Bad Days are Going to End Soon – Part 3, and Swaragini : she gave us pain… only pain two shots (part 5)

[Two ff in one]

guys i dont know what wrong with telly updates they are not posting my ff from last 2 days so now im posting 2 ff combine 3 part of bad days are going to end soon and 5th part of she gave us pain only pain… i dont know wether they post my this ff or not if not then this is my last post im not going to post again thanku all for bearing me and my ff it was a very nice experience thankuu once again…

firstly bad days are going to end soon :
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After 6 yrs:
A man is sleeping peacefully in his room at night on the left side of bed by facing wall when suddenly he turns back to the other side and put his on something but he didn’t feel anything soo he wakes up and saw that other side of the bed is empty he immediately check around the room,in the washroom but nobody is there he goes out and start searching when he goes down stairs while passing from the kitchen he hears some sounds he goes and switch on the lights but saw that nobody is there when he is turning back suddenly he saw some shadow behind the kitchen island he slowly goes there and what he saw it shocked him his expressions was like a big O and eyes widens… after sometimes he came back in his senses he shouts…

Swaaraaaaaa…… (yes he saw the shadow of swara but why he shouts))
Man: swara what the hell is this??
Swara: who is bzy in eating full big bowl of ice cream after hearing man’s scream immediately looks up and gulp in fear and stammers… ummmm wohhhh… ummm… immm eating little ice cream sanskar jaanuuuu (yes the man is saskar)
After hearing swara his eyes pops out from the socket and he said whattttt little?? You r eating a full big bowl of ice cream and saying it a little?? R u out of your mind??? And forget this u already ate 2 litres ice cream today.. and what r u doing at the floor?? Don’t u kniw its not gud for your’s and baby health?? (yes swara is 2 months pregnant))
Sanskar: and to much ice cream may create problems but u r such a stubborn girl..
Swara: with a cute pout said what I doo sanskar I luv to eat ice cream I can’t stops my self
Sanskar melt after seeing her expressions and said no enough stop eating and let’s go and sleep he takes the bowl from her and put in the freezer and picks her up in the bridal style and goes to their room and puts her on the bed and said don’t u dare to move again.. swara nodes like a kidd and sanskar came on the other side and take her in his embrace pecks her forehead and both doze off..
Next morning:

Swara is getting ready and sanskar cameout from the washroom and said to swara that be carefull and take your medicines on time im allowing you to work oonly on the condition that u should take gud care of yourselve
Swara after listening this hugs him and said u don’t worry I can take care of myself.. and give a peck on his lips and leaves…
Swara goes down and takes blessing from elders and after breakfast leaves for her work… her car stops in front of a building where it is written “BAD DAY ARE GOING TO END SOON” it is the name of NGO which is owned by swara and sanskar.. many things has been changed in these six years sanskar and swara are married now swara completes her studies and instead of joining her dad’s business she requested for an NGO that is fulfilled by her handsome husband…. Gadodia and maheswari companies are not one company sanskar take over the gadodia business and merge it with maheswari business.. and shekhar,sumi,dp and ap all the four elders are living together with their children on the request of swara and sanskarr..

(what whappened in these yrs you came to know after sometime)
Swara is working in NGO very effectively and efficiently for the girls and women who are the victims of family torture,rape,acid attack etc..
In the evening swara came back and sumi and ap gave her juice and her medicines because it’s the order of their beloved son/son in law
After half hr sanskar,shekhar and dp also came back all greet one another and goes to their respective rooms for freshing up and changing
At night all are sitting and eating dinner while watching tv suddenly the breaking news came.
Neswscaster: today is a very big day for Mumbai city because today the drug dealer and master of human trafficking YUG AGARWAL is sentenced to death..

