Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 28th May 2013 Written Update

Nandini is remembering Aloka words, Neil then told Nandini why didn’t she even call him but destiny have favor him that now she is infront him. Nandini said that its better if they meet, but Neil stop her from saying that. He told her such a big accident happen & he wishes to share her sorrow. Nandini saw Nupur, Neil tells her he is the same person & why is she behaving like this. In comes Nupur, Nandini told Neil if he understand he said Yes & leave. Nupur wants to know who is he? Nandini lies.
Neil looked at Nandini through the window so did she.
Shayma is worried thinking about the man, she then drop something(i think its butter) purposely on the floor, so that she can go to the market.

Mira on a chair doing chores, her mom came

tell her to stop & she must be careful. But she insisted on doing something around the house, so her mom give her easy chores. Arti then goes in a room & saw a letter address to her & became emotional. She then found some other letters from address Kailash Asthana, as she was about to open it, Mira yell so she left the letter behind. Mira broke a vase of her dad, Mira is surprise to see her mom so affectionate towards her.
Shayma is at the market, then the man arrive. He then take her on the road, Shayma then told him to stop troubling her & admit she is the dancer & she is the one he knows, but that was the past & she was helpless as she couldn’t have done anything else until her husband came along. He grabs her hands. so she began running but bumps in a tree, where he told her he want to give her something he then put flower on her hair. She said she now married, he said so is he but he sometimes need some fun. He will tell her everything later. And she wouldn’t act smart or else. He leaves then he pull out the flower out of her hair.

Niranjan is eating Mango & think of a quote. Aloka is thinking she needs 5 fruits for her fast & only 4 she have. She saw Niranjan with the mango & becomes angry & throw her taunts while Pallu answer back her. Both then leave & Niranjan finally found a good quote. Nandini is looking at the letter Neil wrote & remember Biji word Asad & Zoya sangeet shall be a beginning for her. Neil on the other hand is remembering Nandini while there is a BG sound playing, the episode ends..

Pre Cap: Shayma goes to Nandini cupboard & the letter Neil give her felled out, Shayma tell Nandini she so=hould meet & talk to him as she is an old friend, but Nandini tell her that is wrong, She ask what is wrong in talking to an old friend.

Update Credit to: Amanda

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