Bad to worse:: Worse to hell !!!!!!!


Hai guys iam here to just give my views on some of our awesome famous serials which now turned out to be a biggest night mare now!!!!!

I seriously cant understand whats wrong with all the script and screenplay writers….. All are making such stupid irritating shitty melo drama….

The current most annoying drama on television which is aired on zee at 9.00 pm to make our lives hell. The is getting wrose each and every day. It started with Pragya turning against Abhi decades ago just to save him. And iam sure it ends with in 2020. Stupid track. Pragya loves Abhi. Abhi loves Pragya. The meaning of love is to trust others unconditionally. But these writers dont know what love and trust means!!!!!
Abhi biggest Rockstar who once saved pragya from trap of aaliya and tanu by using his brain suddenly turns out be brainless. He should have believed pragya. Atleast from all the incidents like, she exposed Aaliya, Raj, even knowing that he is cause of bulbul’s death she didnt handed over him to police, Made his concert successful, finished her karvachauth in his hands…. So many. But he remains dumb. On other hand pragya thinking herself to be the mother Terasa and most brilliant lady. Atleast she should have trusted abhi that he will listen to her and trust her words. She once should have told abhi and asked him to accompany her plans if he dont have trust in her words. Iam sure Abhi atleast would have thought it once. But no…… And now silly dramas. She takes videos but will not be able to show it. What a idiotic line. She knows that vedio is important then she should save it her email or some thing. Should try to show it to abhi at that night itself but no….The writers doesnt know what to do next and eating our brains.

Another crap is this. Posing hero and heroines as super power and all others are idiots. Nidhi at times becomes brilliant all of a sudden. Messing up the entire line. Give a damn guys. Here again love and trust is questioned???
Ruhi hated her father for his plans but she get to know that she didnt made a warm apology to him. I dont know how in a jail suddenly the rope gets weak and how the hell she got a way out. I dont think our indian jails are so weak. Raman he knows that chip is gonna save ishitha’s life. Atleast he should once checked it once and should have taken a copy of it. But nooo. Come on guys we are far ahead in our technology but u ppl are posing a kiddish thing. And if nidhi wants the child she will get it so easily from hospital. What rubbish. Sarika stayed in that house just by the name of baby Rohit. But once the baby was given to Pallavi the y the hell u ppl cant make her go out of the house. She is conspiring and u know it but still remains dumb. Now some cheap twists. Blaming Ishitha!!! Come on guys grow up!!!

Only a single word…… Cheap!!!!!!!

Whats wrong with u men. So far it was actually good though there are plenty of loop holes and illogicalities. But now total crap. Y do all terrorists always target Pushkar just bcoz its ASP sandhya’s town???? Making all viewers a fool. U ppl can show many other things in a police officer lives like the pressure from.higher authority, politicians conspiracy etc… But you wont. Making line a weary dramatic thing. What happened to Sooraj’s hotel dream VEDANCH. where is vanch. When he is gonna realise his mom and dad and reunite with them. What about Emily’s remarriage? Leaving all these things u r posing silly irritating drama. Its a Police officers duty to charge FIR. but ppl should actually get punished only in court. So Sandhya can easily prove that ARZOO is innocent in court. Leaving all these things she is weeping as if she is a child. She forget to catch that Gul too. Sandhya can share everything atleast with Sooraj but she wont. She did the same mistake in mission Mahabali. She could have informed sooraj that she is not gonna die and on a confidential mission and could have asked sooraj to make her promise that he will not reveal it to his family. But she didnt. Such silly liners. Getting battered with these writers.

Only story in television so far withot any filmy dramatic villianisms.Thank god they are trying to be realistic. I know at some places boring but thats a reflection of our usual lives. The line is so simple that they are trying to show the strongness of relationships and showing it till today. Thats cute. At times irritating but never soo stupidically disappointing. A better drama. Make it the same guys.

Writers totally out of mind and should go and check for a psycatrist. MENTAL……

Guniess record has to be given for their wonderful dragging……Come to senses guys. Initially came out with very good message and should have winded the show before decades but not…….

