Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th February 2013 Written Update

Kapoor Mansion:
Episode Starts with Ram arriving with Ayesha and khush at Kapoor Mansion from the hospital. Ayesha says it is good to be back at home. Ayesha takes Krishnaji and dadi blessings while Rishabh and Soumya looks on. Ram asks the Servant to keep Ayesha belongings in his room. Dadi asks What is happening. Ram says from today will stay in my room. He says her condition is weak, she needs rest. I am taking her upstairs.Ram holds her and takes Ayesha to his room while the dadi, Krishnaji looks on. Krishnaji asks Soumya what is happening, as she herself called and inform that everything is going to be fine between Ram and Priya. Soumya says I will tell you everything.

Ayesha and Ram enter the room. Ayesha says because of this accident I got a new life.

I came to know that how much I love you, respect you. I thought. Ram asks her to take rest and dont think much. If you need anything do let me know. Ayesha says I have everything and I came to know about it. Ram goes to bring her medicines. Ayesha gives a slightest smile.

Sudhir House:
Priya preparing tea in the kitchen. Neha is at her place. She tells Sudhir and Shipra that she cant believe why Ram behave this way.
Natasha says something must have happened, then why did bhaiyya take a drastic turn. Priya serves tea to all. then she talk about cooking food and tells Neha that she will cook for her home too. Door bells rings and Neha opens the door and its Ram. Ram enters and asks can Italk to Priya for 2 mins. Everybody goes inside leaving Ram and Priya in the hall. Ram tells are you angry with me. I want to tell you before I say anything to everyone. He says when I was about the talk with Ayesha. Doctor took me to his room and told me whether I want Ayesha to die. Dr. said her condition is weak. and She cant take your decision of leaving her. Other doctor who is a psychiatrist tells them she got a shock and her stability is her lifeline. the mental trauma is serious. She need to come out of this. She had retro amnesia. Ram says how can it be possible that she knows everything but didnt know anything on the accident day. Doctor says she may lose her mental balance or die if she faces any trauma. Doctor says now it is upto you.
Ram asks Priya did I do wrong. Priya says No. whatever you did was right. I was thinking if you are behaving this way then there might be a reason behind it. Ram holds her hand and says, Priya I know it is very unfortunate when we have waited this long then it is a matter of time. Priya says everything will be fine soon. I trust you, both of us and our love. I know everything will be fine. Ram says thanks. Ram and Priya smiles and had a eyelock.
Ram in the car and Priya in her room while the song is playing tujhse naraaz nahin zindagi hairaan hun main.
tere masoom sawaloon se mareshan hun main. Priya is arranging the things when Pihu comes and she clips her hair right. then she comes out in the hall while Sudhir and Shipra looks at her and Pihu. Priya smiles and so as Pihu. Shipra smiles at Pihu.
Meanwhile at the Kapoor Mansion and at Priya Place both the familes sit for dinner at their respective places. While the song tujhse naraaz nahin main zingadi ends.

Kapoor Mansion:
Khush asks mamma are you feeling pain. Ayesha says no. Now I am with my son naa. Khush shows her his handwriting. Ayesha tells him to sleep now and do the homework in the morning. Khush says angel tells very good stories. Ayesha tells him that Priya di used to tell her bedtime stories when she was their age. Ram and Shoumya looks at them from far away. Ayesha tells Priya di is really an angel. Ram says to Sowmya that after the accident, Ayesha must have changed really.
Soumya thinnks Ayesha is acting. She says she cant change, how to find what what is brewing in Ayesha’s mind. just then she finds Ayesha’s phone and thought of getting a clue from that. Just then Mamaji enters and tells her that you can spy on other’s phone. Mamaji tells it is Ayesha’s phone and takes the phone. Soumya calls Natasha and ask her to come home.
Mamaji comes to Ayesha now. Ayesha says what happened Mamaji. is anything important. Mamaji says where were your belongings. Mamaji talk about phone. gives her the phone and ask her to call her jaan Sid. Ayesha says after the accident I realise what is important for me. I dont to keep this phone. you keep it yourself. What matter to me is my son and my family. Mamaji thinks what will happen to Sid now. Ayesha tells him goodnight and he leaves.

Priya thinks about the moments she spent with Ram while the sweet music of BALH is playing in the backgound. She remembers the flashback where Ram is saying I cant live without you Priya and when Ram says it is just a matter of time. Then Sudhir comes there and says that I know that u didnt sleep yet. Priya says you know everything naa. Sudhir says but i dont know this much happened with you. When Ram came to meet me, he told me that with his decision one of my daughter’s heart will be broken. but i didnt knew that it will be yours. Why always happiness comes and goes and why it doesnt stay with you. Priya says why you worry this much Papa. everything will be fine dont worry and this is life. Ups and down are parts are life. you taught that time is not same always, sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad. I know that whatever happened this time. I will not fail. I am seeing my way. I know its far and difficult but at the end of the way Mr. Kapoor is waiting for me. today or tomorrow I will reach him. I know that Mr. Kapoor is with me forever and that’s enough. Sudhir says I dont know from where you got this much strength but I give you blessings that you will get all the happiness. Sudhir goes. The screen freezes on Priya hoped face.

Ram on the Phone with Priya. Ram says you come and stop me from taking the medicines naa. Priya says I will come and once I come you will tell that after coming I started stopping you. but dont worry.

Update Credit to: amena

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