Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th January 2013 Written Update

Episode Starts with Ram and Priya in the car looking tensed asking the driver to drive fast.Ram then says priya you dont worry, pihu will be found, I promise you.Whatever I can do to find Pihu I will do.
Then Priya calls her papa and tells him that pihu left school self,Papa says what, Pihu left School alone.

Priya says( while she is crying)she told khush that she will be going to mama’s home and we are heading towards her school.She tells him you pls go downstairs, may be she is near the building or nearby.I am really worried. she says papa pls go n check downstairs.
Papa says dont worry beta, nothing will happen to pihu. Now i will go downstairs, check and call you.
Priya says haan papa ok, I am waiting for your call.

Now the flash back scene begins, in which priya says to Ram I am worried about her, she is becoming quiet. not being usual self then Ram thinks (again flashback scene)telling to priya that if u really care for pihu, then please for god sake, for the time being just back off.
Now in the present. What have I done, Priya tried so many times to tell me that something is not right with pihu but i never understood.and shouted at priya. My daughter was troubled and I never knew.where might be pihu?
God pls find her.I should have listen to priya.
Ram calls some aditya and tells him that he wants to talk to commissioner saheb. he says till what time he is in meeting. tell him that my daughter is missing.I need to talk to him urgently.
Ram Says ok i will call back.
Priya then self thought how i did such a mistake of leaving pihu in school, instead i should have get her with me.I knew she was upset.I knew from so many days there is something which is bothering her, then also why did i not told Mr. Kapoor about ayesha. Why I am quiet when he asked me too.
I know he was shouting, dont want to listen then I should have told him clearly. If I conveyed this then we should have deal with this problem on time and today Pihu might be with me.
It is all my fault.What have I done?
In the background music is playing.

Ram looks at priya, who was crying.
then pihu was shown at the road,looking here and there, then going somewhere.
Priya in Pihu school asking Principal I am not here to sit, I am asking u a question why my daughter left school like this. Why nobody check.You people always talk about school security and all and what happened today.
Today morning you were giving us lectures on parenting, Now you tell me why there is a security lapse.One girl left and nobody saw.How is it possible? We left Pihu at your school so that you can take care of her in our absence.u understand she is five.She might be roaming on the streets, dont know could you let this happen.
Principal says it is our fault and we apologize.we will do everything for you.we will help you.priya says what will u do, will u come with me n search my daughter.
Ram enquiring from the school authorities.he says your daughter pihu was not boarded in any of our bus.
we have a record of everything.Ram says thank you and leaves.
Then shows pihu at the chai stall.asking the chai wala, uncle i need to go to my mama’s home.there by near sitting some Goons. They stares at pihu,.,
pihu shows the chai wala the address, he says it is english, i dont know English. she looks at the goons
and then goes near them.MeanwhilePriya’s Father reaches the place asking for pihu, but he didnt see pihu. Goons says I know ur mummy’s address. It is very nearby.
We will leave you at ur mummy home. Priya’s father calls priya and says i have not found her.I looked everywhere. he misses seeing pihu. Goons take pihu along with them.
Priya’s fathers till searches for pihu on the road.
Ram ask khush, Remember and tell me what all pihu said. Khush says Pihu said she wants to go to her mama’s. Priya stares at them. khush says she said she was having her mother’s address and said she will go. Khush says Pihu told him that she will be happy at her mama’s place as her mama’s loves her a lot.
Ram n priya both looks at khush. in the background music is going on.Ram says thank you beta.
Ram Says to Priya, lets go to the police station.
Meanwhile the goons take pihu with them,they enquire with pihu about her papa.How many cars do your papa have? she says of the goon said. we have won a lottery.
then they asked her, what your papa do? pihu after thinking for a while tells them that he drives the 5 cars that he has.They got confused and says her papa might be driver and she says yes.
They decide to leave her somewhere.

Ram in priya in the police station looking tensed, Priya says Mr. Kapoor you gave pihu mobile phone naa, call her, may be she will pick the phone.Ram says I took the phone back on your insistence.
Inspector says what is daughter name, Priya says Pihu sharma, Ram Says Pihu kapoor. then inspector ask dont you know your daughter name. They say Pihu kapoor. Inspector says I will teach you parenting. Ram says have we lost our daughter knowingly.
Priya ask him to calm down. Inspector says Answer to the questions when you have come here to write the report.Inspector asks mama’s name, Priya says Priya kapoor. the he asks father’s name Ram says Ram kapoor. Then he ask for Pihu’s photo. Priya showed the inspector Pihu’s photo.
She tells him she was wearing the school uniform when she lost. Inspector says where were you when she lost. Priya says usually one of us go to pick herup from school.but at that time we were at the family court. Inspector laughs and make fun of them.
Ram says what is wrong you are laughing and our daughter is lost.Inspector says dont ask us to do our job, first learn to upbring the child. Priya tells the inspector the details. Inspector says if there might be no security, Priya ask ram to calm down. Priya asks the inspector to find Pihu. Priya says please I will fold my hands. Inspector asks the constable to get the vehicle to search Pihu.
Vikram and Neha outside the police station, Priya comes, Vikram asks did they write the Report .Priya cries, Neha ask her to calm down. Vikram also says to calm down. Vikram and Neha says we will find Pihu. She is Ram Kapoor’s Daughter and is very clever.
Vikram ask Ram, did u talk to commissioner saheb. he says yes. he asks everyone to switch on the phone.
Vikram says we will also go n search pihu. I think from school to the priya’s home. Priya says i will come with you.they all leave to search Pihu.

The goons took pihu to an isolated place. Pihu was crying and telling them she wants to go to mama.They lock her in some dark room. She cries a lot and tells i want my mama. Pihu finds so many kids in that dark room. Pihu goes near them and ask them what happened.They say their story. then she ask what u do. the girl said I beg here. pihu asks what happened to your hand. girl said my hand was cut inorder to beg.
Pihu was looking at them quietly and sadly.They ask Pihu to sit there, Then Pihu sits beside them, Crying and self thought mama please come naa. Episode Ends on Pihu’s Sad face.

Precap: Everybody is searching Pihu on the Road.

Update Credit to: DTB

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