So far a good start with a nice story line and cute pairing. Bgm is awesome. Lets see what the writers do with this line in future. And pls guys grow up. When u r potraying your lead a tamil girl make justice to it. Dont show stupid tamil cultures. Who told u that all tamilians will always sport Such blazing sarees with so much jewels and men always in Vesthi Shirt and that piece of cloth on shoulders. No yar here too ppl will dress normally like all. But this is a bit perfect than yhm madrasaan. Nice story so far go in the same track.

Thats it guys. We all are just watching serials to just relax and refresh but now a days they are more messing our moods. Lets see what our fav couples gonna do in future. Thank you. Bye.

Credit to: Pinky

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  1. i watch only Yhm and totally agree with you

  2. You express it so well worst is yhm as I was expecting best from it . The only solution is to stop watching them . Sometimes i ghink we ae fool to watch them . Idiotic thoughts . Worst tracks ?????

  3. We need to stop watching d idiot box… Boycott idiot box automatically writers n concept directors will get a shock n think of good story line….



  5. As VP I too watch yhm I too seriously agree with u.

  6. I watch only yhm and I also totally agree with u …..
    The currently track ohhh god
    Worst worst serial…
    I think to stop watch BUT my heart making me watch bcoz I love yhm u like something..
    And u 7 years leap***************

  7. I watch kkb..but aftr bulbul death i m not watch serial…day by day its so irritating..and dragging so i stop it..kkb writers are no common sense there is no logic in every sqences…ppl are not dare they are so much of dragging..and put an end of tanu chptr..

  8. Tusi great ho ekdum shi but next time sadda haq mat bhulna unka bas chale to wo earth hi destroy karde senseless yaar how a mechanical engineer can become astraunauts and if only one scientist needed in a field why both Randhir and sanyukta and why billion always teases sanyukta hell to u writers let sanyikta take rest.

  9. Actually in a fit of competition…
    After Kyonki Saas…. and Kahani Ghar…
    Writers thought that only those types of stories only work out
    Just one word for all those Script writers…. Go to Agra Mental Hospital

  10. Kumkum bhagya is the worst followed by yhm. Boring serial !!!!waiting everyday but no exciting episodes. I wanted to put a full stop to these shows. U are absolutely right pinky

  11. Agree with u all are crap

  12. i think ekta maam can nvr understand the meaning of love n bonding….she bursts out all her anger of being alone only on her serials n always tries to separate the leads…..kkb track …..i think tannu’s pregnancy has been shown or will b shown fr 9 mnths ( wich is actually the timeperiod of pregnancy ) if possible they will show mr than that too….nw soon tannu child will call abhi papa n pragya will still b helpless…bt the thing is these shows still hav grt trps ignoring sm good serials wich shud hav high trps…we r fool to watch them…

  13. Saath nibhana Saathiya is anawesome serial but nowadays the twist regarding vidya is so cheap pl change it and we want gopi and jigar to do more roles in the serial together as they look so cute with each other pl itz an advice from all the fans.

    1. Don’t b was a dumb serial from d very bginnin..but I preferred to watch it cuz it was fun..but wit d death of rashi it turned out to b a rotten tomato..these leaps and marriages and murders r all disgusting.. Sons,pari ,kinjal all are crap..mother in laws and daughter in laws all look as of same age (Gopi,park,sons,Mira etc)..shravan is a dumb only meant fo make up..

  14. Dehleez is awesome and coming to yhm I don’t know what was going in writers mind it was a superb show at start but now they are making it as a total crop ruhi loves her ishima a lot and trusts her but now they are showing her she hates her it’s unbelievable and now ruhi is going to become ruhaan it’s disgusting ruhi is
    a mature child will she listen to nidhi and change herselves writers think practically yar now it’s like waste of time to watch it

  15. Whatever u have written is absolutely true.. Especially regarding yhm.. And yes yrkkh is better than every others.. At least it has no cheap twists,revenge,death etc..

  16. I think all the serial start with a good story and the problem here is that once that story is done, the producers want to squeeze every drop of its TRP, popularity and they extend, and extend and ext….until they test views patience. They are just greedy.

    And viewers, I really pity them (including myself). Because whether they like it or not, they watch it. They are watching this for such a long time, they just got habituated to it. Its like alcoholic person, they just can’t resist it, they need to have it at certain time of the day.

