Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1:
Episode Starts with Ram looking at the place where Pihu was kept with the other children. He looks at the kids shocked and says Oh my God. Inspector was was there with him.Then hesa says to the distressed kids, now you don’t have to worry, now nothing will happen to you. All those bad people will not trouble you. Police have arrested all of them.Ok.Then he says since how long you all are here.One girl says since many days when my father sold me, Other girl says my mom left me here. Ram asks the inspector, What will happen to these kids? Inspector says We will send the girls to the remand house, rest is depends on their destiny. Ram says no no. I don’t want these kids to go to the remand house, I want to take the responsibilty of all these kids.I will talk to my legal department and I will open a trust. I want to give them shelter and education Ram asks the Inspector please do me a promise, The parents who sent their kids here take strict action against all They all should go jail. Inspector Says Mr. Kapoor you thought is really good, if the citizens like you come forward and do the social responsibility then our society can surely improve. Ram says thank you.

Ram says to the kids, you all pls dont worry. Nothing bad will happen to you now. I promise you that. One girl says Thank you uncle. Ram then says to the inspector, now I want to go to my daughter, I will ask my office manager to get intouch with you.
Ram says thank you and leaves.
Next scene,All the goons are arrested by the police and taken into the jeeb.

Other side,Priya is giving water to pihu, ,Neha and Shipra are standing with them.
Music is going on, Dadi and Soumya also there standing. Pihu says Mama I was very much afraid. They were very bad uncles. Priya says yes baby.Those were very bad uncles, but there is no need for you to worry. Those bad uncles was arrested by the police naa. Now they will not trouble you. And everybody is there naa,a mama, badi ma ma, all. And you are my brave daughter. There is no need for you to worry. Shipra says because of the kindness of Ganapati Pappa, our daughter was saved. Then Ram and Vikram comes there. Ram says to priya, Can I talk to you? Priya says to here papa, Lets go home.

Ram says Priya I really need to talk to you, Priya ignore Ram and ask papa pls lets go naa, ask the driver to take out the car, we are getting late. Papa says Priya, Ram wants to talk to you something, listen to him first. Priya says now what is left to be listen, Every talk is finished, lets go. Sudhir says Talk will get end when you talk. Listen to me, Don’t worry about Pihu. She will be with us till you both come. Ok. Priya Nods. Sudhir ask Shipra to come. Priya says to Pihu, u go with dadi, mama will be back shortly. Then Pihu leaves with Dadi, soumya and all.Priya and Ram standing there alone then Ram says Priya whatever is happening I know its happening because of me. I know I am fully to be blamed. Why I didn’t understand that my daughter was this much sad. And When you tried to tell me then I quarrel with you. I am sorry I am so sorry. Priya listen silently to Ram. Then She turns around Ram.

Part 2:
Priya says I told you naa Mr. Kapoor, Pihu is my life. Take care of her. In the last 5 years, if there was a reason for me to live then its Pihu. Ram and Priya both looks sad, and Priya teary eyed. Priya says you know what because I love you. Music is playing in back ground. And there is only one feeling to our love ie Pihu. For the past 5 years I was living ina guilt Mr. Kapoor that I kept you away from your daughter and her childhood.
For the 5 years I am living in a guilt that I kept Pihu away from her Papa and his love.
And that’s why when you talked about Pihu’s custody .I thought yes, its only fair that Pihu should live with you.
But whatever happened today Mr. Kapoor, after that my all guilt vanished.Infact I am happy I relieved that in the last 5 years Pihu was not with you. Ram now teary eyed and Priya too. Music is playing. I not only give you responsibility but also my life.and you failed. Priya says Now Pihu will live with me. You don’t deserve. Ram in shocked and could not say anything while priya leaves. In the Background song is playing bade acche lagte hain……

At Sudhir house.
Natasha says, we all didn’t have anything all day and ask Sudhir and Shipra to drink soup. Shipra ask her to sit there too. Natasha oblidge.
Then Priya comes there and calls Pihu Pihu, Sudhir, Shipra, Natasha all gets up from the dining table and come near Priya. Priya asks where is Pihu papa, call her, I will take her home. Sudhir hesitantly says We left Pihu at Kapoor Mansion Priya ask Why u left Pihu at Kapoor Mansion Papa says Relax beta, From now on that wasPihu’s home. Priya angrily asks who said, in which house nobody take cares of my daughter properly, I will not let her live there. Papa how could you do this. You only told me that go with Ram, we all are here with Pihu to take care of her then how could you left her there. Why you didn’t took her with you. You took her reponsibilty, we will take care of her.Shipra comes and says to priya to try to understand. U only gave Pihu’s custody to Ram and will Ram give Pihu back to you that easily. If Ram files case against you.Priya who is angry says so what, if he files case. Cant I fight the case.Priya says I did give Pihu’s Custody to Ram with my consent.If I want I can take back the custody. But I am sure, I will not let my daughter live there in that house where she is not looked after well. Sudhir, Shipra, Natasha looks on. Priya leaves angrily.

