Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 27th May 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Aloka presenting herself to Arti. They are both sitting in Aloka room. Aloka is praising Arti for her good looking. Aloka suddenly says Meera never mentioned about her.
Aloka says Arti is doing well by taking her with her as a mother cares is something else. Aloka says nowadays children never pay heed to their parents Arti answers children think that their elders lack experience of life. Arti asks everyone is only worried for the baby and no one cares for Meera. Aloka says everyone is only thinking about late Ani.
Aloka suggests Arti to talk and coax her for the abortion but Arti says she never raised Meera in such a way that she must forcefully obey her. She’s free to take her own decision. This leave Aloka on a bitter note.

says that’s enough for her that Meera at least is going home with her. She will stay in India for sometimes then she’ll decide.
Arti sees Aloka late hubby picture and asks?

Meera is packing her stuffs and is also listening to the radio and the new reality show coming up promos is going on.
Agasthya comes in her room and helps her to close her suitcase. Meera says she needs to meet him before leaving and she thanks him for being a true friend, throughout her stays in the Asthana’s household.
Agasthya helps her to bring her suitcase and Meera begins to walk he calls her and reluctantly says nothing…

Arti asks Aloka about her hubby and the latter how does she knows him? Arti says once he visited her place as he was her hubby college friend’s.
Arti asks how he passed away? Aloka says someone stabbed him foe merely a hundred Rupees and threw him in a a sort of lake.
Arti seems puzzles. Aloka asks Arti about her husband but she does not answer.
Balraj in time comes and says he needs to reach a meeting and getting late , he wants to leave them home in his way. Arti says not to worry as they will hire a taxi but he insists.

At Arti place, Balraj looks at her house and says a very nice property, Arti says once it used to be a home now it is merely a property. Arti tells Meera they will both render it a home again and Meera nods yes.
A servant comes with the name board and asks Arti if he needs to change or fix it as it has fallen down and got damage.
Balraj reads the name board and is shocked and he begins to question Arti about her surname? Arti says after her hubby passed away she needs to search for a job and she preferred to use her maiden name. Meera says she does not remember of her dad but whatever remained in her dull thought is he used to be less present at home and whenever he came back home after any business trip he used to bring lots of chocolates for her. He also used to take care of her when he was at home and suddenly he disappeared, but she still has a hope..
Arti tells Meera not to forget he left them. Balraj takes their permission and leaves, after Arti telling him he can visit Meera whenever he feels like.
Arriving at his car he sees the servants fixing the name plate and he thinks that he’s the only to know that Prem Ranauth is no more. What a game destiny is playing Meera will be giving birth to his heir.

Shyama is getting ready to meet Mongia and Aloka stops her in the hall asking her to go and cook the for for dinner. Shyama tries her level best to make an excuse to leave but in vain as Aloka says everyone’s is outside roaming and she needs to go cooking. She herself goes to rest as she’s having a back pain.
Nandini Pallavi and Nupur are outside in a cafe and both sisters are happy as Meera left their house and they want to celebrate.
Nandini says they must hurry up as Aloka will get angry.. Nupur and Pallavi wants some cappuccino and Nandini decides to go and bring it for them.
In the cafe the manager is talking and praising Neel to be a very good human being and doctor. He thanks him for curing his son and offers him some coffee.
As Neel is leaving he sees Nandini and both keep looking at each other. Scene freezes on both of them.

PRECAP: Neel tells Nandini he’s the very same person, he wants to meet her and share her sorrow.
Arti sees an old unopened letter addressed to her hubby on behalf of Kailash Asthana.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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