Bad Days are Going to End Soon – Part 5 (last part)

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thanku sooo much guys for appreciating me and dis part is specially dedicated to divyanshri who always motivated me thankuu divyaa :*


flashback continues..

it seems that all the hurdles were solved but no not soo soon when sanskar left with swara while driving swara is sleeping (actually sanskar gave her a low level of sleeping because he wants to give her peace from all worries) soo the sanskar is driving sudeenly he receives a call and shocked after listening the call…

caller: sir yug came to know that u r not a customer but actually an undercover cop who came to rescue miss swara.

Sanskar: whattt?? How is this possible? My identity is confidential in headquarters nobody knows mee except the seniors and I’ve discuss the case of swara only one person that is IG kumar.. sanskar thinks for a while and shocked and said it mean

Caller: yes sir u r thinking right IG kumar is the person who gave the information to yug and not only this sir IG kumar is also a business partner of yug we didn’t find about him but he done a mistake as u know all the landlines of headquarter are being recorded except the D.I.G landline soo IG kumar called yug from his landline in a hurryand after half n hr of his call one officer came to D.I.G and told him about kumar’s call soo in this way we arrests him and after many struggle he spits out the truth..

Caller: sir D.I.G orders u that u should not come back to your home because it may risk your elders life he orders that u should go to his farm house which is located few km outside the city.. and he also said that you should switch of your cell immediately..

Sanskar: said okay and after telling dp about the situation in hurry he switched off his cell.. and looks at swara who is sleeping peacefully he speedup the car but before reaching the farm house he saw that the road is blocked he came out and sees the road when suddenly someone pushes him from the back he falls down he turns back and saw that yug with 5 to 6 goons type men standing and staring him with blood red eyes yug comes forward whereas sanskar also gets up

Yug: how dare u mr. sanskar to come into my den and snatches my prey??

Sanskar: swara is not your prey show some humanity yug she is your wife..

Yug : laughs evily and said wife?? What a joke mr sanskar that marriage was a fake marriage which I’ve done only for capturing her nothing else I’ve done lots of fake marriages like dis

Sanskar become numb and shocked after hearing this and gave him a disgusted and full of hatred look

Yug: now enough of your drama orders his name to go and pick up the girl from there but sanskar comes in front of them and said don’t you dare to touch her and starts fighting with them suddenly one goon hits him on his head with a rod and sanskar fell down yug came forward and said now your game is finished mister sanskar he pull the big knife from one goons hand and starts going near him when he is about to stab him suddenly he feels something at the back of his head he puts hand on his head back and saw a blood in his hand he turns back and saw swara is standing there with full anger in her eyes and a rod in her hand she hits him again while hitting him all the flashes coming in her mind all the torture her rape her miscarriage everything she hits him continuously 9-10 times all the goons are seeing this scene with shocked expressions and runs from there after seeing swara’s anger… yug falls down but swara didn’t stops when suddenly sanskar gets up and controls her but she is not in her sensing after struggling many times sanskar finally controls her but after giving her a tight slap swara is crying bitterly sanskar hugs her when he feels that she is not reacting he breaks the hug and sees that swara is fainted..

He picks her and immediately goes and call D.I.G informs him about the whole incident and also told him about yug who is lying unconscious on the road..D.I.G permitted him to take swara to home and said don’t take tnsn of yug police force is on the way.. sanskar takes swara home and after returning home swara is suffering from high fever all take good care of her but on the other side yug runs from the spot and know he is not found anywhere..

Leap of 2 weeks:

Swara recovered fully physically but mentally she is in a trauma she is not talking very much only answering yes or no… everybody is very tensed because doctors said that she is suffering from a big mental torture if it continues like this it may affect her brain and lead to brain hem rage because she didn’t said any word related to her past nor cried.. she always stays in her room..

But one days sanskar’s all patience broke because all knows about his love toward her and all are very happy

Sanskar storms in her room and grabs her by her shoulder and shout on her by saying swara how many days u sat like this??

Don’t you see that how much your parents craving for your laugh for your chirpy talks?? U have to come out from this trauma if not for u but at least for your parents..

