Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Priya asks Rishi what u wanna talk about? Rishi says u dun need to quit… join from tomorrow! Priya asks if Ram told him? He says no.. just me..! Priya asks why u think i will join as per ur wish? I have self respect.. i cant work in a office where ur boss doubts u..! Rishi .. this woman is so stubborn! Rishi says all say that u have a big heart.. which has love and forgiveness.. n hence i apologize to u..! Priya asks for what? Rishi says i leaked the info of that project..! Priya is shocked! Rishi says i made a mistake.. and am sorry about it.. but! Priya asks what do u mean sorry?Are u not ashamed to tell me all this? I quit the job for u.. Boss doubted me and i quit! Priya says u will suffer for it! Rishi says am family too . .my old mom

…my sis too! Rishi says my house is on mortgage and for that i thot .. money ..was only solution even from wrong way..! I dinno i will pay for my crimes! Priya melts..! Rishi says am sorry.. please punish me but please forgive me! Priya says sorry dinno all this about u..and ur guilty for the act to the company but why r u so worried about me quitting? Did Boss find out? Rishi says no..! Priya says all think am guilty so who cares? Rishi says Boss.. n then says me too ..coz of me.. u quit and i cant live with this burden! Priya asks what can we do? Rishi says.. rejoin office from tomorrow! Priya asks u think i will? With allegations of fraud? Rishi says i stole not u.. . u go and tell Boss the truth..! Rishi gives her the proof against himself to show to Ram! Priya says then u will lose ur job! Rishi says i dun mind ..! But Boss may send me to prison .. just save me from that..! Priya says will go to office with u. .n see what i can do..! Rishi says u go ahead i will join later..!

Pihu says to Sammy today is the best day of my life… u were so cool and indifferent seeing Suhani ..! I realize that my Sammy is slowly coming back to me! Sammy is quiet! Pihu asks whats the matter ?Sammy says.. have a headache! Pihu offers to give her a head massage..! Pihu says i taunted Suhani n sounded her off.. how she is characterless and doesnt know who is father of her kid..! Sammy fumes..! Pihu says this baby will be humiliated coz wont know who its dad is..! Suhani always wanted money only ..! Sammy fumes! Pihus cell rings and she goes to answer! Sammy recollects seeing Suhani ..!

Ram thinks need to do something to bring Priya back! Right the Priya comes and Ram is relieved to see her! Priya says u trust numbers more than emotions .. n they prove u r wrong! She calls Rishi and says ..u think i leaked the info of this deal ? It was leaked by Rishi ..! Rishi is quiet..! Priya gives the proof against Rishi to Ram..! Priya asks Rishi to tell all to Ram! Rishi says to Ram .. Priya is right.. ! Ram says what? Priya says. .. before that tell me how did u level allegation against me? Ram says had proof? Priya says show me..! Priya says resigned for my own self respect! Ram says let it be.. u rejoin! Priya says who told u i will join just like that? If u want me to .. then u have to keep Rishi on the job ..! Ram asks why? Priya says u wont understand..! Priya asks Ram to decide fast..! Ram says if its ur condition am fine! Rishi is relieved! Ram warns Rishi and he promises… he wont repeat!

Priya leaves.. Ram thanks Rishi for bringing Priya back..! Rishi is shocked!

Part 2

Rishi talks of throwing a party about Priya returning! All co workers say they were sad to lose her.. and glad she is back!

Ram-Vikram are drinking and Vikram asks what are we celebrating? Ram says am happy …so..! Vikram says tell me first? Ram says.. cant! Vikram says u got ur deal back? Caught the culprit? Ram says cant u drink quietly? Vikram says or u proposed ur special employee? Ram smiles! Vikram asks what is it? Ram says i m getting smarter by the day.. i did what i wanted to and no one got it..! He says am getting my life back..! Vikram self thot.. need to find out what is going on at his office now..!

Part 3

Ram is in car with Vikram.. n buys Kulfi …and Priya is offered Kulfis at dinning table by Kush and she recollects moments with Ram..! Suhani offers another! Priya says one is enouf..! She goes to sleep and thanks them for the Kulfi..! Ram drops Vikram off! Vikram comes buzzing! Caddy says … guess talked to Neha… is it happiness for her coming or not? Vikram asks whats going on? They ask what about u? Vikram says Ram is reason of happiness..and i think something is happening.. need of find history of Ram’s mystery girl! Caddy says Ram is seeing someone? Ram cant do this to Priya? Vikram says for me Rams happiness is all ..but RaYa is above all .. wont let anyone interrupt! Caddy says we need to tell Priya all. .! Vikram says trust me.. will sort this!

Ram comes in his room and thinks of Priya.. n Priya in her room thinks of Ram..!

Precap — Rishi tells Priya that he is aware of what he did so sneaked in a boquet of roses with Sorry card in Ram’s cabin! Priya says .. Ram is allergic to flowers and will start sneezing ! Rishi asks her how does she know?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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