Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 1st May 2013 Written Update

The show starts from Yesterday in the party and the guest saying to Nandini whether something is cooking between Balraj and Meera and Biji says they are like father and daughter.The guests continues to talk about them…
Shyama is in the kitchen and she seems like falling down and Pallavi comes with Nupur then Neerunjun follows and they decide to have a drink.
Shyama has flashback of dancing in the bar and serving the guests.

Akhil catches someone in Balraj study and he asks what’s he doing he says that he was indeed searching for the washroom.
The guest arrives in the kitchen and says he wants to talk with Bijli and pallavi says the electricity…he says no this Bijli pointing to Shyama. Nupur drives him out of the kitchen.Pallavi sees Shyama

shivering and asks why she makes an excuse of her saree and decides to go and change.
Mrs Anuja meets Meera and asks where’s she when ani married Nandini and tells Meera about nandini miscarriage she’s indeeds trying to find out who’s Meera? Nandini tells Meera to say the truth.Nandini asks Meera about her and Balraj bonding? Meera excuses herself and aloka is please hearing at them. Mrs anuja praises Meera of being size zero and men Always like these kind of women. She tells Balraj is really a good man to let Nandini wearing a coloured saree Biji stops her… asking some few questions.
The guest catches Shyama and says he really falls for her and also recognises her.Akhil sees them and stops them asking Mr Monia what is he talking with his wife? Mr Monia says if shyama his wife?Shyama also Leaves after Mr Monia.
In the kitchen they continue to drink and share their secrets and pallavi asks Nupur about her happiness.Pallavi is a bit afraid of Balraj but Neerunjun says not to worry.Nupur asks if Neerunjun is afraid of Balraj he says NO!!!

Meera is going towards her room and Aloka is following her, Meera feels there’s someone following her she’s look at the back and Aloka hides herself.
A guest is trying to fix an alliance for Nupur with his son.Balraj also agrees and tells Agasthya to call Nupur but as she’s drunk she hides herself in the kitchen. Pallavi says better to leave and tells Nupur to act normal but as she’s drunk she’s laughing… a lotss.

Meera looking at Ani picture is asking what was their relationship? his big soceity will never accept her they will call her as his mistress only she’s crying.
Meera hears some noise and goes to see .. Aloka is hiding behind a wall and thinks Balraj will never see his heir.
Meera is standing on the carpets searching and Aloka pull it and Meera falls down.The scene freezes on Aloka and her evil smile.

Ragini dancing and suddenly she stops and everyone are shocked and Agasthya is shown bleeding near his lips.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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