Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 23rd May 2013 Written Update

Agasthya is in deep thoughts. He is getting FB of Balraj introducing Arti (M’s mom) to contract killer KK. He is thinking why would Balraj bring KK to meet her. Meera notice him looking worried. A waiter drops drink on their table and Agasthya gets angry. Meera tells him to relax and asks him why he is looking worried. Agasthya asks if she is shifting to her mother’s house tomorrow.. she says yes. Agasthya asks where is her mom’s house. Meera asks him if he wants to know the address avoid the place. She says he must be really happy knowing she is finally shifting… except Balraj nobody wanted her to be in the house. Agasthya says he wanted her to leave the house but it would have been even better if she never came to their house and knew Ani. Meera puzzled.


Nandini and Shyama comes back. Aloka is taunting Nandini and Shyama and orders Shyama to make milk for her. Aloka tells Nandini she’ll tell Balraj what she did in that party. Nupur and Pallo asks Aloka why she slapped Nandini. Aloka tells Nups to shut up but Nups says they wont tolerate her behaviour. Pallo asks what happened in the party.. Aloka says she’ll say it when Balraj will come. Niranjan is happy seeing sweets from Asad’s house. Aloka warns him not to eat.. she brought it for Balraj and Agasthya.

Balraj, Meera and Agasthya is back in Asthana house. Meera goes to her room. Aloka starts to complain abt Nandini to Balraj. Balraj stops her from saying anything further.. he tells her he knows everything that happened. Nandini is shocked. Balraj tells her she needs to control her tongue and hand. Nandini was nasamajh to talk to a stranger but she is maha-murkh to slap an Asthana bahu in a party. She was asked to look after Asthana reputation not spoil it. Balraj and Agasthya leaves.

Nup tells Aloka to apologize to Nandini. Aloka says they are saying this because Nandini is Pallo and Nupur’s sister-in law and Balraj’s bahu but if Shyama did what Nandini did then they would have reacted differently. Pallo says they would have said the same if it was Shyama. Aloka again starts to insult Nandini and says because of her careless attitude and attitude her husband had relationship outside with other girls. Nandini in tears. Nupur and Pallo shocked.

Arti goes to check her house. The caretaker tells her he cleaned her room. He’ll come tomorrow for the remaining work before leaving he warns her to lock the door properly because the area is not very safe.

Nandini looks at her earrings which Neil gave her. She gets FB of Neil from the sangeet and remembers Aloka’s harsh words about her being responsible for Ani having affair outside. She looks at the letter Neil gave her. She keeps those in her cupboard.

Agasthya and Balraj in his study room. Agasthya asks what he is thinking. Balraj says he is worried what’ll happen if Arti convince Meera to abort the child. Agasthya says he feels hes waiting for something wrong to happen. He asks why he introduced contract killer KK to her. He asks if he wants to harm Meera’s mom. He asks if he wants to kill her mom. Balraj tells him he shouldn’t suspect him. He is calculating things wrong. He asks what if he suspects him too? He asks her is there anything going on between him and Meera. He asks if he is on his side and Agasthya says he’ll always support him.. he always idolizes him and considers him his father but he does not want him to be murderer. Balraj says he cant murder anyone. He gives Agasthya the promose he will never let himself kill anyone. Asks Agasthya to trust him.

The contract killer KK comes to Arti’s house. Arti is sleeping. He is trying to unlock the door. He drops a vase deliberately to bring her down to check. Arti wakes up and comes down to check. KK watches her from behind. Arti is wondering how the vase broke. KK smirking behind.

PRECAP Nandini gives Meera her scarf back which she found in Ani’s bag. Mongia is blackmailing Shyama.

Update Credit to: ablazedmelody

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