Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya telling Gopal kaka to bring green tea instead of coffee. She tells Priya that she changed the figures for the presentation prepared by Rishabh. Priya says are you mad? Soumya says she wants to proof that he can’t do anything without Bappa. Priya says that was not their idea as Rishabh might feel incompetent. she continues she just wants him to realise that he was wrong and he can trust Ram even now. Soumya says what they can do now as he left for office. Priya says we have to stop this and they decides to go to office.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Industries:

Mamaji tells Rishabh that everything is going to be good. He says he kept fast for his well being. Mamaji is in thoughts when he sees cake and juice infront of him but somehow control


Priya and Soumya comes to the office. Priya asks her to change the figures. Soumya comes to Rishabh and says you didn’t put the cologne today and asks him to put it. He says it is his office and asks her to leave. Soumya insists him to put on the cologne. She says she bought food. Rishabh asks her to leave as meeting will start soon. Rishabh gets a call and he leaves. Soumya tries to change the figures but Rishabh comes back and shouts at her. Ram comes there, Rishabh asks her to go from here. Ram tells Rishabh, is this a way to talk to your wife infront of eveybody. He goes to talk to Soumya.

He asks about Soumya to peon, who tells him that he saw her going to washroom. Ram knocks on the washroom’s door and says you can’t be upset with me as I am the one who liked you at first glance. Priya wonders what he is speaking about? Ram says every husband is a fool and goes on to tell that every husband loves to be pampered by the wife but they didn’t show up. Now he takes her name and says Soumya. Priya pats her head. Ram says especially your husband is a idiot. Ram says please dont blame him as he is a kid infront of me. Ram says sorry on Rishabh’s behalf. Ram says he wanted to talk to Priya today, but he didn’t speak up anything. He says only woman takes care of the man in our home and only you can take care of Rishabh. He leaves while the BALH song plays in the BG.

Soumya comes and tells her that she could not change the figures. Priya tells her that Ram came to say her sorry and says she strongly believes that only she can take care of Rishabh. Priya says she knows what to do now and asks her to come with her.

Rishabh was about to start the meeting. Priya and Soumya comes there and says she needs to talk to him. Rishabh says he is in meeting. Rishabh starts the presentation but Priya closes his laptop and says I have changed the figures so the project might be wrong. Ram says what the hell is going on. Rishabh says what is all this? Ram asks the clients to wait. Rishabh suspects Ram and Priya’s involvement. Priya says you are wrong, Soumya says bhabhi is lieing and I changed the figures in your presentation. I spoiled your presentation because I wanted to realise you that you can’t do anything without Bappa. You have taken everyone for granted and you should value your relations. Whatever you are is because of Bappa. Rishabh says it was a drama all along, and continues that they are important to you than my happiness. Soumya says whatever I did was for you. Rishabh asks will you kill me for my betterment. If you think you are right, then stay with them. He says I am not with you and asks her to stay away from him. He leaves angrily.

Ram yells at them for their act and says what you have done. Soumya says it was her idea. Ram says if she has not stopped then it is her fault too. Ram says I trust your love but is this a way to make them realise for their mistakes. Ram says there are times when you are not right, when you are wrong. Priya says she will go to Rishabh and says sorry. Priya says she did a mistake, she thought Rishabh is like a brother to him like Karthik. She didn’t think that her actions were wrong and whatever happened was because of me. He got embarassed because of me and Soumya was insulted. Ram gets a call and he says Priya is infront of him. Ram informs Priya that we need to go before Karthik gets treatment for his recovery.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Rishabh comes there, Ram says he wants to talk to him. Rishabh says his wife has already done a damage and continues that he is the only brother of Natasha and will act to be happy infront of all. The episode ends on Ram’s stressed face.

Priya tells Ram that she knows what he is feeling right now. Ram says she didn’t understand anything and he is feeling like hitting someone. He says someone is taking my sister’s life but I can’t do anything. What wrong she has done, she loves him and he wants to stay with someone else. I am happy that your brother got well…. :

Update Credit to: Amena

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