Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shippu bringing aloo paratas for son-in-law! (What a mother-in-law, Sirji….. ) Soumya says that she will serve Ram the food. Priya tells her mom that Ayesha is responding to treatment and everyone is happy. (The latest news bulletin……Princess Ayesha is on the road to recovery! )

The doctor comes and says that Ayesha is responding and Ram’s presence must have helped in this. He tells Ram that he hopes that in future too, Ram keeps talking to Ayesha as it will help her to get better faster. (Errr….please raise your hands, who wants Ayesha to get better faster? )Ram tells the doctor that he never talked to Ayesha, he kept the medicine bag and was about to go out when he saw Ayesha’s fingers move and he informed the doctor.


Mahaanta Murti Priya tells Ram that she is sure Ayesha because of Ram……..Ram interrupts her and tells the doctor that he never said anything in that room. Ram says that he doesn’t think it was because of him that Ayesha is responding. The doctor says that usually in such cases, the patient responds when someone whom he/she is close to or emotionally connected to, talks. The doctor says that he will see……(What are you going to see Doc? )

Shippu says that she knows what the emotional connect that Ayesha can have. Everyone looks at her puzzled. Sudhir asks who is she talking about…..Shippu says that she will come in a while and leaves. Soumya gets a call from Rishu and leaves from there. Ram pulls Priya near him and says that he told her so Ayesha will get better……at least sometimes, listen to me! ( Ram, what are you saying……listening to you is against the Mahaanta Murti Book of Rules! ) Ram tells Priya that Ayesha will get better and after that, he hopes that Priya also becomes better (We hope so too, Ram….we hope so too! ) Ram hopes that Priya is able to come out of her guilt. Ram assures Priya and tells Priya… thing at a time. Let Ayesha become better and then Ram would tell everyone what happened between them and what both of them have decided. (Ram, you really shouldn’t, you know……Lagja gale is only between the both of you, not to be shared with the family! ) Ram assures Priya again that Ayesha will be fine.

Soumya is talking on the phone with Rishu when she knocks into Mamaji. He tells her that he didn’t get sleep the whole night, but Soumya was the one knocking into him. Soumya apologises and says that she wasn’t paying attention……she was talking to Rishabh. Soumya asks Mamaji……(such strong perfume……you don’t wear perfume. ) Mamaji smells himself and realises the smell. Mamaji tries to make light of it but Soumya says that the smell is strong and it is coming from his clothes. Mamaji remembers Sid hugging him. He tells Soumya that someone had come to meet him…….Soumya asks if the person had come to meet Mamaji or Ayesha. Mamaji asks Soumya not to think too much. He wants to rest.

Soumya is puzzled by the perfume and it’s strong fragrance. She feels she has smelt it before……on Ayesha! (Ah Ha! A connect between an old scene and a new scene…… tears of joy on BT’s improving in their connectivity of scenes! ) Soumya wonders if someone had come to visit Ayesha in the hospital because of which she responded. (Don’t wonder… something about it! ) Soumya decides to share this with Bhappa and Bhabhi. (Will she, won’t she? )

Shippu brings Kush to the hospital and he comes to Ram and hugs him. Ram kisses Kush and asks him to go with his Naani to see his mother in the room. Kush comes in and sees Ayesha lying on the bed with the doctor and nurse there. Shippa explains that Ayesha wasn’t well and asks Kush to tell him mother to get well soon. Kush cutely tells his mother to get well soon. Outside, Ram and Priya are standing. Ram asks Priya why was she looking so worried, why so guilty……he could see it on her face. (Hmmm……I never saw this guilt on Madamji’s face for Ram! )

Ram tells Priya that everything would be fine. Priya says if everything…….Ram says, not if…….everything would be fine! He asks Priya if she trusted him. (Billion dollar question…..I also want to know the answer! ) Priya says that she trusted Ram more than herself. (Really, Priya? ) Ram says, then trust me……everything would be fine. Ram tells Priya that if she was with him, he would handle everything and everyone. Priya says that she is with Ram. But at this time, Ayesha’s condition……Ram interrupts, holds Priya’s hands and says…….just trust me, everything will be fine; we have to be positive. (I love the fact that Ram kept interrupting Priya so many times today and didn’t let her complete her sentences! Otherwise, not sure what all Ms Mahaanta Murti would have said! )Ram and Priya look at each other, Priya still with a worried look on her face, Ram is smiling.

They show Kush in the room, touching his mother. Soumya comes to see Ram and Priya. In the room, Ayesha responds to Kush’s voice. Soumya wants to tell Ram and Priya something. Ram tells her to say. In the room, Ayesha is opening her eyes slowly. Soumya tries to tell about the perfume thing but she keeps hesitating…….saying that she’s feeling awkward to say it. Priya tells her to say. They again show the room and Kush talking to Ayesha, saying he loves her. Ayesha is opening her eyes. ( Urgggg……Soumya is still not telling the doubt she has! I felt like jumping into the TV and forcing it out from her! )

Before Soumya can say anything, the doctor comes and tells Ram that Ayesha is awake. Ram and Priya are happy and so is everyone else. Priya wants to meet her but the doctor tells them not to shock or excite Ayesha as she will take time to get back to the normal routine.(Doctor, how about Ms MahaConda Ayesha? Is she allowed to shock people? )

