Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pihu coming back home. Khush asks him, why she came back. Ram asks, what happened? Pihu says she returned because you are not doing good with Juhi maa. Ram says I am doing the right thing for everything. Juhi is getting married, she will get custody of Naina and everything will be fine. He asks her not to worry about him as you all are with him. Dadi and Krishna maa are talking about plants. Suhani enters while some music plays in the BG. Maa says plants do speak, Dadi laughs. Maa says some people have ears but they don’t hears anything. Dadi scolds her. Dadi asks Suhani, whether plants listens to them. Suhani says yes, they listen to us. Ram comes and asks who are you? Suhani introduces her. Ram asks her to give her credentials. Ram says so hospital

sent you to take care of my wife. Sunani yes. Ram asks what is this? Suhani says these are love letters which I kept safe. She says sir these are your love letters. Ram asks, where you went? Suhani says she went for her training. She says she saw these letters in the hospital and kept it safe. Ram says did you told anyone about these letters. She says no. It seems she is the old nurse of Priya, who took care of her in the hospital.

Ram asks her to take care of her patient. Suhani says yes. Suhani sees Pihu, and recalls meeting with her at an airport. Ram introduces Suhani to Pihu. Ram tells Suhani that he is happy as she is back. Ram says he believes that Priya will come back and says you always believes that she will come back. He asks her to do some magic so that she comes back. Ram is sitting sad at the dinning table and recalls the moments spent with Priya, while the sad version of BALH plays in the BG.

The lawyer comes, Ram asks him to get the marriage of Juhi and Siddhant done on the papers, so that they can get Naina’s custody. Rajiv comes with Mandeep’s parents and says congrats. He says as Juhi didn’t sign yet, he came to claim on Naina. Juhi asks what do you mean? Rajiv says you lost as you are marrying a criminal. Juhi is shocked and looks at Ram. She asks Siddhant, whether he was in Jail.

Rajiv says these are court orders and court granted me full rights on Naina. Juhi says no, she can’t understand. Ram says he is just threatening you. Lawyer says these people have proved that Juhi is marrying to a criminal. Rajiv says he will come next month to take Naina. Ram and Juhi are shocked. Rajiv smiles and leaves. Lawyer tells Ram that because of you, we lost the case. Juhi blames Ram and says I didn’t ask you to marry me. She says she will handle the case. She asks the lawyer what she have to do. Lawyer says you should marry someone who is very rich man. Ram says he has a solution and says I will marry you and will give divorce to Priya. Lawyer says it is possible on medical grounds as she is not well. Ram asks the lawyers to get the papers ready in a month. Sudhir comes and tells Ram that he is with him. He don’t need to give any explanation to him. I know how much you loves Priya. Ram remembers confessing his love to Priya. Juhi says you didn’t need to do this. Ram says he has to for Naina. Lawyer asks, who will sign on Priya’s behalf. sudhir says he will sign. Lawyer says then there is no problem in getting the divorce. He asks Ram to get Priya’s thump impression. Ram agrees.

Ram comes to Priya and says sorry. He says he is doing this for Naina and if he didn’t do this then her life will be spoiled. He says I hope you forgive me. He recalls his marriage with Priya. he takes her thump impression while the BALh plays. Ram tells the lawyer that his divorce is done and after one month he will get marry to Juhi. he asks the lawyer to make sure that he will get the custody of Naina. Maa asks the servant to get the tea. Pihu says it was a tough decision for Dad. Rishabh says they have to do the marriage simple. Pihu says they have to do the marriage grandly. Ram says he is ok. Maa declares they will get him married on Ashtami day. Dadi asks them to start the preparation.

Ram and Juhi are sitting for their marriage. Some mantras is being played. Priya is shown still in coma, while Pihu is sitting on her bedside.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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