  17. hey……. u r absolutely ri8 wid respect to all d serials……….. nice analysis………… but u no what ??? u shud have added ek tha raja ek thi rani to d list too. its an awesome piece …. of full crap 🙁

  18. I agree wid u pinky but dehleez is awesome wid absolutely no stretching plz don’t add in this list!

  19. Once again i saw the good analysis of the show. Its too gud. And i also feel most of the seriel have been forget that show theme. And that starting note is so different from the end r conclusion of the show. Now some seriel uses the supernatural power. I can’t bear it.

  20. I agree with u pinky bt i luv dehleez donno y and the worst is sasural simar ka

  21. Saath nibhana saathiya is the best what are you guys on about anyway the person who is writing all this needs a life

  22. i agree with u for SNS…the writer came from a mental assalym…needs a treatment

  23. Hey guys …

    Did u heared the news …prathusha banerje hav commited sucide by hanging herself on friday morning ..the reason they r saying s because of her fight wit her bf..

    Vry silly girl decision in 24 yrs…she s having nice acting skills according to me….but she wasted tat for a boy…
    They r saying she also in stress..

    1. Yeah. Tats really sad of her. I dont know how girls are soo weak even these days!!!

  24. Saath nibhana saathiya is good…it is succesfully running even after 6 yrs….?all other serials (yhm kkb…)which started just 3 yrs before…has lost all its charm..the makers do not have a story and is just dragging it…i’m a fan of sns…it was good at the beginning,after 3 yrs…and even now….no other serial can reach upto this mark…

  25. Yhm was good on past days but now….onething you told right pinky that ssk is a cheap show?????? all time ghost drama n naagin chudail…chiii??????

  26. Tamil culture is not as stupid as u think…u can criticize…but without knowing a cultures history nobody has no right to talk I’ll about it..

    1. Sorry!!! But i didnt critisize tamil culture. I just told that they r sporting it in a funny way. Pls read it again. And sorry if its offensive. I too know what tamil culture is!!!

  27. In short all the ekta kapoor, rashmi sharma and etc.. etc… production are doing only one thing… stretching the story like a chewing gum….. which is now not chewed or liked by any one….. I just hate that villains drama…. I mean seriously the villains sometimes behave so stupidly when the heroin is on mission and when the mission is completed and when heroin gets all the proof they suddenly act smartly and destroys all the proof (for example kumkum bhagya, yeh hai mohabbatein…. and the list go on bcz all do the same shit in their shows..). No doubts Manmarziyan is loved by everyone bcz it highlights the true friendship and love… and was not stretched like other melodramas…. But unfortunately the writers especially ekta kapoor writers don’t want to do so… They don’t know what true love is… They always break trust, they always separate the jodis by adding love triangles and all….. and it go on till another 5-6 decades till the audience is in comma…..

  28. omggg…makers of kkb are totally idiots they are still focussing on that tanu pregnancy track…remember guys tanu got pregnant before 18 months… but they still not showing tanus baby bump….heck

  29. The YHM expressions were just PERFECT! But one thing.. MANY PPL DONT WATCH SSK SO THEY DONT KNOW THE SHIT ABOUT PATALI and SHAITAAN! Same with SNS, where ppl don’t know about the gaura drama and Naiyya’s nonsense! I think you could’ve explained those more clearly! Ppl will atleast understand!!!! Otherwise it’s perfect

  30. I don’t know how sns has lasted so long; the most idiotic show and all characters writers need mental help’ maybe gaura writes the show! Gopi needs to go for wonderwoman role

  31. i agree with all o have said BUT its’s only a drama and they just want to focus on there main chracters

  32. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Two rashmi shows,two ekta shows and pls add ek tha raja ek thi rani also most annoying show.. U r speech is good. Pragya thinks her as mother Teresa?????i am laughing till now

  33. I agree with you. My favourite favourite serial is DIYA AUR BAATI HUM. Now the love is missing between sooraj and sandhya. Any way best best serial. I like it.

  34. kkb nothing but all bukwas and bukwas, never ending as usual ekata’s serials.


    completely agree……… especially about kkb, sns, ssk n yhm…………. quit annoying now a days……. sorry not days but years……….

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