Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the servant informing Ram that someone came. Some Officers from IT dept comes and says we came here to raid the house. He says you didn’t pay the service tax and tried to bribe our officer. He says we have to take you for investigation. Ram says he didn’t know any officer and asks about the details. Ram says this is absolutely rubbish. He asks Ram to come with them. Juhi comes and says these charges are wrong. She says Ram was with her on september 30, entire night. Inspector asks her to give the testimony in court. Ram asks her, why she lied. Juhi says she don’t care about people. Sudhir thanks her for supporting Ram. Juhi asks for his blessings. Sid says you have to do something else Rajiv may do something. Ram says, he needs to secure Juhi

and for that he thinks to transfer Priya’s shares on Juhi’s name. Sid looks tensed.

Inspector asks Juhi to tell whatever she told at home. Juhi says they are in love and was together that night. She tells the Inspector that we are together since 7 years and are about to marry. She says she will tell this even in court.

Natasha asks Ram, why he is naming the property on Juhi and Naina’s name. Ram says he needs to secure her future as he can’t trust Rajiv. Ram says what is the big deal. Natasha asks him, not to give the property to Juhi and Naina. Ram says Juhi did so much for him, for kids and for home. Pihu comes and says why not? She asks,what is her problem. Natasha says if Priya gets fine by chance then what she will think.

Ram says he knows Priya very much. Natasha says this is wrong. Maa is preparing something for puja, Dadi gives her instructions. Dadi says happiness will come to our home. Priya is shown still in coma. Saurav calls Riddhima and asks, whether she have dinner? Riddhima says you should have eaten the food. Saurav and Riddhima starts fighting. Saurav says they will sort out the issues together.

It shows day are passing by, Maa says tomorrow is the 9th day. Dadi says happiness will come to our home. Maa says today is Ashtami, Ram’s wedding. Ram is shown sitting at Priya’s bedside. Neha and Vikram comes and asks Ram to come, while the sad music plays in the BG.

Pihu comes to Priya, Suhani asks her whether she is not going to attend the marriage. Pihu says she wants to spend time with Mumma. She says Dad is getting married and that’s what she always wished for.

Ram asks Sid and Vikram, why this marriage hall. Sid says they didn’t get any marriage hall. Vikram says it is very tough for you to marry here as you got married to Priya here. Ram recalls Priya and comes to the juice maker. He asks him about Priya, ram says I came to attend my marriage.

Juice maker asks what happened? Ram says he loves her even more. He says, he still remember them. Ram starts drinking the lime water. Priya starts sinking. Pihu calls Suhani. Pihu sits at Priya bedside and says sorry. Suhani calls the doctor and says Priya ma’am is not responding. She says she needs an ambulance right now.

At the marriage hall, Ram and Juhi are seated for their marriage, while all the family looks on. Pihu cries and tells Priya that you have promised me that you will never leave me and go. She recalls her childhood memories with Priya. She asks Priya not to leave her. Pihu says sorry and cries. She tells Suhani that she wants Dad to reach on time. Suhani gives her strength. She says she wants Dad to be with Mom. Suhani asks her to message Ram.

Priya is rush to the hospital. Suddenly light goes off at the marriage hall. Vikram says he will call the manager. Rahul says he will go and check. Ram recalls his wedding with Priya. Juhi says we can call off the wedding. Ram says I am fine, marriage will happen today. Suhani asks someone to get the organ else they will lose the patient. Pihu looks sad and cries.

Ram says whenever these winds falls on my face. I feel you are with me. He asks Priya, whether he is taking the right step. Just then his phone beeps and he is shocked to read the message.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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