Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 8th May 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Nandini running happily towards Biji room and she sees Biji with Nupur she tells them about Balraj accepting her as the lawful wife’s of Adi.He told her that she’s free to wear whatever she wants not only White.Nupur also is happy they hug each other.. Biji tells Nandini she seems like a girl of 16 yrs old.
Biji though happy thinks what the new game Balraj is on? nandini regrets to tells off Balraj.Biji tells her now that she’s free and co go anywhere she should go to sketching classes for a change.

Biji asks her to go to take her medicines Nupur also is extremely happy but Biji is in thought after Nandini Leaves the room.
Aloka in the dark outside the house is waiting for Kajri mom and the old lady put on her conditions not

to say a word to Akhil…Aloka promises so.
The old lady explains her how to used the medicines for miscarriage but she should not mixed her in anything if ever get trapped otherwise she’ll also tell the truth.
Balraj tells Meera good morning and asks the servant to bring her breakfast.Meera thanks him for taking care of Nandini.Balraj says with bitterness that Nandini changed overnight and she’s not at home.Meera says it is good asd she also used to roam in the nature.Balraj promises to take her out but when she will feel good.
aloka brings breakfast for Meera and Balraj asks her how come and Aloka says if ever she would not have taken the breakfast for her the work would not have completed. aloka says Meera has not eaten the fruits he brought for her. Balraj says he never expected this…

aloka is complaining about Meera not eating everything at all as she’s preggy she also asks Balraj if she’s right and says Meera is not caring for her baby that’s why she’s not putting on weight.
Balraj also agrees with Aloka and tells Meera to obey aloka henceforth and to eat whatever she says.Meera says sorry and will obey him .aloka is extremely happy and thanks God when Balraj tells her he’s surprise that she’s taking care of Meera but feels good.
aloka says if agasthya can takes good care of Meera then why should she not take care of Meera.Meera and Balraj are shocked.
Aloka says Meera is preggy with Ani child’s who was like her son. She feeds Meera fruits and before leaving badmouth Nandini that she’s still home.
Nandini is happy back home and she takes with her lots of stuffs for Rimmy.She promises to help rimmy in her project and Nandini tells Shyama to help aloka as she’s calling for her.Shyama Leaves.

Nandini is helping Rimmy while aloka is preparing the medicines for miscarriage and she gives it to Shyama to give it to her dear Meera.
Shyama asks what is this? aloka says something very nice for preggy woman it is something which she learnt from her mom.Shyama is puzzled as Aloka does not like Meera howcome she prepared a drink for her and her child.Aloka is angry as Shyama is making lots of questions and she says let bygones bre bygones she prepared the drink to go and give it to Meera.
Nandini is sketching and painting while Rimmy is relaxing, Nandini asks her to work and eRimy says her she’s only relaxing and Rimmy says how come the teacher gave such a heavy homework to their students.Nandini tells her that she must work harder.
Rimmy is not finding her blue pencil which is lying down and Meera sees it as she was passing near the room she picks it and handles it to Rimmy who makes her sits next to her.

Rimmy tells Meera to help her in sketching and paintings her project Nandini says she’s doing it and Rimmy handles an another work of her’s to Nandini saying this is her punishment as she did not like her joke.Nandini asks what will she be doing if ever she herself and Meera will be doing her homework she says she’ll play games she goes away. Both Meera and Nandini laugh and Nandini asks Meera she wanted to ask her something since a long time , Meera says go ahead and Nandini asks how Ani died if ever Meera was with him? Meera is quiet.

Nandini is crying saying Ani died because of her…
Aloka feeding Meera the milk she prepared for her miscarriage.. Meera drinks it and Aloka is happy.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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