Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th May 2013 Written Update

Starts from the last scene yesterday, while the doc prepares to draw blood, Ram has Fbs of season 1 where he was holding Priya’s hands tight and getting too scared. He closes his eyes, holds the foto frame of Priya-Pihu and says to himself that he doesn’t’ want to give tension during pregnancy, so want to manage himself. Isha sitting opposite him is smiling and wondering if what vikram told about Ram’s fear of the needles were true and also how he managed donate blood and if it was to impress her. Ram blushes cutely, while Isha laughs her head off and also tells of how she had a crush on somebody and what all she did for him. Doc is asking if he is ready, while Isha offers to hold his hand, but Ram denies and says he will manage and breathes out to calm himself.


KM, Priya is cat walking while KK and Daadi are reading something. She is bored, so calls Ram, but his cell is switched off, she wonders why and tries the office no., his secretary (Meena , Jenny ko kya hua ) answers, PK is told that Ram had specified not to be disturbed and also tells that he is with Isha. Priya just leaves a message with her for Ram to call her back. Shipra arrives at KM with Sudhir in suit with her ‘buff hair’ – looks more like yesteryear heroines, says she is too excited for the foto shoot. Rishabh takes Sudhir aside to show something. Seems Nutz has asked all to wear black except Priya. Daadi doesn’t’ want to wear black and decided to wear yellow, while Shipra wants to decide on bright colors and asks about some hot pink, etc. Daadi denies that too saying people will “Bhudi Kudi aur Gulabi lagaam” (please Punjabi kudis here, explain what this means yaar) all laugh.

Pihu comes running and asks if she can wear baby pink dress, Shipra asks her to wear bright like her, but Pihu sitting on her lap is stubborn, wants to wear only baby pink. Daadi also says she has only one in that color and all decide on pink. Priya smiles at all of them and thinks of how when she met Ram they were different family, now wonders how both the families have come together as “one big fat crazy family”. Shipra is trying to make daadi agree to her choice of bright colors as she is ex-Bhubaneswar, while Priya still is dreamy mode thinks of how amazing that just the love of just the two of them RaYa have brought all of them together, its all because of ‘our love Mr. Kapoor” (thinking may be Ram nahi bol rahi…duffer. ). KK wonders to Shipra of how her both daughters are different, when Ayesha was here, the house was just 4 walls, but, with Priya the color and vibration in the house has changed, lots of happiness, Daadi continues that both Ram and Priya are made only for each other “changa..” something. Basically all are praising their ‘pyaari bahu’.

KI – the doc has done drawing blood and takes leave, saying as soon as the report comes, he shall send it to him. Isha is still stunned of how Ram was scared and hadn’t’ seen even a child so scared like him. The secretary brings the magazine photo guy inside, who says all is ready for taking pics in the evening. Ram thanks him and also explains he forgot to mention this to Isha about his selection as one of the 50 most powerful men ( chee… s**y bolo naah.. Ram. .) and that his sister has been given the responsibility of the look and all, but doesn’t know if she can handle this all by herself, Rajeev says his team shall manage, but Ram says his family is too big and all should look good in the foto frame. The foto guy Rajeev takes leave, while Isha tells Ram that she is not busy today and wants to help in the foto shoot, has been a magazine editor before and knows all, but Ram disagrees saying that its such a small trivial job for her, it shall not be nice, but, Isha points out of how a tycoon like Ram helped her with a real estate agent and insists on helping him at his house. He smilingly accepts.

Scene shifts to Jhanvi’s apartment, Karthik comes and Jhanvi pouts why he did not stay and chat with her friends, while he puts his hands romantically across her shoulders, then touches her cheeks telling that he had to go as he was reminded of some urgent business. He also enquires about “chottu”, Jhanvi says he is sleeping and would wake up anytime to give her a hard time. He smiles and asks about who those friends were, she tells about them being from her baby classes and how they brought so many gifts. Karthik is fearing that she was meeting so many strangers, which is not good and that her life is set in Pune while she came to Mumbai to her maasi only for the delivery, so why make so many new friends. First she retorts that they were not strangers, especially Priya, Karthik stops her saying that he disagrees and that it was okay she helped with the court case and all but not anymore. Now she agrees and says that after the last vaccination for the baby, she will go back, he smiles and agrees holding her hand. She says giving him a weird look to bring coffee, he is also having a magazine in his hand and thinks something to himself.

