Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya thinking about Ram….She gets Ram’s call. Priya thinks Ram is missing her. She picks the call . Ram says, can you office early tomorrow? Priya agrees. Ram says thank you and disconnects the call. Priya wonders what might be the reason? She thinks I can’t sleep. Ram tells his employees that it is the first time in his career that the deal went from his hand. He asks, did anyone know about it. Rishi says, I asked them to keep it a secret. I told them that you and Priya will handle the deal. He says, Priya knows about the deal. She betrayed us. Other employee takes Priya’s side and says she can’t do this. Rishi says, she might have got money for leaking the information. Ram asks, where is Priya?

Priya comes late because of the

lift. She tells Madhavi that she got late. They inform her that boss is in bad mood. Priya thinks to meet him. Her colleague says, may be he will fire you? She was informed that the deal went through his hand as the information is leaked. Priya asks, did boss say this? They say he didn’t say but was upset. Priya recalls about Ram’s call. Ram gets a call from Vikram. Vikram asks him not to worry. He says, I will send software engineers and experts and the culprit will be known. Ram asks him not to send anyone now. Vikram thinks, what is going on between Ram and that special employee. Ram thinks to do something to save Priya. Ram says, she is Priya. She doesn’t care about money. I have to defend her and goes to check her computer. Vikram thinks, something is not right.

Cady and Riddhima gossip about Vikram. Vikram says, Ram is busy in his new company. He says, Ram is getting soft corner for a lady employee. Cady says, it is not possible. Vikram says, Ram lost a big contract and Ram is saving that lady employee. Cady says, Ram has only soft corner for Priya. Vikram asks, where is Sammy? Cady says, I will asks Sammy about the trip. Cady thinks, Ram can’t be like this.

Priya is tensed about Ram. All the employees tell her that they will support her. They ask her to have lunch. Priya says, I am not hungry. Priya thinks, what destiny wants for them. She thinks, Ram will never doubt her.

Pihu gets a dress and a message from Sammy. She gets happy. Pihu thinks to check in the cupboard first. She opens the door and Sammy comes out. Pihu asks, am I dreaming Sammy? Sammy says, you are not. Pihu gets happy and hugs him. Riddhima and Cady come and pulls her leg. Riddhima says, so much love is in the air. Cady says, I am so happy for you Sammy. Sammy asks Pihu to get ready for the dinner. Riddhima says to Cady that you were worrying for nothing.

Ram is checking Priya’s computer. Priya comes and says I don’t believe this. You are doubting on me. Ram says I am not doubting you, just listen. Priya asks him to check rest of the files. And talk to the employees or Rishi. She gets sad and says I know that why you gave me a cabin? To collect proofs against me easily. She thanks him. Ram says, this woman don’t listen to me. Priya thinks, why I gives him a chance to hurt me. She recalls about trusting him always. She feels bad and cries.

Ram asks Priya to come to his cabin so that they can talk. Priya says, I want to talk to you infront of everyone and gives the resignation letter. Ram is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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