Bad news for ShraMan fans..!!


Guys.. Its a very bad news…

Sumo would want to clear out the misunderstanding of nirnath.. But then the same day shravan would want to propose sumo.. As he would go to propose, ramnath would come there..
Then shravan would see his mother, his dad and sumo there.. And shravan n ramnath would blame sumo for all the things happening.. Resulting in shravan hating sumo…
For which there are RUMORS that sumo would try commit suicide!!
A very bad news…

And even it has been on trend that ek duje ke vaaste to end… To tell that I would like to say that sony tv shows are always finite.. Look at reporters, pyaar ko hone do.. So even if it reached 150 episodes we would have a happy memomry of the show.. Not like balika vadhu or kkb who are dragging their plots so much.. Krpkab is to end too.. And (just a imagination.. Not sure if it true) but maybe ek rishta sajhedari ka would take over edkv or krpkab.. Well that was all… Thank you


Credit to: shraman

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  1. Hey Nikita… I don’t think so that the new will be replacing any of the two shows…. As we can see there r many tracks left in both the shows…

  2. u may be right but i feel that the new shows might replace man mein vishwas hai rather than these…

  3. I have a question that suicide part will come after the confrontation part(nirmala
    Shraman Ramanath one) or will it come before?if the suicide part come after the confrontation part then it will be good…… As in that scene shravan will confess his love…… Then shravan’s can easily calm down… N know his father’s truth……….

    1. Shravan*

    2. Yes it will be good because Shravan will definitely save Suman. He will shout on Suman and later he will confess his love to her. But it will not be as easy for Suman because she had to clear the mis-understanding between Nirmala and Ramnath and also Shravan.

  4. Whenever Parents come in middle children’s love story will always get misunderstandings

  5. It will be shown that sumo and shravan. Would go for a party.. There they would avoid each other. But somehow they would come close.. Sumo would go to the terrace where shraMan will share an arguement.. It will be a harsh one where sumo would want to jump from terace.. Just then shravan would realise and utter the three magical words… I think it will happen after the confrontation….

    1. I mean before .. Typed after by mistake… I’m not sure… There’s this website.. The party scene would come but shravan saying I love you to sumo is not sure.. I’m not sure… Its just a website

  6. i saw an interview where the first part is told bt no news is there that it would end… its just rmr i guess

  7. if it’s true then there is nothing surprising in it as in all indian serials when some thing good is going to happen some thing very bad takes it’s position/place

    1. True: (
      Plzzz sony tv dont bring it to end so early…i m in luv wud both these daily soaps …

  8. Garvita sharma

    PlZ don’t end it soon this is the best serial take it longer
    Shravan always misunderstood sumo but sumo always makes him realise that he is wrong instead of her
    I don’t think sumo commit suicide after confrontation as she is a fighter and know to handle situation and shravan tooo

  9. no sumo will try to commit suicide after the party. Shravan will save her . Next episode confrontation part where Shravan will shout at Sumo

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