Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 17th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 17th May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 17th May 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Balraj looking at the picture of Anirudh and has flashback of Ani in his study after three months of the latter marriage.Balraj asks why he has not hear anything yet about Nandini getting preggy. Ani said that they are not both emotionally prepared to be parents so soon. Ani and Nandini need to know each other well before. Balraj says this can be done after the birth of the baby also, this is the expectation of a family from a newly wed couple. He asks Ani if ever he cant’s control his wife… Ani leaves after Balraj said he wants a heir.
Balraj returns in the present and he thinks disgustingly with lots of angriness if ever Nandini and Ani would have a child he would not have thought once about Meera.

At the breakfast table Aloka

is inquiring about Nandini whereabouts. Biji says she has been to the temple. Aloka says that of course as Balraj has given her the permission…
Shyama serves tea to Aloka, she takes the cup harshly and leaves it on the table and calls the servant to make another tea for her.
The servant brings an invitation cards for Aloka and she’s invited in Asad and Zoya wedding.
Aloka praises the Khan’s for welcoming her with allure. Shyama tells Aloka she really needs to go, Aloka tells her off if she ever asked her anything.
Meera mom comes for breakfast and Biji tells her to sit , but she refuses as she already ate her breakfast.

Biji tells Meera to take her mom in her room as they must talk.
Nandini is in the temple doing the veneration and some few children are playing suddenly they begin to say Neel is here, and someone is climbing the stairs of the temple.
The children is showing him their wound and a girl among the children tells Neel if he would not have been helping her brother he would never found back his health.
Nandini is leaving the temple and Neel also says that he’ll back… One boy asked him to wait for Reshmi.
The latter is shown crossing the road and Neel screams to be careful and Nandini runs to help her. When she turns Neel sees her and smiles and he has flashback of her. He says Nandini!!
Meanwhile Nandini is entering the car while Neel keeps on calling for her, but she leaves.
Meera mom is telling her a child needs time and care, it is not easy task to raise a child and Meera taunts her mom saying obviously who else can know all this better than her.
Her mom tells her after her birth she never slept a single night for six months she even left her job, for three years. She again began to work after three years. Her mom tells her a baby needs money to be raised.
Meera tells her mom everything means money for her and the whole family is with her. Meera mom asks her if she will live with the Asthana’s. Meera says maybe not but she knows one thing this family will help her. Her mom tries in vain to make her understand.
Neel is talking with one of his friend and says he’s here in the city and will not be flying anywhere, he tries to call Nitin an another friend and he sees Nandini name’s in his list.. He has flashback of her decorating the cake and their mischievous but sweet moment. He comes to reality and says he can’t call Nandini as she’s married and he once against missed the bus.
Nandini and Shyama are in the kitchen and Akhil announces that he needs to leave on a mission in one hour leaving Shyama sad.
Shyama asks who’ll go with Aloka? Akhil says this is a problem and tells both Nandini and Shyama to go with Aloka they are reluctant. Akhil kisses Shyama on her forehead and Nandini covers her eyes saying she did not see anything.
Neel is on the phone saying he’s going to Bhopal in his friend’s Asad Sangeet ceremony and he’ll meet a doc over there.
Shyama thanks Nandini to prepare food for Aloka and she says why? Shyama convinces reluctant Nandini to come to Bhopal and says if ever she’ll not go she’ll also cancel her trip.
The phone rings and Mr Mongia is very happy on hearing Shyama voice he calls her Bijli. Shyama tries to say that he’s .. But he wants to meet her and asks her to come in the market where he saw her. He hang -up and Shyama keeps saying hello!!

Nandini asks Shyama if she wants her to make an another cup of tea for her? Shyama is scared and says they must leave for Bhopal tomorrow itself. Nandini asks what is she talking she once said she does not want to go and now she changed her idea.
Shyama is thinking that let Mr Mongia wait when she’ll not be in the city with whom will he meet… Akhil also is outside the city. Nandini asks with whom she was talking and Shyama fakes saying it was Dilshad and she told her they are both coming.
Shyama asks Nandini she can’t do that much for her. Nandini smiles and Shyama says they need to pack their stuff.
Scene freezes on Nandini smiling face.

PRECAP: The promo of the Mahasangam (Nandini lighting the candles and sees Neel)

Update Credit to: ANJU

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