Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 14th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Episode starts with Balraj asking Nupur where she was. Nupur doesn’t know what to answer. Everyone looks on at her. Meera comes with some bags saying that Nupur had gone shopping with her. Meera says that she needed to buys clothes and she asked Nupur if she was free to accompany her. She says she doesn’t know much people in Delhi. Balraj says that they both went out but with whose permission. Biji covers for them quickly saying that they took her permission. Biji asks Balraj if anyone can leave the house without taking her permission. She says that they both came and took her permission to go shopping. Balraj tries to ask something but Biji says didn’t u say not to make excuses that’s why I kept quiet. Meera apologizes that it was her fault. She

says Nupur is not at all at fault. Balraj looks at the both of them and leaves. Shyama comes and says that they were at home but they never saw when Meera left. Meera whispers in Shyama’s earsthat she took throught the back door and alokha asks what they are whispering. They separate and say its nothing. Nupur says thank you to Meera and leaves. Meera also starts to walk away but feels a pain. Biji and Shyama ask what happened. Alokha comes and pretends to be concerned. Shyama insists that Meera should see a doctor but Meera says that she is fine. Shyama and Biji are worried. Alokha scolds Shyama saying that pains come and go not because of every little pain she needs to a doctor. Alokha then tries to be nice to Meera and say for her to rest. Shyama asks Meera again if she is ok. Meera nods and leaves. Shyama is worried.

Akhil and Nandini are talking and he is telling her about what had happened at the police station. A man had been caught smuggling drugs through children and how they caught him. Nandini is happy and says that his life is exciting since they make a difference in other people’s lives. She says that she also wants to make a difference. She then thinks that Biji is right that she should rejoin sketching classes. She gets excited and Akhil is also happy for her. She says that she would start from tomorrow and then she remembers that tomorrow is her wedding anniversary. Akhil senses what is happening tomorrow and says what is on her mind. She says it will be 5 years. Nandini gets sad. Akhil says that she should start her life afresh with hope. He urges her not to rely on the past and to look at her future. He says that she can do it and that he believes she can. She says that she doesn’t have hope anymore and gets all sad while Akhil tells her that those 5 years aren’t anything compared to the rest of her life.

Nupur sees Meera sitting and goes and tells her thanks for helping her today. Meera says she didn’t do that for thanks from Nupur. Nupur asks why then? Meera says that when she now came to their house that she liked Nupur a lot and that after everything happened they stopped bonding. But today whe she saw Nupur in trouble she had to help her. Nupur says that the want to make it clear that nothing has changed between them and that she is still the woman who broke Nandini’s home and family. Meera is hurt.

Part 2
Shyama comes in scared into Biji’s room and closed the door. She tell Biji that she saw something. She shows Biji the herbs and tells her that Alokha is mixing it in Meera’s concoction. Biji is shocked. Shyama is scared that what if something happens to Meera. Biji calms her down and says that Alokha has crossed all limits and that she will take care of the situation.

Meera walks in Agastya’s room asking a bout a road in Delhi but did not realize he was changing. She apologizes and says she will come later. He says no it’s ok that now that she is there she can tell him what colour shirt to wear. Blue or Beige? She says Black. U can never go wrong with black. He says that he doesn’t think he has a black shirt but she says there is one in his wardrobe and goes and takes it out for him. He compliments her on her choice. She tells him about the mess in his room. He says that it is not his job to clean his room so he will ask Shyama to clean it. Meera says that he should know where his own things are. Agastya remembers Balraj’s word about Meera being business and to stay away from her. Meera leaves

Alokha is in her room. Biji comes to confront her. Alokha says she doesn’t like Biji coming to her room. Biji confronts her about the concoction. Alokha pretends that she doesn’t know anything until she sees Shyama by the door and understood. She fakes being concerned for Meera. She says she makes the concoction with dryfruits and herbs. Biji says that she knows and that she has the herbs with her. She takes it out and shows it to her. Alokha is shocked. Biji pleads with Alokha to stop doing this.Alokha asks who is she to give orders and that she is the eldest DIL. Biji says yes and u want to creat problems in oyur family? Biji threatens that she will tell Balraj and that he would never forgive her if he gets to find out. Alokha fakes crying and says how Biji goes out secretly every Thursday and she can also tell Balraj about her. Biji says no problem but say it in my presence.

Biji leaves. Alokha thinks to herself that she is making threats to tell Balraj. She says that Biji goes out every Thursday everyday but id not afraid if she tells Balraj anything. Alokha says that she won’t give up so easily. She says that Meera will not give birth to that child. She says that she will have to be very careful in her next move.
Episode ends.

Precap : nandini says that today is her anniversary, 5th anniversary. She assures everyone that she is fine. Niranjan comes in with a gift and flowers. Pallavi asks who is it for. He says Nandini. She asks from who? He says Aniruddh Asthana? Ani????

Update Credit to: starsanjana

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