Shekhar,sumi,dp and ap all the seeing this scenario by standing on the door and crying.. sanskar turns her towards them and said look at their faces don’t you see how much they are in pain shakes her very badly suddenly swara jerks him and starts crying loud by throwing things here and there sanskar didn’t stops her because he know that it is necessary for her..when she became tied she sat down with a thud tears were continuously brimming from her eyes.. sanskar goes near here and hug her tightly and said please swara everybody needs u he explains her all the think and swara is only staring him with wet eyes when suddenly she starts feeling dizzy and faints..

Like this 1 year has been passed swara is totally recovered mentally and physically both… she starts sharing her all the stuff with sanskar he became her best frnd and swara trust him a lot all the elders are very happy for both of them but they didn’t talk to swara about her marriage with swara because sanskar stops them and said give her some more time and said I want her to complete her studies in this way she can totally came over from her horrible past..

After convincing her many times finally she agreed for studies but on a condition that sanskar only picks and drops her all said okay because somewhere sanskar also wanted this because yug from the last 1 yr is hiding somewhere nobody knows about its where about and sanskar feels that yug may tries again to harm swara so he is very protective for swara..

1 more year is also passed know swara is fully changed into her previous avatar 😉 always do masti and pranks with other specially she irritates sanskar the most like sometimes hides his wallet, sometimes watch,car keys, mixex salt instead of sugar in coffee sanskar loves his swara’s this side but didn’t show her always shows fake anger on her
Maheshwari’r also shifts to the mansion which is exactly situadted on the left side of gadodia mansion and both families built a door between the wall of both mansions that’s why our swara madam irritates sanskar soo easily and daily sanskar pick n drops her this is his routine from last 1 yr.. now 2 yrs has been passed.. but this not the end of all sorrows for both the families one more shock is remaining before the beginning of new and happy lives.. one day when swara is waiting for sanskar outside the clg she sees a black parado with full black windows overall black.. she is noticing the car from last 1 week but ignoring because at the same time sanskar always came but today sanskar is late and from last 10 mins she is waiting for him but he didn’t reached yet suddenly after 5 mins that black car comes in front of her and somebody drags her inside the car..swara who is calling sanskar shocked on sudden attack and cell phone slips from her hand on the road for few minutes she didn’t realize that what happened when she came in her sense what she saw it freezes her on the spot.. she saw that yug is sitting beside her and giving her an evil smirk.. she gulps in fear all the past once again comes in front of her eyes..

Yug: hello darling how r u?? we met after a longgggg 2 yrs did u miss me??

Swara: ……..

Yug: I must say u become more beautiful

Swara starts sweating but suddenly she remembers the bracelet which she also wearing today she compose herself and said yug Agarwal don’t think that I’m that old swara who bears your all torture I think you don’t remember that nyt??

Yug: oooo my God what a drastic change in u I must say sanskar work on you very hard and how can I forget that nyt due to you I remains in coma for 3 days and from the last 2 yrs I planning to destroy both of you and finally I find that chance.. while talking swara press the button in the bracelet and prays that sanskar finds her soon..

On the other side after 10 mins of swara’s kidnap sanskar reached but he didn’t find her he calls her when he takes his cell phone he saw 10 miscalls of swara he immediately calls her back but shocked after listening her ringtone from near but didn’t find her suddenly he sees her cell lying on the road he become tensed but his cell phones starts ringing and one officer told him that the alarm of swara’s bracelet has been rung sanskar become more tensed but compose himself and said track the location of her.. he starts the car and drives to the location where it is showing but he become shocked after knowing that the swara’s direction is going towards the sea port he speeds up the car and informs the head quarter about all the incident and demand for the police force to reach the sea port as soon as possible..

While in car yug put the chloroform cloth on her face so that she didn’t create any drama he is going to supply her through ship it is only because of the revenge because now swara is 22 yrs old.. sanskar reached on the spot and hides himself behind the boats and scan the area with the help of binoculars he sees yug after seeing him his anger boils then his gaze shifts to the other side in which the black car is there and its door is opened and he can easily saw swara lying unconscious he become eyes but compose himself and calls to get the detail about the police force they said that 10 mins more sanskar starts moving towards the car it is the time of sunset all the people were standing near the big ship nobody is there near the car sanskar between hiding reaches toward the car and without anyone notice picks swara and goes backward and hides her in the small boat and covers her with the net after pecking her forehead..

