Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ram coming to his bedroom and asking Priya whether she is fine after an elaborate dinner. He says you must be tired naa. She says she is fine. He says shall I bring lemon his water or anything. He asks shall I press your head. She says she is feeling pain in neck. Ram without thinking asks shall I press your neck. He realised his mistake and he says sorry about the blood donation and says he didn’t knew how he did about the past things. Priya laughs and wonders how he donated the blood to befriend with a girl. She laughs saying boys do other stuff and you did this to appraise the girl. She says you are one in this world. Ram says it is stupid of him. They had a good talk. Priya says you never talked about anyone except Vikram and Neha, then how did you

invite Isha. Ram replies that he was a fat guy in college days too and girls didn’t showed any interest to be friend with him. he says he was always busy in studies. Ram starts telling Priya about the Prom night which is shown as the flashback. Ram says only Isha dance with me that night, she didn’t saw fatness in me, she was my friend. Priya says that was good of her. Ram says after that, I was the one who dance with Isha in the college. Ram says Isha told him that one day someone will come in his life who will not look at him as a fatty.

Prenatal class:

Priya comes and her fellow friends tells her that classes are cancelled for today. Priya says she thought of meeting Jhanvi and her child. They leaves.

Kapoor Industries:

Natasha comes to Ram’s cabin and says she was to redo this room and Ram. Ram says only 1 year ago it was renovated. She says he needs a makeover. Ram suggests her to do Karthik makeover.

She sees Ram on the magazine cover and gets excited. Ram tells her about cosmo magazine and they want his family portrait. Ram ask her to supervise everything. He asks her to take care of their looks, clothes, and the house so that it looks good. Natasha is happy and says she will organise everything and leaves.

Vikram is talking to his employees. Ayesha enters door crashing and says vikram that she was waiting since 30 mins. Vikram says she will get the maintenance money for Khush in her account. He asks her not to come to his office. Ayesha yells at him. Nats comes there and taunts her that she will be getting money for khush and not for her. Ayesha asks her to mind her own business. Nats says she is doing the same, saving her family from the goon.

Ayesha says Pihu is getting all the luxuries and she will be going to singapore and not Khush. Natasha says when she was shopping yesterday she didn’t buy anything for Khush and now showing fake concern. Natasha leaves. Vikram says he will think about it and let her know.

Jhanvi’s house:

Priya and her friends gets some gifts for Jhanvi’s child. They starts gossiping. Priya ask them not to gossip. They ask her about her husband. she says he will come soon and can meet you. Her husband is shown ringing the door bell and Jhanvi goes to open the door. While Priya and friends are sitting on the sofa, he gives his luggage and tells Jhanvi that he have some important work and he will be back. He leaves. Priya missed seeing him. Jhanvi tells sorry and says he went for some important work. Priya says he might have listen to your gossiping.

Sharma house:

Someone knocks on the door bell. Shipra opens the door and finds Karthik. She smiles and hugs him saying Karthik have arrived. Sudhir welcomes him. Karthik says he was missing everybody. Natasha comes there and Karthik and her have a cute hug. Shipra and Sudhir leaves. Karthik gets a call from Ayesha and she ask him to meet her immediately. She threatens him that she will inform his wife everything about his affairs.

Isolated Place:

Karthik meets Ayesha at some place and says you are blackmailing your brother. Ayesha says she is suffering because of Jhanvi.Ayesha says even I cannot believe Jhanvi is your illegal wife. She says She met Jhanvi. She says she will get Jhanvi meet with Sharma family and she is excited to see their reactions. She taunts about nats. Karthik is annoyed. Ayesha tells him when she saw him chatting with Jhanvi. and Priya was her friend. She threatens him that she will tell everybody and she had a fight with her family and she wants to win. She hope to see what will be the reaction of her family. Karthik pleads her not to do this. Ayesha turns down saying she was all alone because of Priya. she says she will tell his secret to their family. Karthik ask her to tell everybody. She says she will keep it a secret if he asks Ram to give her more money. Karthik says he cant do. She says you have to as you are an expert in making stories.

Kapoor Industries:

Ram thinks Vikram was right and he have to be health conscious for his kids and Priya’s sake. He ecides to check up done and calls the doctor and ask him to get his blood test done. Doctor agrees and Ram says he didn’t tell Priya anything about this.

Sharma house:

Shipra asks Natasha to get her hair done with some styles while Sudhir and Karthik are talking about Nats. Sudhir tells him that Nats was changed a lot and handle everything perfectly. he tells Natasha is feeling alone without a baby and needs a baby and asks about his opinion. He tells him happiness lies in kids.

Kapoor industries:

Isha comes to Ram office and ask him about her meeting with Real estate agents. he says he will call him. Just then doctor comes. Isha asks is everything ok. Ram says just general. Ram thinks of the flashback scene where doctor was taking blood sample and Priya was with him. Ram thinks I wish you could be with me, but I dont want to give you any tension in pregnancy so somehow I have to manage alone. The Episode ends on Ram words.

Sharma and Kapoor’s gather at Kapoor Mansion and Pihu is happy mingling with them. Priya finds it noisy and says Mr. Kapoor, is this photo shoot necessary. cant we do it later on. Ram says dont worry Isha will handle it and there comes Isha. Isha says she will handle it for her good friend Ram. Priya is in thoughts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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