Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th February 2013 Written Update

Sudhir House:

Episode Starts with Priya in thoughts, just then She gets a call from Ram. she asks you didn’t sleep yet. Ram says |I am not getting sleep, it is impossible. Priya says to make the impossible possible dont start to take the tablets. Ram says Then you come and stop me from taking the tablets naa. Priya says I will come and when I come you will complain that after coming I started stopping you. After coming I will throw them from the window. Ram says what is your problem with my tablets. Ram asks her to take care of him and he himself cant take care of himself. Ram says I cant live without you and I am unable to wait. Priya ask him to wait some more. Ram says you promise me that you will not go far from you. Priya says I remembers. Then song plays

Main na bhulunga main na bhulungi………Then they think of the flashback moments which they spent together. both of them closes their eyes and think of the romantic moments.

Kapoor Mansion:

Just then Ayesha enters the room and says Ram. Priya ask Ram to go, will talk later. Ram asks Ayesha to sleep and be comfortable.

Kapoor Mansion:

Soumya in her room and inconversation with Natasha. Natasha says i cant believe that Ayesha can take a 360 degrees turn. Soumya says she is 100 percent acting. how can she remembers everything and not remember the party sequence between Ram and Priya. Natasha says after the accident she is weird. She says bhai and Priya was caught in a bad situation and we have to help them. We have to Prove that she is acting. read full updates daily only at Soumya says before the accident she is acting fishy,secretive, once I smell a male perfume from her clothes. when I asked she lied. Natasha says may be there is someone in her life and she is meeting him secretly and we have to find out. We have to expose Ayesha in front of everyone. Soumya says we have to talk to Priya bhabhi regarding this. someone even came to meet her in the hospital.

Soumya says I have an idea and they decide on the plan which is muted for us. Nats calls someone. Neha come to Kapoor Mansion with her kids. Neha says without vikram at home. I was getting afraid. Ram says are you 12 years old that you are fearing. Rahul says something unusual happening at our home. Ram thinks of the old days when the kids mess up with him when they used to stay at his home. Neha says can we stay at your home. Ram says yes sure. Ram says where you shall sleep. Natasha comes there and says in my room. Ram says why you are here. Natasha make an excuse that she came for Ayesha. Ram says I dont know what you both are upto. Go and ask Gopal kaka for the arrangements. Ram says I am sleeping here as Ayesha is sleeping in my room. Neha asks him to sleep in Priya’s room. Ram says if Priya I would deifinitely sleep in that room. but now I will not sleep. Ram sitting on the sofa when Ayesha come down the stairs with pillow and blanket, Neha, Soumya and Natasha spy on them from the window. Ram takes the pillow from her hand and tells her to take rest. Nats, Neha and Soumya says well done fatty. Ram tells her goodbye and she leaves.

Ayesha comes to Ram and say him Good morning. She wakes him up. Ayesha tells we had to go somewhere. Ram says 2 mins.
Natasha, Soumya and Neha enquire something from the gardener, then they come to Mamaji who is getting ready to go somewhere it seems. funny music playing in the BG. it seems they came there to ask about Ayesha’s phone.|Then they came to Saudamini ( Ayesha’s friend). Saudamini welcomes them. Neha says actually we are organising a party and for that we want Ayesha’s friend list. Saudamini says I am her only friend. again funny scene. They leaves from there. Then they go to the driver and ask where Ayesha madam go daily. Driver says I will take you there and they sit in the car.

Sudhir House:

Ram And Ayesha come at Sudhir house. Priya opens the door. Ayesha was smiling. Priya was confused. Shipra asks Ram to come. Ayesha hugs Shipra. Shipra ask about her health and she sat down. Shipra offers Ram tea. Priya goes inside to bring. Ayesha says teach me how to prepare the tea di. She asks Sudhir did u change Specs frame. Sudhir says yes. She says good.
She says to Priya, me and Ram came here to invite you all for the Valentine day party. After the accident everybody’s mood was off. so we thought why not to throw a party to uplift everybody’s mood. She says you all shall come. Priya says I cant come, Pihu is having school in the morning. Then she asks Ram to agree Priya. Ram gives an angry look. then Priya finally agrees.

Driver drop the trio. Nats, Soumya and Neha came to the place where Ayesha is coming to meet Sid. they there enquire about Ayesha. Someone told them once he saw Ayesha near somewhere. then they head towards Sid home. Door was locked. so Neha spy on the home from the window. Her earrings fall there. just then Neha gets a call from Priya. She tells Mr. Kapoor came with Ayesha and have invited us for the Valentine Day party. They go from there. Sid came there. but they was unable to see each other. Sid phone fall down and when she was picking his phone, they go from there and they miss Sid. then they saw that Neha must have drop the earrings there. Soumya comes back there to pick the earrings. Someone khocks on the door and Sid opens the door and welcomes the visitor. Meanwhile Soumya is searching for the earring outside, finds it and leaves from there without noticing anyone there.

The Screen Freezes on Sid cunning smile…..

Priya says it is strange that you smell perfume somewhere and thinks it is related to Ayesha. And let me tell you if it is true then I am very happy for Ayesha. She says you guys are thinking so much and cooking up stories from your mind. Neha, Soumya and Natasha looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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