Ram then tells everyone that he and Priya want to share something with all of them. They wanted to tell earlier but waited for Ayesha to get better. Ram is almost blushing and tells everyone that he and Priya have decided to get back together. Everyone is happy. Ram says that they will look after the responsibility of Ayesha and Kush. Kush will get everything he deserves. Ram then says that his and Ayesha’s rishta is going to end…….too many years have passed, it was time to end it. Ram hoped that everyone was okay with this news. Nutz and Neha hug Priya and Neha hugs Ram. Ram teases Priya that she can smile a bit now! Priya smiles and Ram says, thank you.(Loved the total positivity in Ram! )

The nurse says that Ayesha wants to meet Ram and Ram and Priya go in. Mamaji excuses himself from there. Sudhir and Shipra are happy about Ayesha……Shipra says that what Ram and Priya are going to tell Ayesha, it will shock her but Ayesha has to control herself. Sudhir says that God will make everything alright. (With BT, even God will be confused, I think! ) Priya and Ram go into the room where Ayesha is lying down. (We see the new Ayesha )

Ayesha tries to get up but Priya tells pyaari behna to lie down, she still hasn’t recovered. Ram is standing there, (looking as if he would rather be anywhere else but in that room! ) Priya tells Ayesha that her health wasn’t completely alright (Priya, I am sure Ms MahaConda knows that! ) They were all frightened. Ayesha says sarcastically, that it was obvious! (Moral of the story…….a face change does not mean a change of heart! ) Priya tells Ayesha to rest, not to worry about anything…..they were all there. When she became alright, they would talk a lot.

Ayesha tells Priya that she would listen to all that Priya had to say but she wanted to talk with her husband in private. Ayesha asks Priya to go out for a while. Ram looks surprised. Priya becomes all apologetic and then she leaves. Priya tells Ayesha to talk, she would come back later. Ram looks at Ayesha, wondering what she wants to say. (Don’t worry Ram, I am sure Ms MahaConda has nothing better or more to say than Ms Conda! )

Slimy Sid is happy that Ayesha is awake……Mamaji compares his, Sid and Niharika’s jodi to the current jodi…..Mamaji, Sid and Ayesha! Mamaji is sure they will succeed in their plan. Sid says…..just watch how my plan works. Ayesha is a bit weak but if you support me, my plan will definately work. Mamaji says that he better keep the phone, the hospital walls are thin…..someone might hear us. (No chance of that! In the BT world, no one hears the villian’s plans and with characters like Soumya who don’t open their mouth when they have to……..the leads have double trouble with the positive and negative characters! ) Sid has a smile on his face…….(Slimy Sid looks over-confident! )

Neha tells Vikram about Ayesha. He says that everything will be fine but tells Neha to make sure that Ram and Priya don’t make any emotional decisions. Vik says that he has to go for his conference, Neha asks him to come back fast. Priya comes out of Ayesha’s room…..she tells everyone that Ayesha is getting better, she’s talking and recognising everyone. Neha asks Priya why she came out. Priya tells Neha that Ayesha wanted to talk to Ram alone and so asked her to…….Neha looks puzzled. Soumya asks Priya whether she didn’t think they should have told Ayesha the truth. Priya is about to answer when……..Ram comes out of the room, holding Ayesha and says that he is taking Ayesha home. Everyone looks surprised and Priya looks stunned.

Ayesha gestures to Kush to come to her and the 3 of them leave. (The old Ayesha at least looked alright with Ram…..the new Ayesha looks too young and small in front of Ram. ) Priya looks at them leaving, dazed. (I know I am being mean here…..but I actually liked this scene. Now Priya knows how it feels when the shoe is on the other foot. How many times she has left, leaving Ram hurt. I am sure now she knows how it feels. ) Neha wonders what happened to Ram. Priya just keeps looking, dazed.

Priya is going home in the car with Nutz, Shippu and Sudhir. Ram, Ayesha and Kush are in another car. Ayesha is talking to Kush (muted). Ram doesn’t even look at her. She says that the weather in Mumbai is changing, it is cold. Ram tells the driver to off the A/C and then goes back to ignoring Ayesha! Ayesha thanks Ram and then starts to cough. Ram asks if she’s alright and she says yes……(Ram looks as if he cares two hoots!! )

Priya remembers the moments she spent with Ram on the night of Vik and Neha’s marriage. She remembers Ram, him saying that he loves her, they love each other and Priya also remembers the moments they spent that night. She also remembers Ram saying that they were forever connected and also Ram telling everyone that he and Priya had decided to stay together. Priya then remembers Ayesha asking her to go out because she wanted to talk to Ram privately. The scene of Ram leaving, holding Ayesha also plays in her mind. Priya looks sombre. (I am so, so glad that Priya is thinking of Ram and their moments together…….today, I think for the first time after a long time……I could connect with Priya here. )

Precap: Priya tells Ram that what he did was correct and that she knew that there must have been a reason for his behavior. Ram takes her hand in his and says that he knows all this is unfortunate but when they waited for so long, they could wait for a bit more……it was just a matter of time……very soon, everything…..Priya puts her hand on Ram’s hand and says that she knows everything will be okay. Ram says thanks.

Update Credit to: Neeru

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