All become shocked and then happy after listening this because from the past 6 yrs all our waiting for this days but due to the pressure of higher authorities and yug contacts with underworld people his case is stretching long n long but today finally the result of this case is announced swara become teary eyes because after listening his name she remembers all the incidents.. sanskar who saw swara’s tear console’s her and said swara there is no need of these tears in your life now all the bad days are gone… and kissed her on her forehead and hugs her
All the elders all say the same and bless both of them and goes to their rooms.. sanskar takes swara outside for a walk.. while walking swara said thanku sanskar for coming in my life if u r not there I don’t know if im able to survive or not in that hell thankuuuu sooo muchhh and I luv u sooo much while saying this she hugs him tightly and sanskar responds and said I luv u too swaraa… starts remembering the days before 6 yrs

When shekhar told all of them about swara.. sanskar who is listening silently from the beginning stands up and goes to shekhar and said uncle I did’nt see swara becaue 15 yrs before we both are small kids that why I didn’t remember anything but I promise you that I’ll try my level best to give you your daughter back.. shekhar after listening sanskar starts panick and said no beta I don’t want you to put your selve in any trouble he is a very dangerous man all the police force is under his hand we can’t do anything please beta don’t put your life in danger..
DP who is listening his frnd and son said shekhar you don’t worry about us because ug Agarwal don’t know about us and our power u r forgetting that our business is international business and one more thing which is hidden by all except me and annu that our sanskar is also an undercover cop and he is doing work on the cases of drug dealing and human trafficking soo u don’t worry everything will be fine soon the bad days of our swara is going to end soon..
Sanskar after a while ask shekhar uncle u said that there is a restriction that girl should be of 20 yrs soo when swara is going to be of 20 yrs??
Shekhar: beta after 1.5 months is swara’s 20 th birthday.
Sanskar: uncle u don’t worry I’m here I’ll take care of everything
Sumi and shekhar becomes happy and hugs sanskar and blesses him..
After some time all goes to their respective room while going to hi

s room sanskar cell fall down from his hand and it slides in another room he goes to that room and switch on the light and picks his cell phone but while turning back his sight goes to a big picture which is above the bed crown in that picture a girl is standing while hugging a big teddy she is looking very cutee.. he goes near the pic and there is written SWARA GADODIA in the corner of the picture..

Sanskar mesmerized after seeing her and said swara I promise u that I’ll take u out from that hell.. and goes out….

to be continued…
now she gave us pain only painn part-5

links of previous epis:

let’s start:

Guys one more thing from the 5 students 2 are siblings that are rashmi and viqas, neha and Rahul are bf,gf and rashmi and Vicky are bf,gf…
Soo let’s start: (flashback continues)
One fine day swara was going through the corridor while playing with her basketball (swara’s basketball is always with her) while going she heard some noises from one class but its door is locked… she tries to peep inside but failed suddenly she sees a window which is slightly opened she peeps inside the room and what she saw it shocked her…
After one half hr:

There was a loud noise of someone’s scream whole clg came there and saw one girl is crying bitterly her cloths were torn and also marks of scratches on her face and hands and she is crying while hugging raginii the girl who is hugging ragini is ritika gujral daughter of top industrialist and somehow spoilt brat..
In front of ragini and ratika there is boy we can see clearly hands mark on his face..
Ragini is boiling in anger and goes to him and slaps him 2,3 times more and says I’m ashamed that u r studing in my clg don’t u any humanity your father is a politician so u thought that u can do anything touu u r wrong mister viqas (yes the gut is viqas rashmi’s brother)
How dare you to touch the girl u tried to rape her?? Why only because she refuses to become your gf?? Im going to call the police right now soo that your father can also know what their son is doing in clg..

Suddenly a voice came did I missed something?? Everybody turns and saw that swara is standing while playing with her basketball and chewing gum..
Ragini said miss swara is it time to play with basketball when u also seeing that what is going on here?? Soo plz if u don’t bwant to become serious u can leaveee.
Swara: mam I dead serious but actually I also enjoying the movie which is going on here
Everybody shocked on seeing that swara is answering ragini like that because I told u na that nobody knows that swara is the daughter and sister of owner’s
Ragini clench her fist in anger and said gettt outtt mis swaraaaa by gritting her teeth
Swara: mam u know na that viqas and his gang is my enemies so how can I miss the chance of seeing there insult

