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The episode starts with Pihu asking the servants to decorate the gate with flowers. Mayra asks DJ to play the latest songs. Khush asks the watchman that he needs everything to be well managed. Vikram talks to the food organiser and tells that the menu which they have given is Ram’s favourite and it’s perfect. Ram asks Priya to come to some special place. He asks her not to say anyone. Priya says, today is our wedding. Where you are taking me? Ram asks her to come. They are in the car. Priya asks, where are you going? Ram says, it is a surprise and you will love it. Priya says, she is feeling as a teenager who is going to get married and meeting each other secretly. Ram takes her to have nimbu pani. Priya gets happy and asks him to give the change instead of 1000 Rs note to Nimbu

pani guy.

Everyone wonder at home about their whereabouts. Priya and Ram come home. Everyone are surprised. Dadi scolds Ram for going out on their wedding day. Priya says, she refused to go, but he was adamant to take her. She says, I didn’t want to go, but had some work. Dadi asks Ram to say. Ram says, we just went outside. Pihu asks, when will mom get ready? Vikram says, Priya is the bride. She will take time to get ready. Ram says, it is our second marriage. I have seen her. Krishnaji asks Priya to go and get ready. Priya says, I refused to go with him. She goes to get ready.

Pihu and Mayra get Priya ready. Pihu and Mayra say, you are looking so pretty and beautiful. Priya feels awkward. Priya says, she have to get her daughters’ married and she is getting married. Natasha tells Priya that it was your idea. Priya says,I didn’t know he will do the marriage grandly. Natasha says, just let it be naa. Pihu asks her to smile.

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Mamaji tells Sid that it is strange that Ram and Priya are getting married in this age. Sid asks, if you can have a girlfriend at this age then why can’t bhai and bhabhi get married again. It will be an inspiration for others. Mamaji asks him, whether they have plan any drinks today. Sid says, nothing can happen to you. Mamaji says, he will drink.

Priya talks to Neha and says I will miss you. Neha asks her to send her marriage pics else she will crash their honeymoon.

Shipra and Sudhir come to meet Priya. Priya gets happy and hugs her. Shipra says, you are not yet ready completely. Priya says, she is fully ready. Shipra says, you are looking dull. Priya says, you didn’t change all these years. Priya asks Sudhir to make her understand. Shipra asks her to apply dark lipstick as it will look good. Priya says, Ram likes to waste money. Shipra asks her to adjust with Ram. Sudhir says, I feels the same. PRiya says not fair. Mayra comes and compliments Shipra. Priya tells them that her kids are mad. Shipra says, your kids invited us formally. Pihu says, we know that you will miss Nani and Nani, so that’s why we called them. Priya thanks them.

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Ram tells Sid that ladies take so much time to get ready. Sid says, you should have known till now. Mamaji says, he have 40 yeras of experience. Priya is brought to the marriage altar by her parents and kids. Ram looks at her. Priya takes Dadi’s blessings. Mayra asks Dadi to take out the evil eye with 1000 Rs note. Priya says, she will be back. Mamaji tells Sid to get some girl for him.

Ram tells Priya that she is looking so beautiful that he is falling in love with her again. Priya asks, what do you mean. She pulls his leg. Priya says, you are flirting with me. Ram says, I am flirting with my wife. Priya says, we have to get married now. Ram says, you are taking this marriage seriously. Priya pulls his leg again. Ram says, he won’t get angry on her today.

Pihu announces that they want to dedicate something special for their parents. Mayra and Pihu dance on the song Tune Mari Entry Dil Me Baji Ghantiyaa…….Ram and Priya smiles. Everyone enjoy their dance. Then comes Mayra, Khush and Pihu dancing on the song Tere Liye Hi Toh Signal Tod Tad Ke…………….Everyone claps for them. Mayra dances on the song Aaja Nachle Nachle Mere Yaar Tu……………….

Ram tells Priya that he is enjoying with remarriage as they have kids this time. Priya says, kids danced well and goes to compliment them. She asks Pihu, did you tell anything to your papa about our surprises. Pihu says no. Pihu announces that the last surprise is planned by her mom for her papa. A slide is shown on the projector. Ram gets emotional to see their journey. Bade Achhe Lagte Hain plays………………….Priya gets emotional too.

