Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram coming to the office. Rishi comes to Ram’s cabin and gives him proof’s against Priya. Ram says, I came to know the real culprit now. Ram asks, where is the genius who took the emails without the password? Rishi says, you are praising me sir…And tells how he did it. Ram asks him to sit in his cabin and he will be back in 5 mins. Suhani and Khush look at Priya as she is not going to office. Priya says, I got bored going to office daily. Now I will relax at home. Am I looking bad sitting at home. She says I am tired of working, I am thinking to go on a shopping, watch film and will go to the beach. I think I took the right step by resigning from the job. She asks, what you both will be doing. Suhani says, clinic. Priya asks Suhani to come

with her. She asks Khush not to disturb them. Suhani and Khush look at her. Priya says, do you think I am pretending to be happy. Khush says, no. We should be thankful to your boss. Priya says, yes thanks to him. We will go on a shopping. Khush tells Suhani that Priya is stressed. Suhani gets angry on Priya’s boss. Khush says, I have to find out. Suhani asks her to find out about him.

Suhani asks Khush to finish his breakfast. Khush gets tensed. Priya thinks, it will not effect me. I will get a new job. I am mad not to miss that office, there was nothing special in that office. She recalls about Ram…………….BALH plays………….She says, I am feeling bad as Mr. Kapoor is in that office. I couldn’t meet him now. I am really missing him. She recalls about Ram’s words and thinks why he doubted on me? She says, I am angry at you…especially when you know that I can’t do anything like that.

Ram comes back and praises Rishi. He asks him to type the letter. He asks him to write the letter to the Police commisioner. Ram says, fraud employee is Rishi. Rishi says, this is my name. Ram slaps him for the betrayal. He says, you have leaked the company’s information. I have found out everything. Rishi says, I didn’t do anything. Rishi asks for the proofs. Ram says, I got your bank account information. He says, I am sad because my best employee left me. Now You will be rotten in jail. Rishi says, my mom is ill. I swear I would not have done the wrong thing. Please save me….I will do as you say..He begs him. Ram says, I can forgive you at one cost. Rishi says, I will do anything. Ram says, If you get Priya back in this office then your job will be saved and you will not go to Jail. Rishi says, I will convince her. Ram says, you shall not tell her that I send you to convince her and also don’t tell her that you are a culprit.

Ram thinks, if Priya rejects to come back to work. Should I call her? Ram goes to attend a meeting. Pihu tells Sammy that I don’t believe that you came with me for shopping. Pihu thanks him. Sammy says, I forget my wallet at the cash counter and goes to get it. Suhani tells Priya that you didn’t buy even a hand kerchief. Rishi calls Priya and asks her to come to the office. Priya agrees. Priya tells Suhani that I will drop you. Suhani says, I will manage. Priya leaves.

At the meeting, Ram is disturbed and asks them to continue the meeting tomorrow. Pihu gets down the car and sees Suhani. She asks her, how are you? Pihu says, I am better than you. She asks, do you have mirror at home? Your didn’t have anything, face, figure anything….Suhani says, this feeling is different and tells about motherly feelings. She says, you will understand when you become a mother. Pihu says, I am not interested to become a mother and insults her. She says, I am feeling pity on your baby. He says, I got my love back, my Sammy…..Sammy comes and says I got my wallet. He asks, is everything fine? Pihu asks, did you see her? Sammy says, you have only in my life…..He asks her to sit in the car. Suhani feels bad. Sammy looks at her from the front car mirror.

Rishi asks Priya to join the office tomorrow. Priya asks, did boss ask you? I won’t join the office. I have self respect…Rishi thinks she is very stubborn.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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