Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 15th May 2013 Written Episode ,Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 15th May 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Shyama bringing tea for Aloka. She throws away the cup and taunts her to get out as she told about her to Biji. Shyama says she’ll ask Nandini to make another tea for her. Aloka twists Shyama arm and asks her how come she knows about the herbs if she used it before marriage to lack Akhil. Shyama cries and takes her oath that she never did something wrong before marriage.
Everyone sitting in the lounge and Anuja asks if she needs to wish her.. Biji says of course as she’ll be happy. Nandini who’s coming overhears them and says that today it is her fifth anniversary and should celebrate it normally. Biji tells Nandini that Shyama prepares her favourite dish and Nandini says she’ll definitely eat it.She hugs Anuja and the door bell rings.

brings in flowers and gift on behalf of Ani for Nandini and everyone’s is shocked but Meera is sad. Nandini asks when did Ani booked it for her the postman says six months ago and it is booked for 5 years and flowers and gift will keep on coming for more four years.

Agasthya looks at teary Meera and Nandini opens the gift and it is a soft toy and the soft toy keeps on repeating I love you.
Everyone are in tears for Nandini and Meera leaves.

Meera is alone crying and Agasthya tells her to continue on crying if she wants. agasthya sits by her and tells her if she wants to share something.
Meera says she’s like a bad omen in Nandini life. Meera says today nandini received a gift from Ani but she was not happy all because of her.
She tells him when she was a child she always thought that when she’ll be a mother her child will get the love of both her parents.
Agasthya tries to coax her that if she wants she can find her happiness and asks her about her mom whereabout.
she says she does not know where’s she.
Nandini is with the soft toy and she has both tears in her eyes with a cute smile as she’s lost in the flashback of herself and Ani and their sweet cute moment.

Aloka tells Shyama to set the table quickly as they are late. Akhil asks what is there in dinner? why there’s nothing made of mango as it is the season.
Someone’s rings at the door but Biji says she’ll open the door and sees Meera’s mom. She says she’s Biji and Meera’s mom says she would not have come…
Biji reluctantly asks her to come inside and Meera is shocked to see her,as well as the other members of Asthana’s family.
Balraj is shocked on seeing Meera’s mom, and MM says she’s her to take Meera back with her. Balraj says she’s fine here and Meera’s mom tells him off that Meera is preggy and it is not a joke and Meera mom is very angry as she fooled her by coming to Delhi and did not say that she’s pregnant. Meera says that she tried to call her and was not successful to reach her.
Meera’s mom decides that Meera will have to abort the child at any cost.
Everyone’s are shocked sad and angry except for Aloka who’s smiling.

Balraj is in his study with Biji and says that Meera must at any cost give birth to this child. Biji says that now it will be the decision of Meera and her mom and Meera does not belong to the Asthana’s family it is her decision.
Balraj says at any cost Meera must give birth to this child for him, he raises his hand on Biji who’s shocked.

Update Credit to: Anju

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