Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 6th May 2013 Written Update

The show starts in Asthana house they are all in the hall for breakfast and Balraj is extremely angry and telling them off for their last night behaviour in the party.
He gets angry with Neerunjun and asks him who’s he what is his status he’s nothing,he was as his son in law in the party and tells him not to be present again in his party. He tells Nupur by next year she’ll be out of Asthana house and party as she’ll be already married. He gets angry with Agasthya for pointing the gun to the guest.He tells him he’s nothing without him and says he must understand his eyes gesture.Aloka gives Balraj a serious look.
He tells Nandini that she was dressed like a new bride for the party and asks her who suggested so,Nupur feels uncomfortable.He asks how

dares she wears a coloured saree only after four months of Anirudh Death.Everyone is looking at Nandini.
Nandini retorts she would have wore the White saree throughtout her Whole life but he himself gave her the strenght of wearing coloured saree, Balraj asks if she’s fine? Nandini goes towards him and says she’s in her full sense.
She was snatched from all her right Balraj asks who snatched away her rights? Nandini says he did it she does not have any objection with anyone else but only with Balraj.
She says if she’s Ani wife’s why Meera is changing the Garland on anirudh picture? Balraj looks away. He gave Meera the right to fast for Ani Nandini says she would have accepted it but why in his full sense he wrote the name of Ani in as Meera child’s father? Nandini says any punishments of Balraj she’ll accept but he now has to decide who’s the wife of Ani? From that day she promises to wear only White sarees.

Nandini is in her room with Biji and she’s devastated and says only one’s thing is troubling her why Ani needed an another woman in his life.She tells Biji to look at her and tells her what does she lack? Biji has no answer but is teary, Nandini continues she tried her level best to cope with all the relationships which she was attached with after marriage.still what was her fault? Biji says enough she’s so stupid why is she thinking so? Ani may have an extra marital affair but he never left her.Nandini says she’s no more coax by these sweets words, Meera must have something which attracted Ani towards him. Biji says may be or may be Ani lack something or may be Meera is the one that’s why Ani never left her for Meera.
Biji says Ani weak points is he never understood the meaning of a relationship and this is his error and not her’s. Nandini says Ani is no more with whom will she fight will she cry, with Meera presence everythings seem fake and changed.Nandini is crying a lots.

Aloka is getting angry with agasthya and he asks what did he want? Aloka asks why did he save Meera ? What was the need? Who’s her? She’s only Anirudh keep, She tells Agasthya he only needs to makes a place for himself in the good book of Balraj. Agasthya is annoyed and says enough with her suggestions he needs to go to work, he Leaves and Aloka keeps on calling him. The servant tells Aloka Kajri mom has come and he asks if ever he may call her in.Aloka says yes, Aloka thinks the party is over now and on the purpose Balraj is rejoicing is need to destroyed. Her son waited for long and God was fair to her he took Anirudh now it is time to kill the baby of Meera.
The old lady arrives and Aloka makes her sits, She asks Aloka why she called for her, Aloka makes her remember that her grandchild was once preggy before marriage, The old lady asks why is she recollecting all that as her grandchild is already married.Aloka says she knows what she she did for the miscarriage of her grandchild.
Aloka asks her whether she’s saying the truth or not? The old lady says it is true all these are her secret and Aloka says she needs to know what to do? The old lady asks if it for Deepika aloka is angry saying these kind of characterless girls are born in her family if ever Deepika does so she’ll feed her poison. She needs it for someone else, the old lady says sometimes the child and her mom also may die if the miscarriage has not gone well. Aloka is thinking Meera should care.The old lady asks for a big amount of money and Aloka promises her a big sum.Aloka tells her to brings the herbal medicines for the miscarriage at 9:00 pm. While leaving the old lady asks if something happened to the girl whom she wants to feed the herbal medicines the culprit will be Aloka and aloka threatens her if ever she opens her mouth Akhil will arrest her.
Aloka asks her to leave and she sees Biji she greets Biji and Aloka hears her and tells the old lady to leave..Biji asks what was the old lady doing in their house.

Meera tells Balraj she wants him to give the permission to Nandini to wear coloured clothes and Nandini wants to hear this from Balraj directly that she’s the only one’s to be known as Ani wife’s.
Balraj goes in the hall and tells everything what Meera asked him to Nandini as Meera is up near the stairs looking at them.Nandini is in tears.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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