Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 29th May 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Shyama feeling worried and is unable to find sleep as she’s thinking about Mongia threatening to kill Akhil.
She gets up and caresses Akhil forehead thinking what will be her life without Akhil.
She has flashback of Akhil meeting her in the brothel before marriage.
Akhil tried his level best to explain her that she’s a human being and can live life happily as any other human being.
She told him that this is only a dream for her and Akhil proposed her to marry him, she comes back to the present.

She continues to have flashback of Akhil coaxing her to accept him.She was very adamant on her ideas of not being to leave her life as a dancer and to marry someone living in the society. She also told Akhil to tell his

parents to search for a girl for him. Akhil said he wants to marry her. She asks if ever her life will change after marriage Akhil said yes. She returns to reality and hugs him.
Arti is searching for the letter sent by Kailash to Prem. Meera asks her what is she searching and Arti tells her Kailash sent Prem the letter a few days before his death and he also visited their place.
Meera thinks she must have misplaced it while cleaning and she calls their servant to ask and the latter says she threw all the the papers lying down. Meera says sorry to her mom.

Shyama comes to meet Nandini and the latter asks why she’s not sleeping? Shyama says she has some headache and begins to place Nandini clothes in the cupboard.
When the letter sent by Neel falls down. Shyama asks Nandini about Neel and if she knew him before her marriage. Nandini he’s a friend. Shyama says she can meet him , she saw how he was unaware and shocked to learn that she’s a widow.
Nandini is reluctant and Shyama asks if Neel was more than a friend? She tells Nandini that she should meet him and share her sorrows, not to consider whatever happened in the sangeet ceremony.
Nandini says she met him in the coffee shop and when Nupur asked who’s he she lied to her.
Shyama asks Nandini if ever she still has feelings for Neel as she noticed that Neel still cares for her. Nandini is quiet.

Balraj is lots disturbed and has flashback of knowing who’s the father of Meera. Agasthya comes in his study and asks why he’s not ready to go to the office and asks what is the problem? Balraj says time is just returning back, he did everything to make a position for himself… He tells Agasthya to get ready for the office.
Agasthya is sitting in his room and Aloka enters. She asks why he’s not going to the office and Agasthya tells Aloka she told him that he will be the heir of Balraj while he transferred all the shares of Ani in Nandini name’s and he’s the one who keeps working.
Aloka tells Agasthya once his father also was like him feeble. She witnessed the days he used to come home all drained out he used to work lots for the company.
Balraj took over the company and is making lots of profits. everything which should have belonged to them is being snatched. They are like beggars in front of Balraj, She tells him to fight for his right but agasthya leaves.
Aloka looks at Kailash picture and says she has hidden lots of secrets and it was the only way to protect both his children. What will happen if they know the truth.

Balraj is at Arti place sipping his tea. Arti tells him she found a letter written by Kailash to Prem.. Balraj is shocked and the servant brings the letter to Arti again.
Nandini is at Neel place and he tells her to come back she says no. Neel asks why is she thinking about Ani only who dumped her for someone else this leaves Nandini shocked.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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