Police force arrives on the spot and waiting for sanskar’s signals while on the other side yug came towards the car but shocked after not finding swara suddenly someone taps his shoulder he turns and finds that sanskar is standing near him before he do anything sanskar gave hima tight punch on his face while all the other people already arrested…

Sanskar: what u thought yug Agarwal that u can easily snatch my swara and I do nothing??

Yug gave him the death glare sanskar gave him another punch and said the police officer to take him..

After snding yug sanskar goes toward swara and picks her and take her all the worries has been ended but only one is remaining that is the marriage of our swasan :p

After 5 days of this incident swara’s parent said her about her marriage with swara..swara become shocked and said how can you think like this?? Im not a pure girl I’m not reliable for sanskar he is a very good person I may ruin his life please don’t talk to me about this topic again by saying this she turns and finds that sanskar is standing there and boling in anger he fisted his hands and his eyes becomes red swara ignore him and starts to go but stops because sanskar held her hand.. he jerks her toward him and gave her a tight slap with full force like her lips starts bleeding and he slaps her again on the other side.. shekhar sumi ap and dp become shocked and shouts sanskar but he stops them by showing hand and drags swara forcefully with him and throws her inside the car and drives the car with full speed swara in the whole journey become silent by closing her eyes tears are continuously flowing from her eyes but she keeps her mouth shut sanskar stops the car at one spot and again drags her mercilessly and throw her at the end of cliff and said u don’t want to spend your life with me na?? then okay this is the cliff u can push mee from this cliff because if u r not in my life then there is no meaning for my life swara become numb after hearing this she didn’t know that sanskar loves her she only thought that he is only her best frnd.. sanskar grabs her by shoulder and grabs her face very tightly and says I love you from the day when I saw your picture first time 2 yrs before my heart ache when I saw u in that room like a lifeless body my heart ache when you stops talking my heart ache when a saw u unconscious in that car why u didn’t saw my love?? Why u think that all is just a sympathy?? Answer me dammit.. he shakes her with full force that she losses her balance and fall down..

Swara is crying miserably sanskar after few minutes later after seeing her state hug her very tighlt and says im sorry for slapping u badly but I couldn’t control myself after listening to your denial swara I luv u soo much more than anything why don’t u understand

Suddenly he hear a line which gave him a big shocked I cannot believes on his ears… swara said while sobbing I luv u too sanskar… she starts saying that I starts luving u from the day when u save me from that animal’s clutch but im afraid because of my past I don’t want to ruin your life that’s why a denied plzz im sorry I don’t want to hurt you and starts crying..

Sanskar who is in the state of shock came back in his senses and hugs her again very tightly and said no swara I understand your situation I also over reacted sorry from my side also.. like this 1.5 yrs after the completion of swara’s study they both get married..

Flashback ends…


Both are discussing about the past and both are having tears of happiness swara said to sanskar I think I don’t need this bracelet anymore isn’t it??

Sanskar: no u have to wear this bracelet till our last breath because I don’t believe you.. said with a naughty smile.

Swara pouts and said what is this sanskar u always watches me this is not fair sanskar hugs her tightly and said dear wifii not only u wear this bracelet but also are future baby also going to wear this because I don’t want any trouble in our life.. swara first pouts but nodes and hugs him tightly…

After seven months swara gave birth to twins one is boy and one is a girl they named the boy as samay and the girl khushi after that they all lived happily..

So guys this is the end of their bad days and the beginning of their good days I know I didn’t end gave a proper end but I didn’t get any idea sorry and thankuuu soo muchhh for liking this ff


  1. Prakriti

    Wow di Its So nice…
    You gave a proper ending…
    Pleaese come with more short stories…
    You are veey good writer..
    Love U lots Di..

    • Rabia



      actually i wrote this part with sleepy eyes and sleepy mind that’s why i don’t knw what i posted and ya i’ll try my best to come back with a new concept 😉 n luv u too sweety :*

  2. Divyanshri


    |Registered Member

    ? ?Rabia thanks for dedicating this part to me….. it was an awsome story….. please write some new ff…. u r an amazing writer….. hope to see u soon…….

  3. Rabia



    thankuu sooo much guysss i didn’t knw that u all lwill like it i’ll try my best to come back soon when a new story come in my mind with a totally new concept till then u people enjoy my other ff
    “SHE GAVE US PAIN ONLY PAIN” thankuuu sooo much and luv u allll take care Allah Hafiz <3

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