Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Isha and Ram conversation: Isha tells Ram do he check the blood report. Ram says no, he is scared to read. Isha offers to check but Ram says he will check himself. She laughs as says big business tycoon is scared of the blood report. Ram smiles and check the report. Isha asks is anything serious. Ram says will you help me. Ram says we are of same age but you looks so much younger than me. Isha is happy and says thanks for the compliment. Ram says he wants to do the weight loss. Isha says she will help and make a diet chart first. Ram says dont tell anything to Priya. I want to give her a surprise. Isha asks him to be positive. Ram says yes boss.

Ayesha and Khush come to the Kapoor Mansion. Khush wants to meet with Pihu, but Ayesha dismiss his plea.

Soumya asks her why she came, as her stuff is already thrown out of the house. Ram comes and says he was about to send driver to pick khush but Ayesha says she is not stupid to send him alone. Priya lovingly greets Khush which doesn’t get well with Ayesha. After khush leaves with Priya, Ayesha sees Karthik and go to him. She asks him whether he came also for the portrait, but your family portrait is incomplete without Jhanvi. Karthik is irked but nobody heard that. Ayesha taunts him saying your son is not here so portrait will be incomplete.

Jhanvi comes to the kapoor mansion and gets down the auto. Meanwhile Priya is happy to see Karthik and Natasha. They are happy to be in each other’s company.
Jhanvi is seen entering the gate.

Pihu tells Khush that she wants to wear pink dress but they didn’t allowed her and Khush says he wants to wear superman dress. Isha says whoever wears black dress, that baby will get the chocolate eclairs. Priya asks her to share with Isha. Isha asks Pihu to share with khush. Isha tells Ram not to eat chocolate eclairs as it is high in calories. Priya tells he doesn’t listen and it is of no use to asked him. Ram says ok, I will not eat. Ram says I have a beautiful wife, so I doesn’t look good to eat. Priya is amazed. Isha asks him to have vegetable juice instead.

Jhanvi thinks whether to enter the Kapoor house or not. She thinks Karthik ask him not to come. She leaves after handing over some files to the watchman to be given to Priya.

Neha and Vikram argue over his new suit. Neha thinks he is trying to impress Isha. Everybody in black attire gets ready for the photo shoot. Shipra says her earrings falls somewhere then Vikram asks for his wife thereby interrupts the shoot.

Isha is organising the photo shoot and Mamaji is after her. Vikram was eyeing on Isha and Neha scolds him saying to turn his face. Pihu gives pastries to khush but he doesnt eat and instead puts little amount of pastry on Pihu’s dress, Pihu says her dress is spoiled and puts some pastry on Khush dress. They do it jovially and Khush throws pastry on Pihu but that’s get on shipra’ s head and She says why you make fun of your nani. she cries. Pihu ask him to say sorry. Khush tells her sorry. Ayesha yells at Khush.

Priya says she will change their clothes, But khush says he is not having clothes. Maa tells Ayesha to always keep one more dress with a kid. Ayesha asks her not to give her lecture on parenting. Pihu suggests khush to wear Pihu’s tshirt, but Khush says he dont want to wear. Ayesha asks him to lets go home. Isha interferes and says boys and girls tshirt looks same and it doesn’t make any difference. Khush agrees.

Soumya and Nats are doing Shipra hair do while Karthik and Sudhir happily looks on. Dadi asks Mamaji whether she likes Isha. Mamaji is happy but his happiness goes when dadi says she is like his daughter.

Waiter crashes with soumya. Everybody says this colour black is not good and everyone says that they will not wear black colour interrupting the shoot. Photo grapher says he cant do this way. Ram says lets do some other time. Priya ask him to give her a min and she will organise everyone as they cant get ready for another day.

Priya asks the photographer to take individual family photos, while he clicks the photo music of kya kehna plays.
Priya tells the photographer that her family is mad but she loves them immensely. Priya asks everyone to answer for her question truly. she asks everyone whether anyone heard Mr. Kapoor snoring in the sleep. Everyone laughs. Priya asks Pihu to snore Papa way. Pihu snore much to the amusement of Ram. Ram laughs and Photographers take the photos. Priya shows Ram all the photos. Ram is happy to see the mad family of Ram Kapoor. Priya says she wanted to see their smiles. BALH music plays.

Priya says finally photo shoot was successful but Ram praises Isha for Priya’s hardwork. Priya thinks why Ram is praising Isha. Ram says she is so talented. Ram says I feel you should also start work after delivery. Priya says because of him, she is not working. During Pihu’s birth she work hard. he says work like Isha. Priya is in thoughts.

Jhanvi’s home:

Karthik takes his son in his lap and thinks he might have taken the wrong path but his intentions are right. If it is a lie then also it is happiness for me. He says my son you existence is not wrong. Just then he gets a call from Natasha. Jhanvi comes and hand over the call to Karthik, he gets tensed and didnt answer the call. when she asks who is she? He says his client in singapore. he leaves.

Kapoor Mansion:

Priya serves aloo parathas to Ram. Ram compliments her for her good looks today. Priya says yesterday I was dressup but you didnt look at me. Today are you giving me consolation prize. Ram says he cant eat aloo ka parathas. Priya asks the servant to get corn flakes for him. Ram thinks about vikram words about wife swinging mood. Episode ends on Ram puzzled face.

Neha asks Priya did fatty saw you drooping face? Priya says she cant say as she dont know what Ram sees and not. Neha says he might have notice..

Update Credit to: Amena

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