Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Priya is holding her head and Ram asks what r u doing.. am talking to u! Priya says i know but dun .. my head is spinning … feel like puking after having that exotic drink.. feeling strange..! She says shuldnt have tried ur ordered stuff! Ram says u got my drink? Priya asks what? Ram says lets leave from here! Priya says yes…!

Priya is looking for washroom ..when her cell rings.. its Suhani..! She asks why din u take the call? Meeting? Priya says meeting tomorrow..! Suhani asks why so low? Priya says headache..! She cuts the call to rest! She is looking at her moby and Pihu is walking in the same alley ..! She bumps into a guy n both Priya-Pihu miss seeing each other! Suhani thanks Caddy & Rajat and say she is fine! They say will wait

till Kush comes! Suhani says already caused lots of trouble.. dun want more! Rajat says.. ur hell bent to make me feel like knight in shining armor..! Suhani asks how to repay u? Rajat says when i have a life threatening disease.. treat me for free! Caddy asks him not to say so! Kush comes and asks if Suhani is nice and thanks Rajat calling him sir..! Rajat says only Rajat! Kush says a sher thanking him and Rajat says.. wow din get it! Rajat says hear from heart..! He asks how are u into poetic stuff..ur Rams son right? He says.. Priyas too! Rajat says.. well if ur heartbreaks ever.. come to me.. will give u simpler stuff to do! Caddy says they better leave.. and check on Vikram./ Ram and duo leave..!

Caddy asks Rajat why u din tell Kush .. those lines were ur? Rajat says.. he was making an impression .. so. .but said wrong lines.. at wrong time..! Caddy says u have changed.. ! Rajat says we should or life will be too predictable!

Ram asks Priya to sleep and she says no.. wanna go for walk ..! Ram says tomorrow morning.. sleep now! Priya says.. need to say something and ends up falling asleep! Ram recollects all the happenings at Delhi between RaYa..! Ram puts the blanket on her..!

Vikram is worried..and decides to call Pihu ..! He asks Pihu to do something! Pihu says pack ur fave snacks? Vikram says.. thats why ur my fave.. but have some other work! Pihu says..yes.. coz ur my third most fave person in the world after dad – sammy ..! Vikram asks Pihu …who is Ram with at the hotel? Pihu asks why? Vikram says.. Ram left in hurry.. deal is too big.. so wanted to know! Pihu says.. sure ..and says.. he is acting a bit strange tho! She says on mission Papa ke colleague ko pakdo..!

Pihu arrives at Rams employee (Priyas) room ..! Ram is shocked! Pihu says ur caught ..! Ram asks what? Pihu says ur so workaholic.. guessed u wuld b here! She asks where r ur employees? Ram says having dinner! Pihu says.. ur employee in a suite.. we in small room! Ram says.. as there r 4 people in here..! Pihu asks for glass of water n Ram gets it for her.. ! Ram-Pihu leave from there!

Part 2

Pihu asks Ram to come meet Sammy! Ram stammers and says. be there in a minute.. have forgotten my moby .. Pihu looks at his moby and Ram says.. glasses..! Pihu says.. fine.. come fast..!

Daijaan – Rajat ask we will stay with Caddy? Caddy says.. like we used to in Dubai..! This is my house too and we din have a problem in Dubai so why now? Daijaan says we cant .. ! Caddy says fine i will come with u guys wherever u go! Rajat says.. u dun wanna stay in hotel.. n this is a house. n we took care of Caddy for so long . .so its her turn! Daijaan says..we cant stay in a girls in laws place..! Rajat asks which century are we in? Caddy says 21st century .. n Rajat asks. .think of Caddy as ur son ..! He says.. dun drink water here. .drink lime water..! All lauf..! Caddy leaves and Rajat request Daijaan to agree..! She does..!

Ram comes in Priyas room and sees the bed is empty! Pihu asks whats wrong with Ram .. ? He misses me always but today ignored me totally ..why acting like this ? Not happy to see me! Is it coz of work? But thats regular.. is he trying to avoid me? Pihu says he cant.. ! Pihu says.. Ram said he will meet me after completing his work. so relax!

Ram asks receptionist if they have seen Priya.. the woman with him! They say.. she is not feeling well .. so went other side! Myra-Juhi discuss how home is so empty without others..! Juhi says they will come soon! Myra says.. we will plan a party .. Juhi says..we have partied a lot. .n Myra says that Pihus choice ..! Myra says lets set up the party. .n decides to call Ram and Pihu ..! She asks Juhi to call Ram! Juhi says.. fine..! Mamaji tells Juhi ..that if she calls Ram.. there will be a scope of her entry in the no-entry zone of Ram’s life! Juhi says.. for me Sid is everything n he is in my life.. so dun talk crap! Mamaji says.. pyaar aur nasha jitna purana.. utna hi zyada asar.. so how did Juhi change so fast..!

Part 3

Vikram says he is delighted they are here.. n it feels like home now! Daijaan says.. will handle all here..! Rajat says did u tell Vikram how we got u here? Daijaan says.. now am here. .n will manage kitchen..! Caddy asks same menu? Rajat says yes. only instead of ghee its olive oil ..! Daijaan says.. if u tease will feed u jamal ghutta..! All beg not to ..! Vikram asks ..Rajat why here? Rajat says … launching a chain of Books & Beans ..! Vikram says Neha worked there and Caddy says me and Rahul too! Rajat says. .n that started to look like lovers point..! Caddy says teasing me! Daijaan leaves from there ..! Vikram says lets have a glass of drinks..! Caddy asks Rajat u din tell anyone about our real reason? Rajat says no..! Rajat self thot. .glad to be back in Priya’s life.. cant see her cry .. will have to help her out..!

Precap —- Pihu and Priya are walking in the alley ..and almost run into each other but Priya turns unexpectedly and they miss seeing each other! Priya however senses Pihus presence!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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