Overnight she cant become an angel. Goody Goody. Her miinds works like this. And she is doing this so that you and bhai feel guilty about this. Priya says why she would do this. She is a mother self. Khush is there. Think about him.Ayesha is emotionally progile and we have to give her time. read full updates with pictures only at desi Neha says how to make Priya understand. Soumya says we believe in Ayesha life there is someone else. Once I smell male Perfume fragnant. And Driver takes us to a particular place where she go daily. Priya says you should write stories. you smell a perfume somewhere and you related it with Ayesha. let me tell you, if it is so, then I am very happy for her. She has every right to fight for her right. guys you are thinking much and cooking up stories self. Ayesha is not fine now and I want her to be alright soon. Priya leaves from there and Pihu comes there and says I have to take an important decision. What I should wear in Khush’s Party. She says what is party all about. Nats comes there and says it is Valentine day, and we will all fun with mummy and papa.
Pihu smiles and hugs Nats.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ayesha organising the things for the Party. Saudamini comes and some funny scenes. Ram comes there and tells her that her driver didnt come so she can take his driver to the cake shop. Saudamini thinks that the driver make cake and she made fun of herself. she says disco ball. Rahul comes there and says I will handle the party, 2020 style. Ram agrees. Mamaji comes there and say to Rishabh that the heart shaped balloons should be there on Valentine day.

Meanwhile Priya comes at the Kapoor Mansion with Pihu. Nats greets her. followed by Soumya. Ram looks on Priya smilingly. When Ram about to go to Priya, just then Ayesha interrupted them and she says hello everyone. She thanks everyone that all came. Secondly she says this Valentine is very special and she wants to give her marriage Second chance too. She thanks Ram and Priya. And says enjoy the Party.
Priya gives a saddenend look. Rahul welcomes cady and says Happy valentines day, gives her a rose. He says it is all about love.

Ram comes to Priya, holds her hand and says Happy Valentine day Mrs. Kapoor, Priya says Happy Valentine day Mr. Kapoor. Sweet music of BALH playing in the background. Ram says I came to inform you that the wait is finally over and very less time is there. Do you trust me. Priya says I trust you. Ayesha comes there. and asks them is there any surprise for her. Ram says yes. you will get a surprise after a party. Ayesha asks Priya. Priya says I dont know.

Everybody, including Priya’s family and Neha’s family gather at the Party Hall. Natasha says guys it is time to have fun. Rahul says we shall play some game. Mamaji says it is Valentine’s day, you should talk about meeting the hearts, lets sit and play. Nats says ok, we will play some game which we can sit and play. She says word association. Nani, Krishnaji says what is that? we dont know. Nats explain that she will tell a word, then some one else will tell a word and then you tell what ever word comes to your mind first. Neha says Valentine, Nats says Karthik, Everybody laughs and she gets a call from karthik. She smiles. She excuses herself. while Everybody looks on smilingly. Nats says to Karthik that finally you remember me. Karthik wishes her Happy Valentine’s day and she too says the same. Ram plays with Pihu and khush. While everybody plays,Neha gets a word shaadi, she says honeymoon. then comes Ram. Nats Ask bhai Pyaar, Ram says Priya. Priya and Ram eyelock. Ram says Priya you got a call and Priya behaves as if she really got a call.

Ayesha says someone ask me. Mamaji says love and Ayesha replies Ram. Everybody shocked.
Soumya and Nats go from there. They discuss how Ayesha is a attention seeker. Priya says I dont want to talk about Ayesha, let it be. She leaves. Nats recieves a gift from Karthik and Soumya gets a gift from Rishabh. Sudhir gives a gifts to Shipra. Priya looks at them smilingly.

Ram comes to Ayesha and asks what you want in gift as everybody is getting gift. so it is your turn and what you want in gift. while everybody looks at them. She says Ram Kapoor, what can be a better gift than you.
Ram laughs and says if you really need Ram Kapoor as a gift done.

He says to everyone that just now Ayesha gives a good touchy speech about love, relations and I was inspired by her speech. I want to tell you all from today and after the speech I am Ayesha’s forever.
Priya looks surprised. Ayesha as well as surprised and says I didnt get anything. Ram explains. Just now you said, what can be a better gift than Ram kapoor so done. what you want, you will get. Think about it. you got an accident. you got injured. you got memory loss. and our marriage is not having a future. your life is hard, things are not good for you. Ram says I want to make everything simple for you.Whatever you want I am giving you. From today Ram kapoor is yours forever. Ayesha dont know how to react while every body else looks on surprisingly at Ram’s act.
Ram says I have an condition. I became yours, but my properties, my money, my everything becomes Priya. I shall give everything in Priya’s name. My lawyers got everything ready.and i packed everything.
Dadi asks what decision have you taken. Ram says I am not taking any decision. Ayesha have to take the decision. Ayesha asks is everything you are giving to Priya. Ram says I have to be fair naa. I have to secure Pihu’s Future. I have to financially secured Priya. What is the best deal. What is your problem. you are getting what you want. Ayesha lost her temper and says you too spent a night together and she tells everything. Ram says you remember everything. Ayesha says do one thing. Give me all the Property and you go with Priya. If you have given me a choice then I should ask Priya. Sudhir says only money matters to you. Ram ask I am ready for it. Ram comes to Priya and asks can u accept me without anything. Priya says if you are with me, then I dont need anything else. you are my life. I never needed you anything after you. Ram says life is going to be difficult. Priya says it cant be difficult when you was not with me. Ram goes to Ayesha and gives her property papers. Then he comes to Priya,says Mrs. Kapoor. Priya teary eyed smiles, Ram holds Priya’s hand and they leaves. The Screen freezes on their faces with ballons all around them.

Ram and Priya walking on the streets. Ram says today will be important for us. Priya says, yes it is important, our life got a new beginning and after today whatever will happen. we will handle together. They hold their hands and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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