Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th February 2013 Written Update


Episode Starts with Shipra and Sudhir looking at Ganapati Idol and Priya comes there, sits near Shipra and assures her that Ayesha will be fine. Ganapati Bappa will make her fine. she tells you know naa how Childish she is, since she was young. We will handle, what is the problem. we have fulfilled all her wishes if she wants. If she thinks that I came in between her and Mr. Kapoor then what is the bid deal. I will ask for forgiveness and go to Dubai. Shipra cries and so as Priya. Priya says she will be fine. she will be fine. Shipra cries unconsolably. Ram comes to see Ayesha and thinks when everything was getting better, this happened. I wish you get better. Ayesha is still unconscious and all the family members are waiting outside the ICU. Priya says

I should go home and feed Pihu and Khush as they are alone and hungry. I will sleep them. Ram asks every one to go home. Priya asks Natasha to take care of Maa.

Nurse asks Ram to bring medicines. He agrees. Just then Sid enters. and they cross each other path while Sid saw Ram but Ram didnt see Sid. Sid enters Ayesha’s room

Scene Shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

While Khush ask Pihu to stay at his home as he is alone. Pihu say dont worry Khush.I am your sister naa I am with you. My mumma will bring your mumma. She reads some poem. Priya comes there, sees Pihu lovingly reading out Poem to khush. She smiles and cries. Watches them from far.
Then she say them hello. what you are doing. Pihu says I was reading a Poem for khush.

Khush asks where is my mumma, Priya says your mumma is tired as you make her go after you. Priya says that she will tell them bedtime story of a Princess. Pihu says Pihu Princess. Priya says no. Very special Princess. She starts to narrate the story of Ayesha. how she lived in a small building with mummy pappa, sister, and how she was pampered by all. she always wanted what she wants. She says her big sister always fulfill her wishes. She keep on saying the story while Pihu and Khush are fast asleep. Priya looks at them and smiles while the sweet music is playing in the background.

Hospital Scene:

Sid holds Ayesha’s hand and says to Ayesha nothing can happen to you. I am with you. I cant see you like this. you have to be alive, not because I love you, not because we have kid together, not because you didnt deserve it. It is because of my plan. you have to be alive. I kept you in illusion for so many years, that I love you. you are my direct ticket to Kapoor Mansion. you have to be alright for my plan. did u understand Ayesha. I didnt give you permission to die. for my plan to be successful you have to be alive, in any circumstances. while he is saying this, its shows that Ram is coming near to the ward. then suddenly Sid sees someone standing and it happens to be Mamaji who was in shocked. Sid gets up and looks on at Mamaji.

Mamaji comes near Sid and gets emotional and asks where were you? you didnt miss you mama. both hug each other. Sid says not a single day passed when I have not missed you. It shows Ram is coming near, while they continue to hug each other. When Ram opens the door he saw Ayesha on the bed. He smells something. Mamaji and Sid at some other place. Mamaji says I search you everywhere. where were you. not a single letter. read full updates only at Sid says I was wandering here and there. I change house so many times. Mamaji says you did contact Ayesha and not me. He says I made a contact with Ayesha for my survival. with Ayesha help I want to regain respect and money. He says I am happy meeting you. I thought it was Ram when you open the door. Mamaji says first I saw you on the CD and when I saw Ayesha mobile. I saw jaan and I thought you. he says go now.

Scene Shifts to Vikram House:

Rahul asks Vikram to take jackets and shoes and they are needed in london. it is very shivering there. Vikram says when Dad and son shoes size are same, then son should take the responsibility. He asks Rahul to take care of Neha and his other children. Rahul says yes dad.

Hospital Scene:

Ram sees Ayesha finger moving and asks the doctor to check. doctor goes to check her. Priya comes there and tells her the same. Priya says that wonderful. I hope she will be fine. Ram says she will be better. Ram asks you came so early. I wasn’t expecting you. Priya says how camn I sleep. I came after making khush and Pihu sleep. She asks him to change. Ram says I dont change without a shower.Then She goes to meet Ayesha, while she enters the room she thinks all the happy moments with Ayesha in the flashback, while the music is playing……..then she thinks Ayesha saying that in this whole world you are the one who is near to me more than mummy and Papa, forgive me last time.Then she thinks how Rajat introduces Ayesha as Mrs. Ram Kapoor in Dubai, then she thinks how Ayesha ask her to leave Ram for her and how her accident occurred. Priya is in tears says I am sorry Ayesha. I am very very Sorry. She wipes her tears. The Screen Freezes on her sad face.

Ram conveys his family that both he and Priya wants to share something with you all.We were to tell you before but because of Ayesha’s accident we were unable to tell. We thought after she gets well, we shall tell you. he is about to say their decision..

Update Credit to: Amena

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