Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Natasha asking property papers from Priya. She says she came to get the papers. Priya says she thought you are truly against the partition. Natasha says she realised her priorities. She says I am glad Bhai spared me from getting embarassed. Priya says being the daughter of this house, you deserve much more and by asking your share you lost much. She says one day you will realise this. She says I hope I dont lose you.

Priya gets a call from Sudhir. Priya hears chotu crying and asks? Natasha takes the call from his hand and listens to Sudhir. Sudhir asks about the doctor. Natasha says she is speaking and asks him to blow near his mouth. Sudhir agrees. Priya feels happy and thinks you are just pretending to be bad, every relation is important for


Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Natasha comes back and asks for the baby. Jhani hesitantly gives the baby to Natasha who keeps quiet on her hands. Jhanvi says she is the real mother of the baby. Natasha says she is the mother of the baby as she took care of him and chotu proved that he thinks of her as his mother. Shipra and Sudhir are tensed.

Natasha comes with the baby to Karthik and says when doctor said that you responded to Jhanvi’s touch, I was hurt. But chotu loves me, I dont need anyone else love now. She says chotu think me as his mother. Jhanvi listens this and gets tensed.

Scene shifts to Kapoor industries:

Mamaji tells him to go through the files and do the work. Rishabh is not having any knowledge about the company and its business. He slips the coffee from his hand and wonders how to go for the meeting. Vikram says are you ready for the Shareholder’s meeting. Rishabh says he is not answerable to anyone and he is the CEO of the company. Mamaji will talk on behalf of him. Vikram says didn’t you saw Ram talking with the share holders. He says he is Rishabh Kapoor and his way of handling the business is different from Ram Kapoor. Vikram asks him to come anyhow. Rishabh gets a call from Soumya, who asks him about the nail polish shade. She says afterall he is the wife of CEO. Soumya says Bappa also take care of business and home. He says I am not your Bappa. She says he is young and he can take care very well.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Sudhir receives the courier and says it is Karthik’s insurance papers. Natasha says she will see it. she reads the papers and shouts at Jhanvi. she says Jhanvi’s name is written on the paper( as a nominee). Jhanvi says she is not interested in it, Natasha says it is valued much but she still doesn’t feel interested. Jhanvi says she loved him and also Karthik loves her too. She says he didn’t get the love from his first wife. Natasha asks her to take the papers and leave from here. Jhanvi says she doesn’t need it as she has chotu and Karthik with her, she asks Natasha to keep those papers with her. She goes inside. Natasha tells Sudhir that she deserves this money and if needed she will go to court and fight for the family. Sudhir says you don’t need this money then why you want this. She says she doesn’t care for money until now because she has faith on the relation but she got betrayal in every relation and she didn’t trust anyone. She says now money is my priority. She says why you are giving me lecture papa, you are thinking Priya’s share will be less because I got my shares. Sudhir is shocked and says why you think like this. Natasha says she don’t trust anyone.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Industries:

The Share holders asks Rishabh and his policies and subsidies. Rishabh is at a loss of words. Vikram says Rishabh take over the company just now, he offers to answer for their questions. Share holders says that he needs to answer for our questions. Ram comes there and says sorry for being late. Ram says Rishabh is his brother and he knows he is very much capable and requests the shareholders to trust Rishabh if they trust him.
Shareholders says ok and leaves. Ram also leaves. Vikram tells Rishabh that Ram saved you. You should have atleast some basic knowledge, you shall thank him. Mamaji taunts Rishabh for not answering to the share holders.

Ayesha asks Rishabh about the meeting. Mamaji says Ram saved him. Rishabh asks him to decide his loyalty. Ayesha says Ram is very clever and he will left no stone unturned to make you feel incompetent. Mamaji says he is incapable. Ayesha says she knows some investors and she will meet them. Rishabh says it is illegal, Ayesha provokes him against Ram. Mamaji tells Rishabh that they can’t trust Ayesha. But Rishabh says he will call him.

Scene shifts to Vikram:

Vikram gives the information about Rishabh and his car to someone. He gives some money. That man asks him to call nearing12 noon and he will give him an info.

Precap: Soumya says Rishabh will not eat dal. Priya asks why? Soumya says she said no means no. Rishabh gets up and leaves. Rishabh car hits by some other car and Rishabh gets slightly hurt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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