Bad Days are Going to End Soon – Part 4

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Flashback continues:

Next morning sanskar goes out after greeting all elders and he promises shekhar that before swara’s birthday swara will be here with everyone..

Sanskar goes to headquarter and discuss about the yug Agarwal case with his seniors but not told them about swara because he knows that there are many corrupt officers were there who are working for yug Agarwal but he don’t know the name of those officer’s the meeting of sanskar and his seniors is confidential so nobody came to know about this meeting they all thought that it was a simple meeting and one more thing yug’s man don’t know the name and identity of sanskar because he only came twice in the head quarter but by changing his getup.. so after discussing all plan sanskar came back home and assures all that everything will be fine soon…

After 1 week sanskar gets a call which is muted… same day in night a man steps out from the car and enters in a mansion but there is no light only a small light is coming from the back side of the mansion suddenly one guard came and after checking him takes him to the backside of the mansion.. where the scene is like that some marriage is going on there is no single women in that area all are gents but most of them were not in their senses due to access drinking the man goes forwad and sees that there is a stage where around 14-15 girls standing tied up with a rope and their mouths are also closed with the tape the man goes near the stage and scan the whole area without any one notice suddenly he sees the window from which we can see this area easily.. he moves towards that window after scanning whole area and checking that nobody is seeing him.. he goes near that window and sees that there is a balcony and a pipe besides it he first sees backward for assurance that nobody is near him he climbs the pipe and jumps into the balcony without making any noise he goes near the window and peeps inside the room there was a light of night bulb so he can see easily he scans the room with eyes suddenly he sight caught something the thing is a girl who is sitting at floor at the corner of the room by keeping her head on her knees.. the man tries to open the window and with little struggle the window opened the girl didn’t react because there is a loud sound of music coming from outside..

The man goes near the girl and said in a low voice swara (yes the girl was swara) but the girl didn’t react the man again called her with little high tone the girl getup with a jerk and before she screams the man put his hand on her mouth the girl is looking very horrified.. and continuously looking in his eyes with tears the man said don’t shout im not from one of those who are standing outside I came here to help you soo don’t shout im removing my hand from your mouth by saying this he removes his hand and stands in front of her he sees that swara becomes pale and weak there is no charm on her face and her eyes were also swollen due to continuous crying he sees that her right side there is a tray of food laying but it seems that she didn’t ate from it he goes and take the tray and came near her in all the time swara is only staring him with blank expressions.. he starts talking and said im sansskar( the man is sanskar and the call which he recieves is also about the bidding function and his entry in the mansion) im the son of your father’s frnd durga Prasad mehaswari..after listening about her father swara reacts and comes to him and said how are my parents?? Are they fine?? Did they miss me? And starts crying by grabing sanskar’s hand sanskar pats her head and said all are fine and after few days u can also meet them by listening this swara jerks and said noo he…he… said that he supply me then how can I meet my parents she starts blabbering by getting lost in something sanskar shakes her and said swara I promise that I get u out from this hell bs only few days more.. now stop crying and come eat something… swara looks him and said how u get inside?? Sanskar points toward the window and said by climbing the pipe and winks…

Swara wide open her mouth and said r u mad what if yug’s men sees u?? sanskar said no worries I came after looking all the sides soo don’t worry and come have something by saying this he drags her to the bed and handover the tray and sat beside her.. swara silently finishes the food and said why u came here?? Why u risk’s your life for me?? We even don’t know eachother??

Sanskar (in mind) because I love u from the very first time when I saw your picture..but he said that im an undercover cop and doing work on case related to durgs and human trafficking and I also promised shekhar uncle and sumi aunty that I’ll bring their daughter to them..swara after listening this hugs him which shocks sanskar and said please say to maa baba that don’t take tnsn and please take care of them I don’t know what is written in my destiny but please can u help me???

Sanskar said yes what help do u want??

Sawara: I want to talk wid them please call them

Sanskar nodes and takes out his cell phone dials shekhar’s number..

Swara talks wid her parents and there at her home all becomes happy after listening her voice and teary eyes sansakr eyes also moist after listening emotional talks of parents and daughter..

After talking with dem swara smiles after a very long time she thanks sanskar for making her happy..

Sanskar said no need of thanks swara it’s my duty and in mind ( how can I not fulfill my life’s wish)

Sanskar: okay now listen swara from now onwards with me u also have to become strong and corporate with mee im giving u this cell phone but it is switched off don’t on it only on it when u find something fishy aroud you okay?? Swara nodess and im giving u this wrist band which is like a bracelet u wear this band its is actually an alarm and tracking device from which sanskar can locate her and alarm is for whenever swara is in danger she has to push the small tiny button so that sanskar can reach there.. after discussing all the plan sanskar pats her hand and said be brave and goes out from the window after waving her swara sees him going and she goes in and lay down because after many days she is feeling sleepy and doze off peacefully..

After 10 days before 1 week of swara’s birthday yug come’s in her room and said that tomorrow im going to supply you because the customer is going so he wants the bidding before his tour.. swara shocked after listening this because she knows that yug’s is waiting for her birthday only but this sudden change horrified her but she keep mum and yug goes out..

swara locks the door and runs towards the bed and takes out cell phone and calls sanskar on the other side sanskar after seeing swara’s call imidiately picks up and said swara what happened?? Swara tells him about yug’s plan sanskar also becomes tense but he composed himself and said don’t worry swara u just keep calm and now switch of this cell and listen tomorrow before leaving the room u just press the button in the bracelet don’t forget that okay swara says okay and cuts the call and switches off the cell..

next day in nyt yug comes to her room and drags her forcefully when sudeenly swara push the button and goes with yug after struggling to release herself at the entrance of the door after bearing swara’s struggle yug gave her a tight slap and pull her hair and said one more movement I’ll shoot u right now soo walk like and obedient girl and drags her to the backside of the mansion but swara’s eyes is only searching sanskar when they goes to the backside there are many men who are seeing her with lustfull eyes she feels uncomfortable and disgusted when they came near the stage her eyes spot one men yes he is sanskar who is sitting in front of the stage.. yug tied her also with the rope and there is 9 more girls standing beside her but she is seeing only sanskar and sanskar assure her with eyes she feels little relief after half an hr bidding starts and some man bidding on swara on which swara get scared but after sometime sanskar bid on her and after that nobody bids on her because sanskar price in high and yug congratulate him and gives him the capsule of drugs and says u go and gave her this capsule so we can supply drugs with her sanskar goes toward her and hugs her like in such a way that which showa to everybody that he is romancing with her and speaks in her ear that im going to give u calcium tablet which is same as the capsule but u should acts like that u r not willing to swallow and im forcing u and after swallowing acts like that u r not feeling well and faints okay??

Swara slightly nodes and sanskar forcefully gave her tablet which is actually acting and after sometimes swara faints…

Sanskar picks her in bridal style and thanks to yug and goes out…

to be continued…

guys this is not the end a lot more is remaining and flashback will continues in next aor may be 2 episodes so till than thankuu u for liking and bearing my not soo up to the mark ff see u all soon

one more thing guys when I started this ff I thought that it will be of only 1 or 2 episodes but while writing ideas automatically pops up in my mind ya I know im not very gud in expressing the ideas but I’ll try my level best to end is ff on a good not thankkk u once again..


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