Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 22nd May 2013 Written Update

The show begins with Nandini reading a letter sent by Neel. The latter expresses his sorrow that Nandini gets humiliated in a crowd of person. He says he’s very sorry to know about Ani death also.
He tells Nandini if ever he would have known about all these he would have never tried to talk to her.
He ends the letter saying he wants to meet Nandini in Delhi in the same temple he saw her he’ll be waiting for her, but to come if ever she feels so.
Aloka arrives and calls for Shyama who sees Nandini reading the letter. Shyama suggests Nandini to hide the letter before Aloka notices it and creates a caos.

Balraj is sitting in his garden and thinking how Arti(Meera’s Mom) talked previously and suggested for the abortion.
She also told

that she wants to take Meera with her.
He thinks how dare she thinks to do all these without his permission he calls someone and tells him in the club.
the man asks for a picture he says no need as they are meeting.

They are in the club and Arti thanks Balraj to been allotted some few private moments with Meera.
Balraj says they are both his family no needs to thanks.

Balraj sees the man he has given an appointment and present him to duo mother and daughter.
When he’s talking with Arti Agasthya sees him and thinks what is KK the serial killer doing here with Meera and her mom. He sees Balraj and thinks what’s Balraj up to?
Deepika and Anuja are after Biji as she’s leaving for Faridabad.
Biji tells them they have nothing to do over there as she’s going to see the farm of Balraj father’s.
She tells the girls they will not enjoy the hot weather over there they will keep on complaining.The girls agree and says she’ll be back soon as she’ll think about them.

Meera sees Agasthya and calls him, Balraj presents him to Arti and says he’s like his own son. Meera tells him to join them. Agasthya leaves without a word.

Agasthya keeps looking at Meera from afar. Balraj goes to asks him what is he doing here.Agasthya says he’s the member of the club and he’s here to meet his friends.
Agasthya asks Balraj what is he doing with Meera and her mom here and what was going on with KK Balraj says surprisingly he’s asking too much questions… he reminds him of his loyalties towards him.

Pallavi tells Nupur that a friends presents in the party of Zoya and Asad called her saying Aloka slapped Nandini for talking with someone.
Nupur gets frustrated saying now Aloka surpasses her limit.
Pallavi suggests to tell Biji about what happened but Nupur says why Biji she’ll talk with Aloka.

Arti tries to convince Meera to follow her to their house in Delhi but the latter is adamant and refuses as she keeps on reminding her mom of not taking care of her well to prefer her job over her.
Arti tries on convincing Meera but to no avail.Balraj is eavesdropping their conversation.
Arti asks Meera who are the Asthana’s to her? Meera says Ani’s family and she’ll not go with her she will live with the Asthana’s.
Arti says they will not talk about aborting the child but she just want Meera to come with her in her house.
Meera agrees!!!

Balraj and Agasthya join Arti and Meera and Arti informs Balraj that Meera agrees to go with her at home.
Balraj still smiling but he thinks evilly how dare she thinks to take away Meera and mainly her child away from him as this child is the key of his treasure.
Nandini and Shyama are checking out and Neel sees them at the inquiry desk.
Shyama and Nandini both notice him. He slowly begins to walk towards Nandini and Aloka comes in between and he looks away.

Shyama leaves and Nandini keeps looking at Neel.The latter has flashback of Nandini before her marriage with Ani and they are making the cake.

Meera asks Agasthya what happened, why he seems worry he’ll no more be upset because tomorrow she will be leaving.
Agasthya says he wanted her to leave but it would have been better if she would not have come to the Asthana’s family.
Wish she would not … Anirudh Asthana…
Balraj is asking Agasthya in his study what is cooking between him and Meera.
Agasthya looks away he says he wants to know and he can sees doubt…
Agasthya looking puzzled

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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