After listening this whole gang of viqas including him gave her a death glare…
Swara who was seeing viqas said why r u seeing me like this have some shame u r the culprit soo that’s why u don’t have any right to see me like thiss…
Ragini: shouts swaraaa get outtt
Swara: ooops sorry mam but actually I want u all to see a short movie plzz mam
Ragini: what the hell is this swara?? Are u out of your mind??
Swara: mam its really very imp.. plzz if you find that the movie was useless than I can doo anything plzz for one time come into the auditorium with whole clg plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz said with a puppy face

Ragini finds something fishy in her tone because onething she knows that swara never said anything without reason so she orders everyone to be in the audi and she herself take ratika with herr..
In the audi when everyone settledown swara came on the stage and said today I was going from the corridor of seond floor by listening this 2 people become pale one is ratika and one is viqas.. swara sees them and continues she said that I was going from the corridor suddenly I heard a sound from one class but the door is locked soo I peeped from the window and what I saw u can also see in this short movie..
Movie/video starts: in the video 2 persons were there one is holding the others hand and trying to kiss the other but the other is denying and saying that I don’t want to be in relationship with you u only knows how tou plays with other feeling if im not saying anything it doesn’t mean that I don’t do anything I know my image in clg is of spoilt brat but I know how to respect the relation the other who is trying to kiss said enough of your emotional talk u don’t know mee what can I doo if you denies to this relationship soo it is better for u to be myy boyfrnd..(yes guys the boys who is trying to kis is a girl and the other one is a boy) boy shouts ratikaaa just stop it and goo to hell doo wht evr you want too doo im not afraid of you yess the girl is ratika..
Ratika shouts with the same pitch viqass (yes the boy is viqas) im very obsessed with u I’ll die if u not accept mee I want to be in your arms for one night plzz my darling..

Viqas who listened to her gave her a disgusted look and gave her a tight slap and say have some shame ratika u r a girl and u r saying all this without any shame in your eyes..
Ratika: ooh stop it viqas only boys have not a right to says all this everybody has a feelings soo don’t spoilt my mood any further and tell mee where we can meet..
Viqas jerks her and said in your dreams not get the hell out of here by saying this he jerks her hardly and storms out from the room..ratika starts shouting like a maniac and says that viqas you did very wrong by rejecting mee soo for that u have to pay and laughs evily and torn her sleves and put scrateche on her hand and face by her nails and

runs outside the class shouting help help!!! After this swara’s movie ended..
Everybody is in shock state after saying this and one person is in more shock ant that one is ratika whose face is colorless and viqas is having tears in his eyes..
After seeing the whole scenario swara says that I saw this from the window and recorded all this in my fone soo that’s why im late for the seeing the outside scene because im setting all this in the audii swara said sorry viqas due to my late arrival u have to faces many slap and winks at him… Viqas and his gang is shocked after seeing swara like this..
Ragini comes out of the shock and pulls ratika from her sat and gave her a tight slap and said im ashamed to call you a girl chiii….

Im calling the police right know before she can doo anything swara said I already called them after 5 mins police came and take ratika from there tagini apologizes from viqas and he said its okay mam I know its not your fault.. ragini pats his shoulder and left..
Everybody left from the audi except swara and viqas’s gang everybody comes to swara and viqas says thankuu soo much swaa for saving my life and respect but why you did this?? We all were enemies na soo why u did this??
Swara smiles and said we were not we are also enemies now..

Everybody gave her a confuse look

Swara laughs and said we always remain the enemies but I know onething about u all that your whole gang and specially u all three boys know how to respect girls I know you all are spoilt brat but u never did anything which hurts other selfrespect soo this is the reason I helped you that’s it… by saying this she left the audi and whole gang looks on..

When swara he lefting from the audi one hand came and drags her from there before she could do anything somebody close her mouth..

So whose that person who drags swara?? In the next few episode flashback will continuess

sorry for inconvenience but what can i do telly updates makes me very sad and dis hearted mee if this ff is also not submitted then whats the need of writing thankuu u alll oncee again for reading and appreciating my ff’s ALLAH HAFIZ


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    no need to say sorry…… u post after so much attempt that is too much…… awsome episode…. love ur ff keep it ?(it means up) ???

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