Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 9th May 2013 Written Update

Nandini asks Meera if she was with Ani when he died. Meera says yes and tells her how she feels angry at herself for the day. She pleaded Ani to not leave that day but Ani didnt listen to her pleas. She pleaded him to take her along with him that day and if he listened to her she could’ve died with Ani and that would have been good for everyone. Ani’s truth of dual indentiy wouldn’t been known to both. Nandini gets up and asks her to tell everything because she is ready to hear everything which happened that day. Meera says the night before it was snowing heavily she was restless and sad. Ani told her he needs to go out to the townside to make a phonecall. There was no network there at that time because of snowfall. She pleaded and begged him to stay but he still

left. She said she wants to go with him to make the call but he didnt take her. Later she was informed Ani’s car skid on ice, crashed and fell off. Meera breaks down to tears. She repents she couldn’t succeed in stopping Ani from leaving. Nandini looks at her with tears.

Nandini says not Meera but she is responsible for his death. That phonecall was for her. She couldn’t talk to him for many days and was dying to talk to him that day. She cries says she shouldn’t have insisted him to call. He had to make the call for her. Nandini starts crying and says she killed him. She breaks down blaming herself. Meera comes close to her and hugs her. Nandini puts her arm around Meera. Meera tells Nandini it was not her. The phonecalls did not have code of Delhi. Nandini and Meera are puzzled.

Akhil came home to get a file. Shyama comes there to Akhil holding that glass of milk for Meera (poisonous). Akhil asks whats in the glass. Shyama says its milk for Meera by Aloka she added lot of dry fruits for Meera. Akhil says she wants to drink it. Ammaji enters and stops him and says to not behave like newly wedded couples openly. Akhil embarassed and leaves. Ammaji breathes sigh of relief!

Shyama brings the milk for Meera and is shocked to find Meera and Nandini holding each other. Shyama tells Meera she was looking for her. Nandini gets up looking sad and leaves. Shyama hands over the milk saying its good for her health Amma ji made it for her and goes behind Nandini.

Ammaji comes to Meera’s room and finds the glass there. She tells Meera to drink it. Ammaji does some nautanki that she should drink it and be careful of her health. Meera takes a sip and doesn’t like it. Ammaji says to drink it for the sake of her child. She drinks it. Ammaji is super happy.

Ammaji is waiting to know the result of the milk. She is telling Pallo to check Meera’s room and see how she is doing. Pallo is confused why she is suddenly being concerned of her. Anuja comes to kitchen saying something happened. Its serious. Ammaji is excited. Anuja tells Pallo to come immediately because Niranjan had a heart attack! Pallo and Aloka shocked.

Niranjan saying his stomach is aching a lot. Ammaji says its not heart attack Anuja. Pallo says she should be happy its not heart attack. They make him drink medicine. Ammaji continues to taunt them.

Meera says its not important Agasthya we dont have to go. He says Balraj sent him to take her for icecream because she said she wants to have icecream. Meera says she never thought Balraj would send him. Agasthya says dont aplogize its my pleasure. Meera taunts him saying from his expression it doesn’t seem like its his pleasure. Agasthya smiles and says his face is like that. Shyama sees them going and asks where they are going so late at night. Agasthya says Meera was craving for ice cream so he is taking her for it. Shyama laughs. Agasthya says she wanted to have kulfi ..Meera protests she didn’t say it seriously. She never thought it would be taken seriously. Shyama brings Meera to a corner and says during pregnancy such strange cravings happen and she experienced it when she was preggo.

Agasthya and Meera are outside having kulfi. Meera having her icecream and Agasthya smiles seeing her. Meera notice the smile on his face. She asks why he is smiling. Agasthya asks why she is questioning. Meera feels apologetic he had to forcibly accompany her for her icecream wish. She asks why he does everything Balraj says.. if he does it happily or out of compulsion. Agasthya asks why. Meera says she heard Delhi people likes partying on Saturday night not watch pregnant women having icecream. Agasthya agrees he never spent any Saturday this way.
Agasthya spots icecream on Meera’s cheek and tells her about it. She couldn’t… he takes out his handerchief and wipes it off from her cheek. She thanks him. Agasthya realizes she is having her ice cream. He says hello thats my one. She says she likes this flavour better. Agasthya buys a new one for himself. Meera casually asks if he has any girlfriend. Agasthya is surprised. She asks girlfriend hai? He says she got friends but no body special. She asks why. He asks do you know the the film I Hate Love Stories? Because even I hate Love stories. Meera smiles and says he is right.. she too doesn’t believe in love anymore. Agasthya looks at her.

Agasthya telling Meera he never gives or take advice but he wants her to go away from this house. She should get in touchwith her mom and leave Asthana house. Meera is shocked. Shyama finds poison packet in kitchen. She is shocked and sad knowing Ammaji wants to kill Meera’s child.

Update Credit to: ablazedmelody

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