Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 2nd May 2013 Written Update

Amma ji’s dream of making Meera fall breaks when Beeji comes from behind to ask her what she is doing. (That precap was Ammaji’s dream) . Meera goes downnstair back to the part. Ammaji looks on. Ammaji says she is there because she realized she needs to turn on the lights.

Meera and Nandini comes face to face. Meera looks at Nandini and tells her she is looking beautiful. Nandini says thank you. Meera says she never saw Nandini in colored saree she remembers her saying she likes wearing white because it used to connect her with Ani’s memories. Nandini says that was past when she used to think her husband was.. Meera asks if the change is because Balraj made her wear a saree. Nandini says no. Meera tells her nobody can take your place. Ani was your husband

he was yours nobody will fill that place. Nandini is a but surprised.

Shyama is in her room worried of that guy Mongia who knows her past. She is getting the flashback of the guy. Beeji asks her why she is worried. Shyama said Nupur came suddenly so she got shocked but nothing serious. Pallavi comes there to take Shyama. Nupur and Pallo tells them Ragini Khanna is coming to perform.

Pallo, Nupur and Anuja are waiting for Ragini. Deepika comes there to surprise them. They are glad to see her. Deepika and Anuja are surprised seeing Nupur’s over enthusiasm. (She is drunk). Agasthya comes to call Nupur. Agasthya realizes she is drunk. Nupur tells him he is also drunk. He reminds her the rules of the house are different for girls. Nupur is scared to go to Balraj asks Agasthya to save her. Agasthya tells her to wash her mouth he’ll arrange for some elaichi so that Balraj doesnt know she is drunk.

He brings Nupur to Balraj and his friend. Balraj sternly tells Nups to touch feet of his friend. Meera’s saree’s fold (the ones which are tucked in) is coming off. She is unaware of it. Some women in the party are discussing it and making fun of Meera. Pallo, Deepika and Anuja also looking at Meera’s wardrobe malfunction and laughing. They are waiting for the folds to come off. Nandini notices them discussing it. She is angry at their behaviour and tells them to help Meera in getting her saree fixed instead of making fun of it. Pallo tells Nandini to enjoy the sight. Nandini is worried and says what if she falls down or something happens to her child. She tells Pallo to go and tell Meera and help her out. Pallo agrees and informs Meera who is shocked. Pallo and Meera goes inside to fix it.

The guy from Shyama’s past Mongia comes again to harass Shyama. He calls her Bijlee again.

Agasthya introduces Ragini Khanna.

Ragini performs Muskane Jhoothi Hai. Ragini pointing at Balraj sings “tujko to hoga pata”. Everyone enjoying her performance. Mongia is following Shyama. Niranjan and the daughter gang dancing with Ragini. Meera sat down separately watching the performance. A drunk guys comes to harass Meera. Meera tries avoiding him but the guy starts to misbehave and touches her. She tells him to leave her. Agasthya looks at the scene and comes there. Meera is surprised to see Agasthya behaving rough with the guy. He pushes the guy and asks Meera is she is fine. She nods her head. The guy comes there with a bottle to hit Agasthya. Meera shouts seeing it… Agasthya turns around and grabs the guy’s hand. He punches Agasthya. Agasthya starts to bleed. Agasthya takes a revolver out and is about to shoot the guy. Meera is shocked. Everyone at the party comes there and looks at them with shocked expression. Meera sternly tells Agasthya to keep the gun down. Agasthya looks at her. Balraj also tells him to keep the gun down. He keeps it down for a second then again points at the guy. Akhil stops Agasthya from shooting. That guy runs away. Balraj is angry and asks Agasthya why such a thing took place in his party. Agasthya and Meera looks at each other. Agasthya answers Balraj the guy was misbehaving with Meera. Akhil says if he was behaving you’ll kill him? This is the way you solve problems.. Agasthya says it was HIS problem and he knows how to solve his problems. Everyone shocked at his response and looks at Meera.

PRECAP Meera teling Agasthya she knows how to take care of herself and for her safety she doesn’t want someone to use a gun. Problems cant be solved by guns. Agasthya looks at her with a smirk and points the gun at Meera.

Update Credit to: ablazedmelody

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