Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 13th May 2013 Written Update

Nupur is talking to her boss on Saturday and tells him that there is no way she can come to work because papa knows that the college is closed on Saturday, and does not know that she is working behind his back.

Suddenly Meera is walking by her room and Nupur tells her boss, “sir, I will call you back. Meera politely says sorry to her and that she was just walking by her room. Nupur retorts back and says, in that case do not tell papa anything. Meera: of course not. I know you have dreams of your own like I do.

Nupur still angry (chor ki dadhi mein tinka i.e. guilty conscience!) and aankhein chaar karke (angry look) tells Meera that she doesn’t care to know about her dreams. Meera being older and much more experienced than Nupur, nicely and pleasantly

tells her ~ if you want I can help you. N: Help? Not from you especially. Just keep your mouth shut and bangs the door in front of Meera.

Scene change …

Balraj discussing business in his study regarding serum prices, etc. and in walks Agasthya and before he has chance to say something about the business, balraj as expected shuts him up and asks whether he was using the gun at the party for somebody else or … bang … Agasthya doesn’t let chacha charsobees finish his sentence, says but uncle I already asked for forgiveness! Chacha: If you used the gun for the sake of Meera, then be warned that she is NOT for you. She is here for khaas maqsad. Sirph aur sirph mera pota milne tak. “ghar ka bhedi lanka dhave” ie I dont want you to reveal the secrets I have shared with you. You know what it means that “ghar ka bhedi lanka dhave”

Your loyalties cannot be divided (i.e. either you are loyal to me or to her, not both)

Bhigi billi ki tarah Agasthya says: Any doubt? Balraj: You know too well that I want to secure the future of this family. The seed that I have sown only you all will bear the fruits of it. Meera is just a “business”, nothing else, huh? Agasthya nods in agreement. Balraj orders Agasthya to get the driver to bring the car. A leaves.

Camera focused on Balraj and his penetrating eyes revealing doubts for Agasthya’s loyalties.

Scene change ~

Agasthya walking out in the hallway and suddenly Meera is about to fall and he holds her back with his arms, stern eyelock moment . FB: voice over of chacha that “Meera is not for you. Do not disappoint me.” And before you know it, he walks away and M asks Anuja (who happened to be there) as to what’s wrong with Agasthya and she just brushes it aside and says, oh bhaiyya is like that sometimes.

Shyama is thinking regarding poison and Bijli FB about a girl when Sh warns her not to take that zahar coz it will kill her. Out loud, amma made that kadha zahar to kill Meera? If I give her 2nd glass of milk, it will definitely start showing effect. Right then, wretched amma whispers her to give her another glass of “milk”, who now already knows about its effect. amma thrusts the milk to her insultingly.

Shyama goes up the stairs uncertain, slowly, in deep thoughts, hesitating, while evil amma watching her like a lion looking at his shikar and continues her gaze nonstop.

Shyama voice-over (VO): Amma is conspiring to kill Meera. But if I tell Meera about amma, she wont believe me. (Shyama honey, you dont have to be this nice, c’mon ??? Good is not good when it goes beyond limit, honey!). Yamraj-amma still giving killer look to Sh from neeche walaa floor, looking up VO continues. “Ek maa ho kar ek aur maa ko maarne ki koshish??? Maybe I will drink the milk. What if amma asks me if I gave the milk to Meera or not? What will I do then? Uff Shyama, you are not THAT slow thinker, hello????? But the depiction of this inner battle of nonstop doubts done brilliantly by Shyama.

Right then Meera appears and asks Shyama bhabhi to come to her room. Oh my, so sweet of Meera, love her love her! Dabaa kar kudiye! And seeing Sh with milk ka glass, says it has bad smell. Is it necessary to drink? Sh goes ~ woh (trying to make sure that yamraj MIL not listening). Hesitates to give the milk to Meera. Yet gives it to her, M touches the rim of the glass with her lips and suddenly Sh hits the glass, it falls on the floor and breaks into pieces! And says sorry to Meera and tells her that she saw kachra (dirt) in the milk, that’s why she stopped her from drinking it. Bhabhi ho toh aisi … har ghar mein … maa ho to aisi, har ghar mein

Meera is reading Shyama’s mind and tells her not to worry and that she will tell amma that she DID drink the milk. Still VO: Sh still cursing her and saying “why didn’t I stop? Why didn’t I even give her the glass? Aak toh tumne bacha liya, but what will happen tomorrow?

Scene change ~

3 sis in Pallu’s room (anuja and deepika) and anuja holding a gift for Nandini’s “5th wedding anniversary tomorrow”. Pallu this time acts maturely and says are you going to remind bhabhi when Ani is already dead? A: Then are we going to pretent that we dont even remember the wedding? Topic changes and they are wondering where is Nupur?