Panditji asks them to come to the mandap to start the wedding. Ram asks to bring the chair. Priya says, will you sit on chair, that’s why I asked you to lose some weight. Ram asks, did you call me fat? Ram and Priya start fighting. Panditji asks them to get married first and then talk. Ram says, we know how the marriage happens.

They exchanges the garlands. Main Naa Bhoolungi In Rasmon Ko plays…………..Sudhir and Shipra does her kanyadaan. A Flashback is show of their first marriage. Shipra blesses her. Everyone get happy and emotional. Ram fills her maang with sindoor. Panditji asks them to do the gatbandhan. Priya asks Natasha to do the honours. Ram and Priya take the pheras/rounds and hug each other happily.

Pihu tells Ram and Priya that it is their turn for the performance. Ram and Priya dance on the song Hum Ko Mili Na Aaj Yeh Ghadiya Naseeb Se…….Lag Ja Gale…………. Everyone applaud for them.

Next morning Priya sees Ram snoring. She tries to wake him up. Pihu comes inside and asks why you are wearing old saree and old fashioned jhumkas. Priya recalls about the saree and jhumkas. She tells Pihu that the saree and jhumkas were special to her. Pihu says, ok. It is allowed. She asks her to come soon for the special surprise. Priya asks Ram to wake up and says kids have planned a surprise for them.

Ram says, they are bundle of surprises. Priya says, you should be happy that our kids love us so much. He says, I wants to love my wife now. Priya says, now you wake up. Kids are excited. She goes to kids. She asks, what is the surprise and what’s the matter. Dadi says, we won’t tell anything. Khush says, let Dad come. We will say.

Ram comes and says we are married now. What is the surprise now? Pihu gives him juice. Vikram asks him to drink it. Pihu tells them that they have planned a honeymoon trip for them. Mayra says, a perfect honeymoon trip. Ram says, it is fantastic idea, but where are we going? Give me the tickets. Khush says, he got the car decorated with tickets inside. Ram says, I am game for this. It is a lovely idea. Priya asks, where are we going? I have to do the packing. Dadi says, packing is done. Ram says, this is amazing. You guys are too good.

Vikram asks him to do the jogging there. Ram says, it can’t happen as I have promised someone that I won’t change. Kids say ohhhhhhh. Pihu asks them to leave else they will miss the flight. Priya says, she will write down the list of Dadi and Maa’s medicines and also about baby. Kids say they know and asks them to go. Vikram asks them to stay lovingly and not to fight. Ram says, we will only love each other now. Krishnaji says, you both look good. Ram thanks them. Priya says, love you. They leaves.

Ram and Priya are going to the airport in the decorated car with Just remarried board. Priya asks Ram to do exercise and follow strict diet. Ram says, he can’t do. He is following strict wife. Ram says, this is not fair. Priya says, can’t you agree to my requests. Ram says no. They argue and start fighting. Priya says come on. They laugh.

Ram tells the viewers that their journey has ended. Priya thanks for showering love on them. Ram says, for all the love that you have for your spouses. Priya says, for all the love that you guys have given to us. We want to say you people bade acche lagte hain……A clipping is shown of the show. Priya tells thank you. This marks the end of the show. Bade Achhe Lagte Hain has ended on a happy note with Ram and Priya getting remarried.

Show ended.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So sad a gud serial finished everything has one ending that’s it ULLAM kollai poguthada(Tamil)r

  2. Shrika Shetty

    I hav my CA final exams dis nov.. So had stopped seeing dis serial almost eight months bak .. Until den i was an al tym fan of dis show.. no matter hw low d trp fell, i was der to watch it :p And today , donno y .. But felt like reading d serial update of bade ache..was clueless dat d serial was goin off air ! Isse kehte he dil se judi hii rishte:* luv u ram kapoor n priya..u guys Wer too gud.. Wish to c u bak soon . Tc gn all

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