Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 16th May 2013 Written Update

Meera tells her mom not to create a scene infront of everyone. Meera’s mother is furious and tells her to top the stupidity and realize she is unmarried.. her future will be ruined for the child. Balraj interrupts saying his whole family will support Meera. Meera’s mom tells Balraj he is more concerned for the child and not Meera. Aloka is smiling.

Meera’s mom says she is concerned for Meera’s future and life above everything else. She tells Balraj to think about Meera. She tells Meera not to keep the child of the man who cheated her, lied to her and didnt tell her of his marriage. Meera’s mother tells Nandini.. Ani cheated both of them. Meera tells her mom she never cared for her suddenly after 2 months she came to see her. Meera’s mom says she has

right on her because she is her mother. Balraj tells her its upto Meera now what she wants to do with it. Meera’s mom shuts him up again and doesn’t let him speak. Meera tells her mom to speak to her before speaking anything wrong to Balraj. Aloka is smiling and happy others are looking worried. Meera’s mom tells M she’ll have to abort the child. She’ll come tomorrow to pick her up they’ll leave for London. Meera doesn’t want to go to London. M’s mom says we’ll see. Balraj is super worried.

Balraj asking Beeji where she is going. She is the one who created this problem by calling Meera’s mom here.

Aloka tells Nandini she is very glad to see Meera’s mom. She was right in saying the child should be aborted. The child is the reason behind all the problems. Nandini is shocked. She tells Aloka why she is saying all insensitive things about an innocent child. Aloka tells Nandini she is stupid to feel for the child of her sauten. Nandini says it was Ani’s fault not the fault of the baby. He cheated her and Meera both. Nandini says she would never wish another woman’s child to die. She lost her child she knows the pain of losing a child. She would never wish it even for Meera. Aloka taunts her.

Balraj is super furious at Beeji for bringing Meera’s mother. Beeji says she did the right thing. Meera will decide what she’ll do with the baby. Balraj says she’ll have to give the baby to him. Beeji says she knows he doesn’t care for Meera or the child he only wants the child for property. He will throw Meera to some hell. Beeji says its upto Meera’s mom and her if they want to abort. Balraj shouts at Beeji and raise his hand to hit her. Beeji is shocked. Beeji is in tears and dares him to hit her. Beeji says how many more sins will he commit. Balraj shouts at her and says OUT.

Nandini comes to her room. She is sad and the words Meera’s mom said is ringing in her mind. She looks at the photos of hers and Ani. Brings a bag and keeps everything related to him inside including the soft toy she got yesterday. She picks that silver box and also the photo frames on wall. She looks at a picture of frame and says today I am letting you free Ani. Your Nandini is setting you free.. the Nandini you married, the one who loved you is killed by you and she cant carry the dead Nandini anymore. She wants to be free from it.

PRECAP Nandini in mandir. The new entrant (NEEL) sees Nandini and calls Nandini. Nandini doesn’t hear she gets in the car and leaves the guy runs behind calling her. The car with N leaves. The guy smiles and says Nandu.

Update Credit to: ablazedmelody

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