Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 31st May 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Neel and Nandini, they are both at Neel place.
Neel tells Nandini that he never expected with whatever happened with her. He was not here and why she did not call him. He always thinks about her and wanted to call her but was reluctant as she was married. He thought that Ani loves her a lot and her married life is blessed. He never wanted to come in this city and he was scared to face her again. Last time they met, they both has flashback of meeting in a shop where Nandini was with Ani and suddenly Nandini sees Neel. Nandini keeps looking at Neel while Ani was choosing some clothes for Nandini. He noticed Nandini looking at Neel and tells her to say Hi if he’s her friend. Nandini says Neel is only a known person to her.


asks Ani if she can go and talks with Neel he says of course. Nandini and Neel go a bit far and Nandini asks when he returnred back? Neel says two days before, he met Nandini father who told him about Nandini marriage. Nandini tells him off he was very late he never tried to get in contact with her again through this three years. Neel says because he went to an area which is a bit secluded and due to some bad weather circumstances which cropped up they have a cut off with the whole world. But still she has no grudge against her as it is his fault.
Nandini says he changes her life completely they will never meet again all end here. Neel says sorry to her and says he prays that she will have a happy married life. Nandini is crying and Nandini tells him to get married Neel says how can he get married where will he find an another girl likes Nandini.
Ani comes calling to Nandini and asks if ever he disturbed them Nandini says no they were only… Ani tells Nandini to try the clothes he chose for her and while moving away he tells Nandini to say bye to Neel. She sadly said so and Neel also greeted Nandini.

Neel tells Nandini to return back to him, life has given them an another opportunity, Nandini says she cannot get back to him anymore as she’s a widow and the daughter in law of Asthana’s family. Neel says he’s still waiting for her with opens arms, Nandini says she will never be able to cement this relationship again as she’s Ani wife’s. Neel says she’s the only one to be attached to this relationship with Ani who was unfaithful to her. Nandini is shocked.
Neel tells Nandini to give him one more chance to prove himself.He tells Nandini to think about it, Nandini says it is impossible and she has to go as shje lied to come to him and this is wrong. It will be better that they never meet again.
Asthana house: Meera goes to meet Biji and the latter says she’s happy Meera is staying with her mom she’s not regretting her previous action of calling Arti. Meera also says she’s very happy living with Arti she really needed her mom.Biji asks what Balraj said and Meera says Balraj is happy and he agreed that Meera moved with her mom.
Arti is searching for the letter and finally sees it she read it and the letter read that Kailash life’s was in danger due to Balraj interfering in their business he wanted to make lots of money of manufacturing some asthma medicines which is injurious for the life of the people out there. Balraj is trying his level best to manufacture it as it is his only way to make lots of money. He says Balraj is very dangerous he can go to any extent to reach to his goal.
Kailash says he’s sending Prem this letter as a proof if ever he’s dead to show it as a proof.
Arti is devastated reading it.

Arti has flashback of Aloka telling her that someone stabbed Kailash for money and thinks Balraj killed his own brother. She thinks she must take away Meera who has been to Asthana’s house.
Meera is coming downstairs and meets Balraj and as she’s talking with Balraj Meera phone rings and Arti announces that she got the brown envelope and Meera cannot hears her well. Balraj asks what happened and Meera says Arti got the brown envelope but she has not been able to hear her well… Balraj thinks about Arti receiving the letter and gets to know that Arti knows his truth. He says sorry Meera will not meet Arti again.

Balraj calls KK and the latter is following Arti on the road. He calls Balraj who tells KK to call only when he finishes his job. KK knocked Arti with a truck and finally it is shown Arti lying on the road bleeding.
Meera brings water for Balraj as he just finishes his convo with KK.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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