We are back at the KM – paagal kana – really noisy, Pihu running around, Shipra still insisting on hot colors, a foto assistant girl is pleading with daadi to wear black, she doesn’t’ understand, Priya is looking exasperated at all these. Neha comes to daadi and explains that all are supposed to wear black, daadi is angry and asks if there is a funeral in this house for wearing black. That assistant says that daadi will look more fat in this, Neha runs away saying she cannot translate that to daadi. But, daadi understands ‘fat’ and screams at that girl saying that her naani will be fat not she. Priya is closing her ears, while Ram comes inside. She complains about all the noise and confusion and asks if this can be done later on. Ram asks her to relax and starts about Isha, while she comes and stands near him. We have Priya giving a confused look, while Ram explains of how he doesn’t want her to take stress and Nutz is busy with Karthik arriving, so on the insistence of Isha volunteering, he has taken her help. Priya is kind of left speechless, just nods and smiles at both. Ram requests Isha to mange the madness here, Isha pats Ram and says she will do it and not to worry. She goes first to daadi and does ‘pairi pona’ and introduces as Ram’s friend and asks if she will not wear black color. Daadi is again hyper saying that black is not at all a color and there is no shradh in this house. Isha sweetly agrees but also says that its Saturday today and it’s the day of ‘shani baghwan’ (Saturn god) for whom black is the favourite and that if all wear black today, it shall be such a lucky day. Daadi melts asking if that’s true and agrees to wear black. RaYa in separate frames are smiling away at this.

Next to go down is Pihu. She is running away from the black dress and plays ‘statue’ as she wants to wear baby pink. Isha goes to her with the dress and tells Pihu that the kids who wear black is going to get a prize, while Pihu is excited and what the prize was. Isha secretively tells that its lots of chocolate éclairs. While Pihu accepts and goes to change. Ram smiles and points this to Priya who smiles slowly wears off and a look of jealousy creeps in. Isha goes to Neha and Vikram and compliments him on his hot look, he excitedly says about extra exercising in the morning, while Neha teases by asking him leave his breath, not hold it to tuck in the tummy.

Priya turns to Ram and tells about calling him all day and also leaving a message with the secretary, he says he did get the message, but had a meeting after that and forgot about the call, then excuses himself to go to the family gathered to talk.

Priya just looks on and sits on a sofa with a sigh, she watches Ram and Isha talking animatedly with each other. She picks a magazine and happens to be an old copy of Cosmopolitan which tell signs about husbands having affairs while wife is pregnant. First sign, husband is going away without telling, she connects it to when Ram went to a hotel to sleep for a couple of hours and was caught. 2nd sign is about hubby telling lies, she connects it to when Ram non-chalantly lies to her about an urgent meeting and forgetting to call her back. She is thinking about the 3rd sign, when Ram is all surprised at Isha’s magic pacifying daadi and Pihu. Isha says it was simple as daadi is religious and played that card, while for Pihu, she knew her love of chocolates as she saw Ram buying some for her the previous day. Ram seriously impressed and shakes her hand while Priya gives a disgusted look.

Now starts Shipra’s drama – baazi, insisting to that foto assistant about wearing hot pink as she was also ex-miss Bhubaneshwar. That girl Karishma is wondering if Bhubaneshwar is in India …!!! another photographer is wondering whats the bird nest pointing to Shipra’s ‘buff hair’ as its hiding Sudhir and he comes and is introduced as ‘my hubby’ by Shipra. Isha comes to sort out and asks Shipra if she hasn’t’ changed yet, while Shipra says she wants to look youthful so want to wear hot pink. Now, Isha says that Shipra is as such very beautiful and will look good in any color and asks if she has not read an international magazine where they have written about ‘black being the new pink’, but insists that Shipra wear her favourite pink. Now, Shipra confused says she will change to black itself. Sudhir compliments ‘well done’ to Isha who shows a thumbs up.

Priya is sitting sadly, while Neha comes over to her, we see Ram and Isha standing and chatting away. Neha asks Priya if she is okay, sees Isha and Ram, looks at Priya pats her thighs and says I know pointing to them, she basically gets of how Priya is feeling jealous now. Neha asks Priya if she has not changed and to make extra efforts to impress, while Priya gives a questioning look and Neha says for the foto-shoot and goes away to see Vikram. Priya is still looking at Ram and Isha talking and wants to punch them and goes from there.

