Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 3rd May 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Meera approaching Agasthya slowly and she tells that she does not need anyone help she can handles all her matters.Meera goes on questioning him about the gun in his possesion and he says he used it only for parties and he also never used it on anyone it.He pointed it to Meera and she’s shocked and she says Akhil has reason to say no need of having or using a gun.
Meera tells Aghasthya if Balraj gets to know about what happened he’ll get into trouble as Balraj will be angry.
Meera leaves telling thank you to Aghasthya as she really likes how he felt for her but he should not have used the gun. Meera leaves leaving Aghasthya in deep thought.

Shyama thinking about Mr Monia and is feeling scared.Pallavi searching for Shyama tells

her that Agasthya pointed the gun to a drunk guest.Shyama asks the guest in grey suits?Pallavi says what’s the need to know about the colour of his suit.Everyones’ was drunk, Agasthya removed the gun for Meera the liar and cheater that also in Balraj party. Shyama seems still disturbs , Pallavi says Agasthya never protected his sisters like that before, she feels something is fishy between Meera and Agasthya.Meera is the type of woman who knows how to trap a man for her own purpose.
Nandini is looking at herself in the mirror she has flashback of Meera telling her she’s looking good in the green saree and she’s Ani wife and she will be always Mrs Anirudh Asthana.
Nandini hears Anirudh voice flattering her in the green saree as green is Ani favourite colour she turns and searches for him with teary eyes.She again looks at herself in the mirror.
Pallavi goes to say the same to Nupur about Meera and Agasthya but Nupur is lost in her own thought. Pallavi says she thinks something must be cooking between the two.
Nupur says that today Balraj makes her meet someone in the party and asks her to take his blessings.Nupur asks Pallavi if ever she knows the meaning Pallavi says means being a very homely girl with good manners instilled.

Nupur says that Balraj wants to gets her married, Pallavi says that 21 yrs old is the right age for marriage after 25 yrs old the alliance of a girl is not fixed easily so better she gets married.Nupur gets angry and says to Pallavi how can she know the meaning of a marriage as she’s still leaving in her father house after being married.Pallavi is shocked.

shyama still in deep thought she’s very disturbs, akhil is very angry as he was not able to handle Agasthya for what he did in the party he never expected Agasthya to get so hyper.
Shyama hugs him and is in tears.She tells him someone recognised her in the party and called her Bijlee.Akhil shockingly asked who?
Pallavi also is sad and Nupur says sorry she did not mean it. She has her own thought and wish.. Nupur asks why everything are already decided for girls only since they are born, Pallavi says because they are a hurdles.
Nupur says they are a hurdles for their families and soceities.. Why all these are not meant for men they are free.
Pallavi says nothing is not like that Nupur tells Pallavi only the one who’s compel to marry someone forcefully can feels it.
Deepika is at the door and overhears Nupur and Pallavi and tells them she’s eagerly waiting for the day she’ll get marry.The suitor must be rich so that she’ll get an easy life.Nupur says she’ll not get marry forcefully to anyone she wants to continue with her studies and be independentent..

Shyama is very scared and says Mr monia was very much aware of her past. Akhil says why she does not call her? Shyama says she was scared,she continues to hide from the guest throughout the party. Shyama says now she’s feeling of losing everything.Akhil says not to worry as he’s with her.Shyama is very scared and she tells Akhil that My monia was wearing a marron coloured suit, Akhil has flashback of Mr Monia talking with Shyama.He hugs Shyama when she asks what will happen if ever Mr monia is Balraj’s friend? Akhil promises that Mr monia will never reach Shyama again.He thinks he must find out about Mr Monia.
They are all present on the breakfast table and Neerunjun is pranking as if he’s narrating a scene of a film Aloka gets angry and tells him off.

Aloka asks Akhil what was the need to use the gun in the party that also for Meera. She sees Meera coming and asks her sarcastically what does she wants to eat what should she served her? the paty was held in her honour and Neerunjun says he thought the party was done in the honour of the company.
Akhil asks Agasthya if he’s feeling well Agasthya tells Akhil to mind his own business.
Balraj tells Biji she used to flatter them all but after what they did in the party he’s feeling so shy in the soceity. everyone is quiet and he looks at Nandini and has flashback of her wearing white saree.

Balraj tells her that her hubby died and only four months elapsed and she’s wearing coloured saree that also in the party.
Nandini tells her why he gave all the right to be Ani wife to Meera he should decide who’s Ani wife’s and from that day she’ll begin to wear white saree.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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