Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 10th May 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Meera and Agasthya at the kulfi site, she says she lost everything and trust also. They continue to talk sweetly and Meera tells agasthya how Balraj broke down after knowing she’s preggy with Ani child. They talk about the difficult ,entangled relationship of all the Asthana’s family.
Agasthya asks Meera about her family she says she has only her mom and Agasthya asks Meera why is she here she must go to her mom.Meera asks why when she felt someone is liking her the person asks her to leave? Agasthya asks who else asks her to leave and she says Biji. Agasthya thinks to herself because Biji also knows the situation.
Shyama and Akhil are loving remembering when Shyama was preggy she wanted to eat ice cream and how they coaxed

Aloka to leave… Akhil remembered her how the hid from Balraj whom they met outside.
Shyama thinks that Nandini will never have her own family and thinks about Nupun saying that Nandini is still young to re-marry.
Mrs Gujral comes to invite the Asthana’s for her DIL baby shower and asks whether Nandini is still pregnant giving a shock to both Aloka and Biji.
She asks the same to Nandini and says she saw the pregnancy file of Asthana’s on which Ani name’s was written so… who else could be pregnant if not Nandini?
Nandini is sad and runs to her room while Mrs Gujral leaves.
Aloka says there’s not a single day which can go on peacefully and as she looks at Meera she changes her words.

Mr Mongia sees Shyama in the market and thinks that God is willingly make him meeting Shyama and he goes after her but a cart comes in between them and Shyama gets time to move away.
Biji goes to talk with Balraj about Nandini and her feelings and that Mrs Gujral saw the pregnancy file of Meera but he does not care whom will be the mother of the child as Meera child will be known under his grandfather name’s.
Biji disagrees with him asking if it is true and if it is so easy…
He asks what happened?
Biji tells that everyone are thinking the baby is of Nandini not Meera.
Biji tells him if he get to know what are the people thinking about Meera as he was being to near with Meera, Balraj is in deep thought.

Nandini is thinking about Biji told her when she’ll have her baby she’ll know what is the feeling and Biji giving her the anklets of Ani.
Nandini sees a baby calling her mom and she calls her but he goes in the lap of Meera. Nandini keeps on calling and crying asking Meera to give her back the baby but Meera keeps playing with him. Nandini thinks the baby should be her’s her baby is being snatched from her and she keeps on crying.

Deepika comes in the kitchen and tells her what Aloka asks to cook and Shyama asks her to help but Deeps says she has to dye her hair and leaves. Shyama is searching for saffron which is needed as an ingredient in a dish and sees an envelope containing the miscarriage herbs. She smells it and thinks what is this? Shyama has flashback of a friend of her’s who was about to used it for her miscarriage. Her friend told her Kanta chachi(aunty) gave it to her.

She still has flashbacks how she told her friend if she drinks it she’ll die as it is a like a venom.
She has flashback of Aloka sending her with the glass of milk and Akhil telling her that the milk does not seems like drinking. She also handles her the glass of milk.
Shyama thinks why is Aloka doing so why does she want to kill Meera child’s?

Balraj and Agasthya are in the study and Balraj asks Agasthya what he did by removing the gun for Meera in the party is this that he can do it only for Meera? Agasthya looks puzzles. Balraj tells him Meera is not the one made for him as she meant only business and nothing else.
Meera and Agasthya are passing in the corridor and Meera slips and Agasthya holds her they have an eye locking moments…

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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