Turns to Mamaji in the study alone, Neha comes and asks what he is doing alone, he is fed up and says none asks him, Neha says that Isha was asking about him, Mamaji says he is like the temple bell, anybody comes and ring it…hahaha. Neha slowly says that she knows from college and asked about him as she was also single ( ) and he is also single, now mamaji is excited and is about to hug Neha but she redirects him to Isha. Isha is seeing something on the laptop and is deciding on the looks, while Mamaji comes there and says a hello. She recognizes him as Talwar and asks him to come near. He goes a bit, insists on being called Shiney, but she asks him to come a bit more closer, he goes and she retouches his collar, the tux, etc, while he is blabbering that he shall wear whatever she wants him to – black, white, yellow, purple, etc. She goes away ignoring him to do something else.

Nutz comes arm in arm with Karthik while he fall at the feet of all elders, hugs the guys vikram, rishabh and waves his hand to Ram who comes there is stunned to see Karthik and smiles, while mamaji comes and shouts “karthak” insists that he is right and pats his back by asking him to fall at his feet. All are chit-chatting when Priya comes down the stairs in a beautiful white saree with black and pink borders and flowers, she looks stunning, all are looking at her with their mouths open, KK says lovely in sign language, while Daadi loudly appreciates of how beautiful she is looking. She says thank you and is surprised at seeing Karthik who comes running to her and hugs her tight. He compliments her look, but she asks if she looks fat, but he says she looks much beautiful, Nutz also compliments her. Priya is too excited for Karthik and asks him to sit, while she looks at Ram coming by looking at the time.

Priya goes to Ram and adjusts her bundled up hair (looking if he would compliment her) but, he is in his own thots and says he will be back in a second, Priya is stunned while Neha call Priya and goes near her. Servant Gopal kaka is having an envelope, Ram goes to him and takes it, while Isha comes over, he tells her that its his blood reports. She asks if he has seen it, but he says not yet, she pats his hand and makes him feel positive by asking him not to worry and all will be alright. Neha is patting his back and chatting with him while Priya looks on from a distance sadly.

Priya pulls Karthik to another room separately and asks him if everything is okay in Singapore, any problem in his work, etc he tells its absolutely fine, no problem at all. Then she asks why he took so long to come back, when he went on work only for a few weeks. He casually states that the work burden increased with more and more projects and never realized the time just flew away. Priya directly questions him if Karthik is having any affair with anybody. He is stunned into silence and looks for words to come out with, she asks him once again about any affair, he stammers why she was asking such a question. Priya insists again and says he hardly called up regularly and how tensed Nutz was. He stutteringly denies having any affairs and promises nothing at all. Priya thankis God and tells him that for sometime now, all around her are talking about husbands having affairs, he looks on gulping saliva and nodding his head. Priya goes on how its weird and wanted to ask Mr. Kapoor, but its awkward so just asked him as after all the 2 of them married the same year and he might me having the same feelings like Mr. Kapoor. Karthik, smiling, but cautiously answers that she was asking silly questions. Priya agrees about it, but, tells about her yoga classmates telling about some one having affair with another, etc, she blabbers on… knows that their upbringing is solid and nothing like this could happen in her family, even Mr. Kapoor is like that even though he was brought up in a different setting, but values are the same. She wonders with a smirk how can anybody have an affair after 6 years of marriage and again questions if he will do any such thing with Nutz. He promises nothing of that sought shall happen, she again states that he wants him to take full care of Nutz who has been pressured lately and would deffo question her upbringing if something like this happened. She says how happy she was that he has come back and both go back for the foto session.

Jhanvi’s apartment – she doing some cleaning of the sofa when she sees a file and remembers that its Priya who had forgotten while she visited her. Jhanvi calls up Priya and exchange pleasantries and tells about the file. Priya bites her tongue and tells that Ram doesn’t’ come to classes, but forced her to go and she had to make notes which he reads it at home, so will collect while going back and forth somewhere and invites herself saying that she could spend time with ‘chottu’ also. Jhanvi says yes first, but then, remembers Karthik telling her about meeting too many strangers, so, she says Priya that she was going to the market anyway, so she can drop the file now. Priya is excited and says that she her whole family is present for the foto shoot, so she will get to meet them all. They keep the phone down after bidding good bye to meet soon. Freezes.

Precap: Jhanvi is coming to KM after the guard lets her go, she is walking inside with the file, while we see Nutz talking joyfully with Karthik, Isha is doing some last minute preps.

Update Credit to: vijisridhar

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