Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Ram is searching for the file! Rashid asks Priya to hand over the file to him! Priya realizes that she took Rams file by accident! Ram comes and fumes on Priya for taking his file! Ram says this is a very important file! Priya says how would i know? If it was important keep it safe like u used to! Ram says learning to take care of myself personally so! Ram asks read the file? Priya says yes ..! Ram says its confidential. .its about the bidding amount! Ram says not to share with anyone! Priya says i never do anything without ur permission! Ram says really? He leaves! Priya pouts thinking she was trapped in Rams words and he made her say what she din want to..!

Its late and Priya comes to meet Ram and finds peon holding tea and food for him! He says

Ram hasnt eaten but scared to disturb him! Priya comes carrying the tea and says sorry.. peon was scared to come so i came ..without permission sorry! Ram says thanks and asks her to hand over some papers to him .. Priya does! Priya shows the papers she was carrying ..! Priya self thot .. thinking how Ram let Priya teach at his office ..and their earlier office moments..working together.. lunch ..the showdown over Pihu-Sammy!

Ridhima is trying Sammys no. n says trying his no.! Caddy says Priya is right ..what we expected has happened.. Pihu was standing alone at airport and Sammy din turn up! Caddy the kids are fooling them about their relation! She says.. Sammy kept postponing the trip and now ditched Pihu at last moment! Caddy worries what they will tell Ram-Vikram and Neha? Ridz says we will talk to Sammy and clear out the matter..!

Sammy is walking on the road.. ! BG- Sun raha hai na tu..! Suhani recollects her confrontation with Sammy ..! Both are sad..! Pihu shown .. driving in tears…! Suhani wonders why she feels bad about hurting Sammy after all he chose Pihu and that she needs to move ahead! Sammy self thot. .will show Suhani that ur happy in ur married life. .now i will show i can be happier! He remembers about Pihu and rushes to find her..!

Vikram asks Ram how he came out of the lift and who was with him? Priya is smiling while chopping veggies..! Kush comes n asks why smiling? Ram says thats my face..! Rams moby rings n he finds out bidding amount is leaked! Priya says.. lemme cut veggies or will be late next day morning! Vikram says maybe ur special employee leaked it! Ram refuses to buy it! Vikram says she isnt ur wife so dig it all out! Kush says dun wanna know who he is..u ruined my dal..for him! Ram says i lost a big deal n u only want the employees name! Kush-Vikram swear to find out who the person is..!!

Part 2

Pihu comes inside the house calling out for Sammy! Myra wonders what the matter is..! Sammy comes behind Pihu ..! Pihu is pacing in her room when Sammy comes! Pihu says right on time. ..lets go board the flight..! She says the pilot was not ready to listen to me but when i told him that my hubby likes to hurt me .. he felt bad for me..! She rues that i waited for u at the airport for hours.. and u din turn up nuts.. that i believe u..! Tell me where were u? Where did u go? We have been married for 3 months.. n u havent touched me.. ! She asks if there is someone else in his life? He says Suhani ..! Pihu asks u were with Suhani? Sammy says.. in past few months only Suhani was on my mind.. i realized that i was holding on to fake promises..! He says.. i realized who my true love is.. i hurt u.. n i wanna give u all .. n make our relationship work.. will do all u want!

Sammy promises Pihu that they will go to her fave place on a trip..! Pihu says hope u wont break my heart ..again! Sammy says dun wanna repeat my mistakes.. n says i know only u have loved me truly..!! They hug..! Pihu self thot. .hope this is not a dream..!

Part 3

Kush comes to Suhani and asks the matter? Suhani self thot .. he loves me so much.. just move on with him! She says thinking of taking a break from work! Kush says thats ur pregnancy hormones speaking . no break! Suhani asks Kush to sit n offers to cook for him! Kush is not sure but Suhani insists..! He is delighted!

Ram thinks Priya cant do this to him (regarding the bidding leak)

Precap — Ram calls Priya and she asks the matter..! Ram asks her to come to work early as he has something important to discuss! Priya asks the matter but Ram cuts the call! Priya wonders what is going on?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. Ekta ji I just hate ur Serial.Its a fake story.Sammy and Suhani are the best part of the story bt what is this?From Today I won’t see this serial again.

  2. Suhani is the most beautiful and Sammy are much handsome.Both are Perfect but the lovestory of this serial are Disgusting.Promise I wont see this serial again.Goodbye

  3. Wow! What a interesting lovestory! Now I just want Pihu-Sammy-Ram-Priya-Khush-Suhani-Vikram-Neha-Cady-Rahul-Siddharth-Juhi to be together & happy for always.

  4. Really gud episode bt i want more n more RaYa scene n dt 2 single frame & yes suhani-khush sammy-peehu luks gud 2gether, i love 2 watch ds serial only 4 Ram Sakshi

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