Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with doctor checking Karthik while all the family is anxiously waiting. The doctor informs them that Karthik is recovery with the new treatment. Jhanvi holds Karthik’s hand and sits beside him. Natasha says she will go but Priya nods her to stay back. Jhanvi urges Karthik to wake up and Karthik’s responds to her voice. Doctor asks Jhanvi to continue talking with Karthik as it will help his brain to focus. Shipra asks Jhanvi to talk to Karthik. Jhanvi begins to tell her tale when Karthik came in her life, how they fell in love, got married and became parents of Chotu. She says Chotu smiles just like you. Everybody looks on.

Natasha feels bad that Karthik is responding to Jhanvi. Ram sees his sister in pain and leaves. Priya wipes her tears and follows

Ram, She says I know how you are feeling right now. Ram says I am feeling like hitting someone. I felt like someone is taking my sister’s life infront of me. What wrong she has done, she just loved me. He wanted to life with someone else. I am happy that your brother is getting fine but he killed my sister alive.

Karthik opens his eyes and says I want to talk to Jhanvi. Everybody leaves the room. Natasha is in pain, Ram and Rishabh comes and Ram tries to console her and says he transferred her shares on her name. She can do what she wants. He says whatever you want, I will give you. Natasha says please return the happy choti, whatever she was previously, bubbly, chirpy etc. She says I want my same brother back. Natasha says she wants to be small and never wants to get big. Ram and Rishabh listens silently. She hugs Ram.

Karthik says to Jhanvi that he wants to talk something. He says he wants to plan chotu’s future and says I got well because of you. You and chotu is my responsibility now.

Karthik says he needs to talk to Natasha too. Ram talks with her lawyer regarding Natasha and Karthik divorce proceedings. Shipra tells Natasha that Karthik wants to talk to you something. Natasha goes to meet him. Karthik begins with I had an affair when we used to quarrel with each other. The flashback is shown when they was fighting over not going to the club. Karthik says he was fool to marry her. Natasha says you are disgusting. Both of them regrets marrying each other. Flashback ends.

Natasha says that I know you love you as you responded to her touch and after getting unconscious you took her name. Karthik says he heard her voice but was only thinking about Natasha. He was only thinking about Natasha and before closing his eyes he saw her face. He says I know I hurt you . He says her sorry and continues that he really love you Natasha.

He says he made a big mistake but he never wanted to betray her. He felt guilty that’s why married Jhanvi to take up the responsibility. Natasha says Jhanvi said that you loved her. Karthik says Jhanvi misunderstood his care to be love. Karthik says after a fight with her, he went to Jhanvi and they had a emotional talk when Jhanvi confessed that he is her life. He spent the night with her.

Karthik says I made a mistake but I loved only you. I told Jhanvi that I love my wife Natasha. Flashback is shown when Karthik tells her that he will take up their responsibility but they can’t be together because of the baby. He says he only loves Natasha, in every moment. He says I dont know whether Natasha will give me a chance but I hope she will give me. Flashback ends.

Karthik says please punish me for all the sins. And says I really love you. Natasha holds his hands and hugs him. Ram sees them together and leaves.
Jhanvi is packing her clothes and tells Priya that she is leaving. The episode ends.

Ram tells Priya that he wants to save Natasha’s marriage but Priya says she will never be happy with Karthik. Priya says every morning when Natasha wakes up, she will think about Karthik affair. Ram says what is your agenda? Do you want to break every relation of my home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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