B&B in the living room. It’s 7 o’clock and college is closed today. So where is nupur? (yamraj and Sh cutting veggies, listening to balraj’s Q and amma nodding her evil head in agreement BG: Balraj, woh … He interrupts BG, “if you dont interrupt me that will be better. Sometimes medicines ka bahana, sometimes sabzi ka bahana. All these fizool ka bahana sun ke I am getting irritated.

Something “important” happening. Meera upstairs listening to balraj’s tantrums with an introspective and reflective eyes. Balraj continues to BG, upon your insistence I permitted Nupur to go to college, not any more. I will dafnaofy it today itself. My abs abs personal fav fav quote, when balraj says ~ N-a r-a-h-e-g-a b-a-a-n-s, n-a b-a-j-e-g-i b-a-a-n-s-u-r-i (coz I personally love flute, my bro in his teen years was a pro-flute-player !! )

Balraj: I was doing ehsaan thinking that lemme allow Nupur to graduate. But not now. Now I will get her married and will send her away from here (rafaa dafaa, as if she is a piece of meat, furniture, inanimate object ). BG nodding head in dismay, while Meera shown calling Nupur, to alert her of impending danger at home).

Oh, amma having field day. Unki toh khushi ki jaise seema hi nahi hai … bhagwaan raksha karo sabki iss aurat se

Next scene is just so so so so cute btw Nandini and Akhil bhaiyya!

Akhil in his room putting something in the cupboard and hearing footsteps, assumes biwi hogi, of course. Says ~ tum chai leke aa gayi? Nandini: Shyama bhabhi kitchen mein phansi hain, today you will have to drink tea that I made. AK: Chai is theek hai, but what about the gappe (chit-chat, guftagoo) ?

AK: Do you know Nandini, when I return from work tired, and shyama grahasthi ke kaam se … N interrups. “You are not like others. Other men think that us women just while away time at home. Here, drink your tea and she giggles. AK: ghar ka kaam sabse mushkil wala kaam hota hai. Whether work is at home or outside, work is work, no such thing as chota bada kaam! Wow Wow Akhil Bhaiyya ! (Can I adopt you as my bhaiyya, too? )

Nandini sits down on the bed ~ “okay, waise what do you two talk about? AK: hmmm, I’ll tell you. When husband-wife share day’s activities, they usually have a long list of complaints. But Shyama and I in these few moments, talk about what comes from the heart, and if somebody heard our convo, he/she will think ~ what are these two up to (bakwaas). Nandini gives a big laugh. AK: sometimes we talk about Rimi and sometimes I tell her why I was sad at the police station. These kind of chhoti chhoti baatein.

AK: “What a nice sunshine” and Nandini giggles again and looks very pretty in her purple blowse and colorful saari. “bageeche mein ek naya phool aaya hai (symbolism: wanting another baby, wow!). He giggles and then seriously says ~ “oh looks like I am boring you. Nandini: Of course not. These chhoti baatein bhaiyya, they contain the secret of happiness in a family life. Wow !

AK nods his head in agreement ~ says, mere tea is not going to be enough, you are going to keep me company, lifts snack plate, takes it towards her to share it with him. (How sweet!). Nandini: Shyama bhabhi has spoiled you.

Back to B&B. Looking at his watch, still waiting for nupur’s return. (Shrel assuming at this point Meera has already alerted Nupur … pray!) BG looking concerned, worried, uptight Bingo! Shrel predictioneee right! as camera focused on BG’s eyes moving towards the door. balraj watches her eyes, turns around, keeps staring at Nupur angrily, without blinking his eyes, keeping them wide open as if to scare the bazoooki out of Nupur . Nupur doesn’t blink either, out of sheer fear, that is. B to N: Where were you?

amma/Sh shown cutting veggies (they are still not done ???). Sh gets up from her chair. Balraj shouting, asks even more loudly ~ Where were you???? Nupur is dumbfounded, still, numb, simply keeps staring back at paapi papa. (not shown ~ Meera must have instructed her exactly what to say, which of course will be shown tomorrow!)

!!!!!!! THE END !!!!!!

PRECAP: Shyama tells Beeji regarding Amma giving zahar to Meera. Next scene: Beeji threateningly tells amma that I have heard you are giving special kadha to Meera. If you dont stop it, I will tell everybody your kaarnaamein. “The mini-balraj-amma” threatens her back and says in that case I will let the whole family know where you go chhup chhup ke every Thursday. (ulta chor kotwaal ko daante ?!?! Engrish engrish ??? )

Update Credit to: radev24

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