Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya still in coma, while Niharika’s soul asks Priya’s soul to come with her. She holds Priya’s hand and is walking towards the white ray of light coming from a window. Ram comes running from the other side while some music plays…. Ram comes to Priya’s ward and says sorry to her for coming late. Doctor says she can’t hear you. Ram says she can hear me since 7 years. He tells Priya that she needs to come back, you can’t go. Pihu consoles him. Ram says Priya can’t leave us and urges her to come back. Priya’s soul hears Ram voice and his request asking her to come back. She turns back, while Niharika leaves. Ram feels sensation in Priya’s hand and asks Pihu to call the doctor fast. Doctor comes back and asks what happened? Ram

tells her that Priya holds his hand now. Pihu tells Sammy that mom may not survive even today. She tells him that Dad told that mom holds his hand. He is illusioning. She cries.
She says Dad isn’t accepting the fact. Ram tells the doctor, Doctor asks, are you sure. Ram asks Priya to hold his hand. Doctor says you must have felt. Ram says he is saying the truth. As Doctor is leaving, Priya holds Ram’s hand again while the raja raam raja raam plays…. Doctor says it is a miracle. We don’t want any organ now but we need a specialist. Ram asks her to save Priya and do their best. Doctor says they will do their best. Ram tells Priya that you won’t go anywhere.

Rajat sees Priya from the glass window and smiles. Ram thanks him and says you saved us. Rajat says you are faster than me. He asks about Priya. Ram says she is a fighter, she will not leave me. I won’t allow her to go. I won’t allow the life to win. Rajat says Priya will come back to him. He says he will pray for both of them. some other doctor asks Vikram to do the formalities as they have to call neuro specialist from Canada.

Maa and Dadi prays for Priya. Doctor tells Ram that he has a great news. And says Dr. Andrew have done the thorough investion and he is of the opinion that Priya is recovering. He says it is a miracle.It is a magic. He says Priya’s body has started functioning after living in coma since 7 years. Everyone feels happy while the Ram Ram jai…. plays…. Ram smiles.

Mamaji asks Sid about Priya. Sid says Doctor is hopeful, bhabhi will be fine soon. Mamaji says he is surprised to see a change in him and says until yesterday, you was a villian and now you became a laxman. I saw hatred in your eyes for Priya but today,I am seeing tears. Sid replies that he did a mistake and hurt them but they have always forgave him and gave him a chance to change for good. He says he don’t want to do any mistake. He says Khush is not accepting him. He says I don’t know how to face bhabhi after she wakes up but I prays that she gets fine. Mamaji says you has impressed me.

Rajat is standing outside the hospital. Juhi comes and asks him to go inside. Rajat says he has observed her and that she was concerned for Priya but was more concerned for Ram. He says this story is their’s,we will come and go but they will remain to be together. He tells about his love for Priya. Juhi says she understands and says I will tell Priya that you has saved her life. Rajat asks her to tell that he saved her life so that she can be with Ram. Rajat says he is getting late for flight.

Mamaji comes to Khush and says asks him why he became like a devdas. He asks him not to cry. Khush says his priya angel is not well and you are talking about films. Mamaji tries to cheer him. Khush says he will be back after Priya angel gets well. Neha asks Sudhir to have something. Sudhir tells Neha that he used to forget his medicines but Priya never forgot to give me. Neha says she knew. Sudhir says I couldn’t take care of her. Sudhir says I were about to do the kanyadaan of Juhi. What will she asks to me, that I made her husband marry. Neha says Priya will understand everything. She will be broken after waking up. Neha asks him to take care of himself.

Dadi tells Maa about the importance of Dusshera. Khush and Mayra asks them to tell about Dusshera day. Dadi tells them that Ram got Sita back on Dusshera day as Ravan had kidnapped her. Maa says Ram was in Sita’s heart and Ravan couldn’t win her heart. Then the war started between the bad and good. Sammy and Pihu sits and listens.

Vikram tells Ram that Dr. Harper is now in Mumbai. Doctor asks Ram to celebrate his victory, celebrate Priya’s wellness. He says he is sure Priya will be fine in some weeks. Ram smiles. Sudhir, Shipra and Vikram also smiles.

Ram is going inside the ward to meet Priya. Suhani stops him. Ram says my wife is waking after 7 years, why you are stoping me now. Priya is coming back. Suhani makes him clear that don’t try to remember her everything. She can wake up at anytime, so don’t pressurise or give her any tension.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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