Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pihu calling Sammy and informs her about Priya. He rushes to her and asks, what happened? Pihu says her organs have failed. Doctor asks about Ram and says without his signatures, they can’t do the transplant. Pihu cries and says she wants dad to be with maa. She says she don’t care if Dad doesn’t marry Juhi. She says Dad should meet maa. Ram asks about Pihu. Neha says Sammy went to pick her. Ram says he will wait for Pihu. Neha says, we will start. Pandit asks, who will do the kanyadaan? Sudhir says he will do. Sudhir tells Juhi to take care of Ram. Suddenly heavy winds starts. Ram gets up and goes near the window.

Ram recalls his marriage with Priya while the sad version of BALH plays in the BG. Ram thinks I don’t know whenever

this winds falls on my face, I feels you are with me. He asks Priya, whether he is taking the right step. Just then his phone beeps and he reads the message. He gets shocked and asks the driver to drive fast. Someone tells Suhani that they got the organs and they are reaching soon. Ram calls Pihu, who asks him to come soon and says mom is dying. Ram says I am on my way. Doctor tells Suhani that organ must have reached by now. Suhani says the driver’s call is not connecting and hopes everything gets fine.

Pihu cries. Sammy is with Pihu and she is calling Ram. Ram car’s met with an accident and Ram gets unconscious. Sammy calls Vikram and informs him about Priya. Vikram tells Neha that Priya is in the hospital and she is sinking. Rajat’s driver tells him that someone was injured in an accident and his name is Ram Kapoor. Rajat goes towards Ram and is shocked.

Everyone rushes to the hospital. Juhi tells Naina that Priya needs them and they have to go to the hospital. It seems Ram’s car collided with the ambulance in which the organ was there for Priya. Pihu calls on Ram’s number and asks him, where is he? She says mom may not survive. Rajat is shocked to hear that. Pihu continues that the organ which we needed for transplant didn’t reach us. She asks him to come soon and says mom is dying.

Rajat hears the ward boys speaking that they have to take the organ immediately. Rajat asks about the patient name. They says Priya Ram Kapoor. Rajat asks them to come with him and asks his driver to take Ram to the hospital.

Rajat is in the car and recalls Priya while the song naa chore yaariyan plays in the BG.
He recalls Priya words while the song is still going on. He recalls his love confession for priya. Rajat takes the organ to the hospital and requests Suhani to save Priya. She asks, who is he? he says I am her family friend. Suhani says organ is taken for testing. Rajat asks about her. Suhani says she is Priya’s doctor. Suhani sees Ram, Rajat informs her that he had an accident. He asks for Priya’s room and goes towards her room. He looks pained to see Priya in that condition. He gets some tears in his eyes. Pihu comes there, Rajat looks at her and Pihu hugs him.

Pihu asks, you came to Mumbai and didn’t inform us. Rajat asks her, whether she is not eating anything. Rajat says he don’t know about Priya and says doctors are hopeful. Pihu says you got the organ. Pihu says you are a savior and thanks him. Doctor informs Pihu that the organ is spoiled in an accident and says transplant can’t be done today. He says it is too late. that was our last hope. Pihu asks what do you mean? Nurse comes and says Ram Kapoor is taken in the observation room. Rajat says he had minor injuries. Doctor asks Pihu to call their family as Priya is critical. Pihu cries and tells Rajat that you came to meet her to see her leaving. Rajat says your mom is very strong, she will overcome the death and will come back.

Pihu says, once she thought mom to go by looking at her pain. But she wants her to be alive. Rajat says Ram and Priya will be together always as they love each other a lot. He makes her smile.

Next scene Priya inner self says that what will happen when life is going to end? some while ray comes to take you away. You hear many voice of your dear ones. Her soul comes out of her and goes towards the white ray of light. She sees Ram’s step mom Niharika there and is shocked.

Priya asks her? you. Niharika says she came to take her and asks her to come. Priya is shocked and says how can I come with you.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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