Ram on the streets wandering thinking about the flashback scene wherein Priya says I am giving u my life Mr. Kapoor, take care of her.Pihu is all yours.Flash back scene ends.
Then he remembers other scene where priya saying not only did I give u responsibity but my life and u failed. Scene ends.

Part 3:
He keeps on remembering the flash back scene where priya saying Pihu was becoming quiet not being usual self. Then he thinks asking priya to stay away from Pihu. Meanwhile Bade Acche lagte hain song playing in the background.
Then he thinks how priya told him that he don’t deserve Pihu.Scene ends.

Pihu In Kapoor Mansion.
Pihu looks sad while sitting on the bed then Ram comes in and says now how r u feeling.
Are u feeling good with happy n tiger.she nods. Ram Says good. Now you will feel more good, u know why because papa wants to take you to mummy. From now on you will stay with mummy. Pihu gets Happy. Ram says Ok. Come lets pack the bag. Ayesha comes there and says Thank God, Pihu came back home.She says I am so happy to see you baby.Ram says enough Ayesha.Dont say anything now. Ram says I am taking Pihu back to priya.
Then Ram says to Pihu Come on Rockstar lets go. He says take Happy and tiger also.
They both leave, while ayesha looks on.

Scene Shifts to Priya home.
Priya self thinking enough, now I will not let Pihu stay in Kapoor Mansion. I did a big fault by giving Pihu’s custody to Mr. Kapoor. Because of whatever happened today , I cant let Pihu stay there.Whatever shall happen, but I have to bring Pihu back here.
Door bell rings, Priya goes to open the door and sees Ram with Pihu and all her stuff. Priya gets happy seeing Pihu. Ram looks sad. Pihu comes inside and hugs Priya and she take her inside, while Ram still at the door step.Background music playing Bade Acche Lagte Hain…… Ram looks sadly at them. Ram gets the luggage inside and goes.

Scene Shifts to the Kapoor Mansion:
Ayesha is looking in the Mirror happily.Ram comes and hold her from back. She is shocked and turned around to see Ram. Ayesha says u came. Ram says just now I left Pihu with priya. Ayesha says you are looking very upset.Pihu will stay at priya di home then she will be fine. Then I will take her back. I know she is your life.Dont worry I promise, I will get her back in this house. Ram looks at her and says you don’t have to worry about her anymore . Pihu will never come back in this house.He asks u seems sad.

Part 4:
Ram says to Ayesha. Priya will never forgive me. She don’t even want to see my face.He says you know what I am ok with it. Ayesha looks surprised. Ram says I accepted this thing and now I want to think about myself leaving everthing back I want to proceed towards the future. Ayesha nods her head. Ram says with You.
Ayesha surprised. He says so you are with me. Ram gives his hand towards ayesha. Ayesha holds his hand, and he take her in his arms. She says Me and khush are your family. Ram says you are right. I don’t have anybody except u two. I really need you right now. Ayesha says, suddenly. Ram says I am saying whatever you want to listen.
I am doing whatever you want to do since last 5 years. Since last 5 years you didn’t get any wifey right. I will give you. I want to give you everything which you never got so that we both together should head forward. Ayesha shocked and surprised. Ram continues so that we can make our family.
He lit the candle and Ayesha got afraid. Ram hold her. He hugs her, Ayesha feels terrible and want to excuse. She then distance herself from Ram and says I never saw you from that point of view.She says sorry.
Ram laughs and says Thank you and says you don’t know how happy you made me. He again thanks her and says I just want to listen this from you. You are not understanding naa, I will explain, I wanted to listen the same thing whatever you said just now. You made me confident fully that the way I never look at you, the same way you never look at me. You know what that means, I don’t owned to anything. Ayesha Stunned and Ram happy. Ayesha says hesitantly Ram yes. Ram says right. I didn’t have any type of guilt anymore. You freed me.Now I can do freely whatever I want to do.He says Thank you, kiss her on her forehead and leaves. The Screen freezes on Ayesha shocked cum stunned face.

Precap. Ram saying to Vikram, Now my eyes opened and I am freed totally now. And now I want only one thing. I want my Wife. Vikram gets happy. Ram says I want my priya back. I want Priya, Pihu back and I want my old life back and only you can help. Vikram happily says this yeh huyi naa punjabi wali baat. Ram smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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