Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Soumya sensing Rishabh arrival, starts acting pain in her legs. She asks him to massage her, but he says he is tired and asks her to serve the food. she says she didn’t prepared the food as she was outside. Priya comes and tells them why they are shouting. Soumya says it is their house also and they can shout even louder. she tells Rishabh to shout louder. Rishabh says he didn’t have food since morning. Priya says now you are an owner of the property, you could have ordered the food from the five star hotel. She says she will give him dal khichdi. Soumya says Rishabh will not eat dal khichdi. Soumya says she said no means no. Rishabh says ok, I will not eat. he asks her to give him milk. Soumya says milk is not at home. Rishabh leaves saying he

will sleep hungry. Priya gets worried and says she will bring dal and khichdi for him. Priya says he never slept empty stomach. Soumya says let him be hungry. Let him realise and let him value. she tells Priya to go and sleep.

Scene shifts on the road:

Rishabh tells someone that he is on the way and will arrive soon. He drives fast to reach soon as MLA is waiting. Meanwhile someone is following his car and Rishabh notices this. His car is hit by the other car and he gets slightly injured. The other person smiles and looks at Rishabh’s photo which is kept in his car.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Pihu is sad and says she is missing her papa. Priya says he went to office just now. Pihu says aren’t you missing him. she says she will call and talk to him. She says she will tell papa to bring the delhi sweets. Pihu talks with Ram and asks him to bring sweets and a gift for Khush. Priya tells her to asks Papa about him, did he have food. Ram says I am fine and had food. Pihu says you sleep in between meetings. Ram is happy to Pihu’s concern. Pihu gives call to Priya. Priya tells him to take care and have food on time. Pihu tells Priya to say I love you. Ram says me too and keeps the phone down while the BALH music plays in the BG. Priya tells thank you to Pihu and smiles.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Natasha and Shipra are playing with chotu baby. Sudhir looks happy at them. Shipra says baby is cute and can get nazar ( evil eye), so she puts black spot of Kajal. Natasha taunts Jhanvi. Jhanvi says she is the mother of the baby and afterwards she is not going to tolerate her nonsense. Natasha says baby is her’s and Karthik’s. She says she dont want any outsiders. She says this baby is mine and Karthik’s. She asks who named the baby “Raunaq”. Shipra says baby’s dadi that’s me. Jhanvi is shocked and says Karthik wanted some other name for the baby. Natasha says Raunaq was selected by Karthik’s and her for their baby.

Jhanvi says if Karthik’s accident haven’t happened, then she would have live happily with Karthik and choto baby. Natasha says you left him right. Jhanvi says this baby is Anirudh from now on. Natasha says dont dare to change the baby name from Raunaq to Anirudh. Jhanvi says baby’s name is Anirudh in birth certificate. Jhanvi asks for the baby, and says she will massage and give him a bath. Natasha says she had already done that. Sudhir leaves the place angrily. Jhanvi says she will take the baby. Shipra asks them to keep quiet.

Priya talks to Gopal kaka about the expenses vegetables. She asks him to get the veggie from some other vendor. Soumya tells Priya to join yoga classes and prenatal classes. Priya says she don’t have time. Soumya says she have to attend the classes as the tension is not good for health. They decides to go. Soumya says till when, we will be acting. Priya says she was about to tell Ram but he went to Delhi for the meeting. Priya says she thought not to bother him. Priya says Rishabh was working all night and she thought to make coffee for him but remember Soumya words. Priya says when Rishabh proves himself then she will be very happy.

Soumya gets a call from Rishabh’s personal assistant. Soumya says he has left long before. He informed her that he didn’t arrive there. She says she will call him. Soumya informs Priya that there was a IT raid where Rishabh went and his call is not connecting. Soumya says he will be fine naa. Priya says to call Mamaji and asks him. Mamaji comes with Rishabh and says he knows where he is. Priya asks him what happened to him. Rishabh says he had an accident and says to informs her husband. Soumya about to tell about the raid but Priya stops her. Soumya says to go to doctor, but Mamaji says they went to doctor and he is fine. Rishabh tells her about the meeting and says I am calling them but they aren’t picking my call. Soumya informs him about the IT raid on that building.

Rishabh asks how do you know? She says Mohan told me. She says thank god you didn’t reach there. Ayesha comes there and says she wants to say something. She says it was a planned attack. Priya gets surprised and says who would do this? Ayesha says Vikram. She says we all know who is after Vikram( indirectly pointing at Ram). She shows him photo of that man with Vikram. Rishabh recognises him and recollects that he saw him at the accident spot. Rishabh wonders what is Vikram doing with that person and says it means this accident was planned. Ayesha smirks evilly and smiles.

Priya tells Vikram that he is taking the advantage of the fights between the brothers. Vikram doesn’t understand anything. Priya says you planned Rishabh’s accident and we all saw you with that man. She says I can’t believe it. She says Mr. Kapoor will take action against him after he comes, but now she will take action.

Update Credit to: Amena

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